The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society – Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

When I finished reading this book I literally gave it a kiss, a hug and told it thank you.  Sadly, I have to return this precious thing to the library, but I’ll be looking for it at used bookstores and if I ever see it looking all sad and lonely on the shelf I’ll quickly take it home with me and give it a nice place to live forever and ever.

This book centers around Juliet Ashton, a thirtysomething writer in London post World War II.  She is looking for a new project to work on, when she receives a letter from a man in Guernsey, which a Channel Island off the coast of England.  The man has come across a book by Charles Lamb that was once owned by Juliet and he is eager to learn more about it to discuss it with his book group The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Society.  Juliet is intrigued by the letter and they begin a correspondence and Juliet consequently makes Guernsey  her next writing project.  Adding brevity to the story is the fact that Guernsey was occupied by the Germans for 4 years until being freed by allied forces.  The Islanders are still coping with putting their lives back together after the occupation, and Juliet is soon immersed in the lives and stories of all the members of the literary society, and eventually leaves London to research her book on the Island of Guernsey.

 This book is written as a series of letters, which I don’t normally care for but it totally worked this time.  I enjoyed Juliet immensely, and I loved learning about the Island of Guernsey and what it was like to live under German occupation.  I can’t recommend this enough.


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