The scariest monsters are the real ones

“As dramatic and chilling as a bedroom window shattering at midnight.” — The New York Times

Ah yes, the time is here again for my annual “scariest book I ever read” recommendation.  Another year has gone by, and the answer remains the same.  The scariest book I’ve ever read is still The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule – the true crime story of Ted Bundy.  So, if you wanna be scared, and I mean REALLY scared, read this book.  I’d be willing to bet you will be double checking and double bolting your windows and doors before you go to bed.  If you can get to bed that is…

And NO, I am not rereading it, I live in an apartment alone with 2 kids for chrissakes, do you think I’m nuts?!


2 Responses to “The scariest monsters are the real ones”

  1. That book really scared me too. I was in college when he killed the FSU students and that really scared me too.

  2. I have heard of this book, and have always been meaning to read it. Such a creepy thing to think that she was working right next to a serial killer who appeared completely normal. The title is great. Thanks for posting.

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