The Story of Edgar Sawtelle – David Wroblewski

I have literally just finish reading this book, and I’m sort of left feeling like I’m one dish short of a great meal.  Like I was on a really nice drive then got stuck in traffic, and decided just to turn around and go home.  It was like…Ok, Ok, enough with the analogies you get the point.  The book is about Edgar Sawtelle, born the son of a long line of dog breeders, and born without the power of speech.  At a young age, he learns to sign and communicates with his family and the dogs in sign language.  His father teaches him how to care for the dogs, and his mother teaches him to train them.  All is well in the Sawtelle family until long lost Uncle Claude shows up and gives this novel a good ol’ Shakesperian twist.

While this book was a decent read, it was certainly over-hyped by Oprah and company.  It’s easy to see why Oprah liked it so much because she loves her dogs, and this book is very much about dogs being special and having souls and so forth.  For me it was strong in the beginning and sort of fizzled out in the end.  But don’t take my advice too seriously, I’m not a dog person.


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  1. Did you update?! Unbelievable!

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