Bookie Who? Bookie What?

BOOKIE is my blog about books.  It’s a creative way for me to keep track of all of the books I have read or want to read.  I started BOOKIE in early October 2006 as a way to do something fun and creative for myself.  Here is my space to do what I want and say what I want about whatever I want.  This is my own little happy cyberplace.  Bookie refuses to censor her own blog for anyone.  Bookie reserves the right to drop the F-Bomb whenever she chooses.  Starting this blog has been surprisingly fulfilling, I and have been very pleased with the many visitors that have come through and all of the bookish friends I have made.  For more stats see below….

33 years old


2 kids, Boys, 7 and 3

Currently living in Atlanta, GA

Born and bred in the swamps of Louisiana

Huge football fan, Saints fan in particular

Tons of fun at a party

Killer Cook



10 Responses to “Bookie Who? Bookie What?”

  1. Please excuse the imposition; I am writing from an independent, London-based publisher called Hesperus Press, where we specialise in reviving neglected classics and translating into English great works (largely in European languages) that have never been translated. We also have a number of contemporary fiction titles, these also largely in translation. I have been reading your blog with interest, and wondered whether I might interest you in a copy of our catalogue. If so, please send a mailing address to and I’ll pop a catalogue in the post.

    Best wishes,

    Ellie Robins.

  2. Hello,

    I love your blog!
    I’d like to get in touch, can u please jot me a line? (


  3. I very much appreciate all that you are doing for literature. I just wanted to tell you about our site if you have authors or readers that you think might be interested

    It is really an attempt to use to internet to give small press authors and independent authors a chance to reach out to readers

    It is a site that offers authors a place to sell their books, have their own blog and a place to launch podcasts for free–but in the context of a larger community. The only thing we ask is that if people sell their books through us we keep 10%. But they do not even need to sell through us if they would prefer not to.

    I am sorry at the moment that we cannot advertise with you…we are totally self funded (no VCs or anything behind us….just money out of my pocket and my father’s pocket) but it is a nice venue for readers and authors to congregate.

    We have also just launched an American Idol style literary contest called the Indie 100 where readers will vote each week on books (they will get to read brief excerpts from each one) , and the lowest vote getter each week will be eliminated.

    The winner in the end will get 150 copies of their book printed for free and will be featured on our home page for two weeks. This is a way to really democratize literary judgement and something we are excited about.

    Hope you get a chance to check out the site, and would love any feedback you have.



    Danny Guillory

  4. LSU Law Student Says:

    What an interesting blog. Now that I have some free time to scroll through it, I can really tell how much you’ve been reading! Good for you Ms. Bookie.

  5. Who are you? I am suspicious as my brother is in his freshman year at LSU law school. Ranked 14th in his class and he made Law Review, if I might brag for a minute.

    Seriously, I love that Tiger fans are visiting. You are welcome always, like family.

  6. Andy – You jerk! and to think I was bragging on you.

  7. I’d like to invite you to add your blog (and if you have a challenge blog) to the BookBlogBlog at (whew, lots of blogs) … a directory of book and reading blogs in the blog-o-sphere!

    Hope to see you there …


  8. Hello, YOu sound terrific, and I have enjoyed reading your blog! I represent several publishers of cutting edge books I know you will enjoy. (Serpent’s Tail, Marion Boyars, Bitter Lemon, BlueBridge). If you send me your postal mailing address I will add you to my review mailings. Hope to hear from you soon, and wishing you happy reading in the days to come! best, Meryl Z.

  9. I follow your blog and would love to send you my new novel for possible review, but feel a bit shy about shouting about it here in public! But since I can’t find an e-mail address to contact you more discreetly, I’m just asking here. (Pssst – want to be sent a novel?)

  10. Meryl – You can contact me at

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