Divorce still sucks…Poetry Drop by Me


Divorce Still Sucks

even if you want it

even if you fell out of love long ago

even if you may never have been in love at all

even if you hate him

even if he hates you

even if you still promise to be friends

even if you prayed for it, and asked for it and

begged for God to help you do it.

even if you can’t stand the sight of him                  sometimes.

even if he’s taught you the meaning of love, and hurt, and despair and terror and


all at once.

divorce still feels like the world is physically  breaking apart

and you know you better hang on or fall off

but you don’t know where to grab

because  everything is slippery.


Why am I sitting around feeling sorry for myself when I have a $25 Barnes and Nobles gift card burning a hole in my wallet???


3 Responses to “Divorce still sucks…Poetry Drop by Me”

  1. Oh Bookie,
    Of course it sucks. I think people underestimate how tough divorce can be. There’s not much I can do but I’m sitting over here thinking good thoughts for you and hoping things get a bit easier. Now go buy yourself a treat with your B&N card, you’ve earned it.

  2. Been there — you describe it perfectly & Citizen Reader is so, so right — people underestimate how rough it is. Enjoy that B&N card and don’t stop believing things will get better.

  3. I am sorry that things are going so horribly for you right now! I haven’t experienced it myself, so I am afraid my experience is from back when my parents went through it! Enjoy your shopping spree, though! 🙂

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