I woke on Saturday in a nasty mood, took JJ to his soccer game and afterwards hit the library.  I find it amazing that out of the entire Atlanta Fulton County library system, not one branch has a copy of Will Storr vs. The Supernatural.  I mean REALLY??  I remember when the book came out and it seemed to me it was widely reviewed and quite popular.  Perplexing.  So, this led me to Barnes and Nobles where I was equally amazed to learn none of the B&N stores in the greater Atlanta area had a copy of the book.  Huh?  So now I’m annoyed, and vexing me even further is the large amount of toys in the bookstore.  I take real issue with bookstores carrying children’s toys, especially when toys are featured at Scholastic Book Fairs *makes me SCREAM!!!  SO anyways, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

To end on a good note, I do LOVE the way my local library puts all the holds on a special shelf labeled with your last name.  All I have to do is swing in, find the books labeled “Dixon, Sheri,” and run them through the self checkout, and VOOM I’m in and out of there like a superhero.  So, kudos to you Roswell Regional, you and me should have a bad romance.

Anyone know where I could score a copy of Will Storr vs. The Supernatural???  LOL.


2 Responses to “Perturbed”

  1. Hey Sherid,

    Drop me an email via my website (sorry for fake email above, don’t want to leave it in a public place!) and I’ll send you one.


  2. I am surprised that they have your name on the shelf! My library has a shelf where your books are held in library card number order. I don’t often browse – just walk in, pick up my books and walk out again.

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