It’s Monday, and here is What I’m reading.

I  just started reading The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston, and I think it will be good, but its too early to tell at this point.

Also, on my nightstand is:

The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao Díaz, Junot, 1968-
The uncommon reader Bennett, Alan
Prodigal summer : a novel Kingsolver, Barbara.
Tipping the velvet Waters, Sarah

So, it looks to be a great week of reading for me.  What are you reading??


3 Responses to “It’s Monday, and here is What I’m reading.”

  1. When you get to Tipping the Velvet, try reading it alongside the Book Drum illustrated companion. Sarah Waters herself described it as “awesome”: Tipping the Velvet

  2. Read and loved three of the four books (haven’t read Oscar Wao yet but it’s on my stack somewhere). Velvet isn’t my favorite Waters (that honor goes to Fingersmith) but it is her most racy! And loved Uncommon Reader – I have a soft spot for the Queen, anyway. Actually, I wouldn’t say I *loved* Prodigal, but I did enjoy it very much.

  3. I just finished reading “by the time you read this” by lola jaye. Such a good book. Its about this dad who when he finds out he has 6 months to live, writes his 5 year old daughter The Manual. A book of advice for her to read from age 12 – 30. It so touching and I couldnt put it down. She feels he is there with her throug the years.

    I still have A Soft Place to Land, The Peachkeeper and Crooked Letter Crooked Letter to read.

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