I’ve been reading, just not blogging…


Hello!  Even though I haven’t had much of an inclination to blog lately, I have been doing some reading. I thought maybe I’d go over the last few books I’ve read with some brief thoughts on them.

Surfacing – Margaret Atwood.  Often compared to Sylvia Plath’s The Bell jar, this book is about the deteriorating mind of a young woman who having learned of the disappearance of her father, returns to the family’s lake house to look for him.  This book is very stark and stoic, which combined with Atwood’s lovely prose, makes it  an alluring read if nothing else. Recommended?  Sure, especially if you think like a contemporary lit professor.

The Friday Night Knitting Club – Kate Jacobs. A decent read.  Save it for the beach.

Good Harbor – Anita Diamant.  Well, I feel sorry for any writer whose first novel was truly great, as in Diamant’s case with The Red Tent.  This book is not nearly as rich and colorful as her first but it was a good read.  A story about friendships between two women in their late fifties.  Recommend?  Yes, but don’t expect a masterpiece.

Clan of the Cave Bear – Jean M. Auel.  A Neanderthal feminist novel?  Well…yeh, sort of.  The story is about Ayla, a little girl who after losing her own clan, gets adopted by the Clan of the Cave Bear, a less evolved species.

From Wiki:

Ayla at first has difficulty even recognising the existence of. She has been raised with Clan customs, not to laugh or smile, and not to cry. She breaks many Clan customs while growing up she secretly watches the men, picks up a weapon, learns how to use a weapon and runs off with her child to save him from being put to death.

And so goes Ayla’s plight.  My main problem with this book was that it was fairly pedestrian, not much prose involved and you could see from the start what would happen in the end.  The end was also a problem because it ended in a cliffhangerish kind of way.  However, I was VERY glad to hear there is a sequel to this book called  Land of Horses.  Recommend? Sure, if your in the mood for some Neanderthal feminism, lol.

Today I’m headed out to the soccer Fields all day, and I’m packing a few books to keep me busy between games.  Hopefully, you’ll here from me again soon!


8 Responses to “I’ve been reading, just not blogging…”

  1. Clan of the Cave Bears has like four sequels! One of these days I am going to get a chance to read at least the first book… I read Good Harbor a couple years ago. It was okay, but so entirely different than The Red Tent! I have yet to read her other book, though.

  2. Thanks for the review of “Surfacing.” I have always loved that cover and your review is intriguing; I’ll have to add it to the TBR pile.

  3. Thanks Kailiana! Nothing will live up to The red tent, its one of my all time favs!

    CR – I love the cover as well. As far as the book goes, I can’t say 100% whether I really enjoyed it or not…but I will say, with every Atwood I read, I just seems to crave more. It’s kind of the same way I feel about Sushi.

  4. Surfacing was my second Atwood novel (after The Handmaid’s Tale) and I really enjoyed it, although I’m sure at the age I read it, I missed some of the layers of meaning. I haven’t read Good Harbor but I did read and like (though not as much as The Red Tent) The Last Days of Dogtown, which is kind of more like a series of interconnected stories than a traditional novel. Never read Clan of the Cave Bear, either – the prehistoric novels never really appealed to me much. Have you seen the movie?

  5. Surfacing!
    Ahh, one of my favorite novels ever!
    By one of my favorite authors.

  6. ^She is brilliant, I’m glad I’ve only read a few of her novels, I have so many more to go!

  7. I haven’t read Atwood, though I’m interested in her science fiction writing, including the Handmaid’s Tale, and her new one, The Year of the Flood.

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