Straight outta Facebook

25 Things

I don’t like ice cream or anything else frozen in my mouth. Sometimes sorbet is OK.

One time when I was a kid, I ate too many cucumbers and barfed. I have not touched or eaten a cucumber since, although I do enjoy pickles.

I like to read tarot cards.

I’m flakey and often fail to finish things I’ve started. I’m also very absent minded at times,. My ex-husband gave me the Indian name “Woman whose brain is scattered like ash.” It’s true. I have often gone into gas stations, paid for my gas, and then drove off without pumping the gas into my car. Recently, I ran out of gas because of this. LOL.

 I find it healthy to laugh at your own shortcomings.

I have been to over 200 NFL football games in my lifetime and I am a crazy Saints fan. My favorite Saint ever was Pat Swilling, because he was a ferocious linebacker. The QB sack with fumble recovery is my favorite play to see. Long live the Dome Patrol.

I like defense more than offense.

I think America’s Funniest Home Video’s is one of the funniest shows on TV. The boys and I record it on DVR and then watch and rewind the really funny videos. Watch rewind, laugh. Watch rewind, laugh. Rinse and repeat.

My parents are a little odd. For example, during Mardi Gras they used to try and “catch” the parade as many times as possible. Once we saw the same parade 4 times, in different parts of Houma. Also, they go to Wal-Mart everyday for no good reason. I find this weird. I guess this is what happens when you don’t drink any alchohol.

I really like to kiss. And, I’m good at it.

If I could do any job I wanted I would own my own bookstore on the coast somewhere that’s not very cold.

I’m a decent writer but I lack ambition.

I’m not a dog person, I don’t like the way they smell.

I love it when people swear, especially when I’m not expecting it like at a staff meeting.

When I find a new song I really like, I’ll listen to it over and over until I know all the words.

I’m a good and loyal friend.

I’m terrified of illness.

The first concert I ever went to was the Beastie Boys and Run DMC. My parents took me and my best friend Nicole, we wore matching Esprit outfits. There was a large inflatable penis on the stage and the Beastie Boys were drinking malt liquer. My parents made us leave during Run DMC because they said the crowd was getting too “rowdy.”

I enjoy sleeping on sofas, they are sometimes more comfortable to me than beds. I sleep with a lot of pillows, I need at least 4 minimum. Two semi-firm ones, and then 2 squishy ones.

 One time I had an out-of-body experience. I was 18, in my bedroom with the lights off listening to Enigma. I don’t know if it was those Gregorian monks or what, but next thing you know I felt like I was floating on the ceiling. Then my dad walked in and I snapped out of it. Scouts honor.

Is that 25 things yet? I’m bad at math.


6 Responses to “Straight outta Facebook”

  1. Fun post! 🙂

  2. Jeannine Says:

    I loved that. When you open your bookstore can I come work for you?
    It was so good to see you. Its been forever. Still beautiful. So are your boys. Nicole said she had a blast and cant wait to do it again next year. She told me about your portable library. Thats pretty cool.
    Were planning a cruise for next summer. It would be a blast if you and the boys could come too. Im starting to save now. Hopefully it happens.

  3. Thanks K!

    Thanks Jeannine. Yes, consider yourself hired! Only if you where your hair in braids everyday though…how cute! A cruise sounds awesome, the boys would love that. Where to?

  4. I forgot about the braids. I dont do much on vacation. lol. It goes to Belize, Isla Rotan and Cozumel.

  5. I give you major props for admitting to your love of AFV, that takes a brave woman, lol. Although not liking ice cream, I dunno, I have to wonder about people’s sanity when they make that claim.

  6. Hehe, echt gut. Komme nun

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