A lil of this, A lil of that.

Soo, just wanted to download all of my recent reads onto Bookie so that I can stop trying to store them in my already cluttered brain.  I am not adding links because I am a lazy blogger and because google is your friend. (But mostly because I am a lazy blogger)

Recently Read:

The Paris Wife – Enjoyed this very much and my obsession with Hemingway continues!

The Glass Castle – I put this off forever because I knew how much I would love it.  Sounds wonky but I do that sometimes.  Pleasure delay for book nerds?

Room – It was pretty good, I don’t know if it was worth ALL of the hype that it received but I would recommend it.

Trans-Sister Radio – I enjoyed this book right up until the end, which I hated.  Why Chris Bohjalian WHY?!!!!!!!!!!

The Art of Racing in the Rain – Not a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, but it was the heart-warming tear-jerking kind of book that everyone loves.

This is Where I Leave You – blogged about this below.  Hysterically funny.

How to Talk to A Widower – I enjoyed This is Where I leave you more, but this was a good read as well.  Sad though.  A bit too sad.

The House at Riverton – Disapointed in this historical fiction.  I thought the writing sucked as well.  IMO.

Dark Places – Not as good as Sharp Objects, but just as dark and twisted.  I am a fan of Gillian Flynn.

Swamplandia! – I was stoked to read this, and though it would probably make me look like more of an intellectual in the world of contemporary fiction to say that I liked it, I’m afraid I cannot.  The narrative had promise, and it was certainly original but it just was not my cup of tea.  Like a bunch of short stories edited together. Yuck.

A few YA Fiction Reads:

Hate List – I thought this was a great read.

Twenty Boy Summer – No.

Perfect Chemistry – Yes.

I know there’s more but the little scrap of paper I was writing them all down on has disapeered.  Shocker.  I’m so ADD.

Here are a few that I had to return to the library before I had a chance (or was inclined) to read:

Turn of Mind – Despite all of the awesome reviews, I just couldn’t get tempted enough to start it.

Aunt Julia and The Scriptwriter – This was a book club selection but I knew I wasn’t going to make the meeting (and it didn’t really tempt me), so back to the library it went.

The Tigers Wife – I kind of started on this but never got really involved.

A Discovery of Witches – Just haven’t been in the mood for that sort of thing.

Please tell me if I need to run back to the library to read any of these!!!

What’s next?

My Name is Mary Sutter

Summer Rental – I know, I know, but I love Mary Kay!

The Lantern

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Olive Kitteridge


Whew…and that’s all I can recall for now.  If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them as usual!  Ciao!





6 Responses to “A lil of this, A lil of that.”

  1. Great list of books!

  2. I was just snooping around online trying to find out if anyone knows why the Yaemon character has been dropped from the film version of The Rum Diary. I’m stunned that Yaemon isn’t in the fim; instead, the filmmakers gave his girl, Chenault to Sanderson! Bizarre, eh? Anyway, I came across your post from 2007 and really enjoyed reading it. And I loved the passages you used in your post and found the book just as compelling. I just started blogging; my blog is about films based on books. I thought Fear and Loathing in LV was awful and am keeping my fingers crossed that The Rum Diary will be better even if Johnny Depp is too old to play Paul Kemp.

  3. Sim – I think it’s a travesty to leave Yaemon out of the movie. I don’t even want to see it. I can’t imagine Depp didn’t have something to do with the decision since I think he had purchased the rights to the film? Or am I wrong? I know Josh Hartnett had been linked to the project as Yaemon for a long time and then it just dropped off of his CV. I think he would have been physically perfect for Yaemon, and I was looking forward to seeing him in the role. I have never heard of a movie adapation where such a central character is removed. It’s non-sense.

    • You’re not wrong! Depp was absolutely instrumental in getting the film made. Not sure if he gave too much creative control to the director who also worked on the script. It’s a puzzle to me! They also added a druggie scene which wasn’t in the book and had Kemp organize a cockfight so he could keep the newspaper alive for one last issue in which he was going to expose Sanderson. None of which was in the book and really changed the trajectory of the story. Josh Hartnett as Yaemon would have been great – but would have highlighted just how illsuited Johnny was agewise for the role of Kemp. Oh well, another one bites the dust!

  4. Loved Olive Kitteredge. And you might want to add We Need to Talk About Kevin to your very, very long list of books to read. I just started it and it’s riveting. The film, starring Tilda Swindon and John C Reilly comes out in January.

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