Bragging Rights

This is just me being a bragadocious mom. My older son Owen is in the exceptional learners program at school and his teacher sent out a list of all the words he had learned this year. I’m IMPRESSED!







































Wow.  These are great words!  I love these words, I wish I used them more often.  I have to admit, I will freak out if my third grader casually drops  placid, sublime, or interpose in a sentence.


3 Responses to “Bragging Rights”

  1. ‘bellicose’ is one of those words that I’m not convinced lives outside of Philippa Gregory novels. If a third-grader ever ‘bellicosed’ me, I think I’d choke on my spleen.

  2. Ooo…the ol’ spleen choke eh? Don’t do that! I do like the way bellicose sounds though.

  3. Jeannine Says:

    Wow. Thats great. You deserve to brag!

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