“Eh” and “Meh”

I just finished reading “The Three Junes” by Julia Glass, and I must say I wasn’t quite as blown away as all the critics were.  I thought it was OK, but that it lacked any sort of passion, which I think may have been precisely the point of the whole book.  For a minute I thought maybe it was just me, that I was actually hoping for something a little more “light”, but then I realized my favorite part of the book was when someone died of aids…

Anyways, I also managed to read “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon” while I was at the beach.  It was pretty good.  It will leave 2 words forever burned in your skull – Bug. Spray.

I’m starting on “The Blind Assassin” today by Margaret Atwood.  Wish me luck, its my first Atwood.

Well, thats it.  I hope you all have a lovely day!


9 Responses to ““Eh” and “Meh””

  1. You’re back! Hope you had a relaxing vacation, and enjoyed some of those drinks with the little umbrellas in them.

    You made me laugh with the bug spray comment – no kidding, right? I had the creepy-crawlies reading that. Are bugs really that bad in the Maine woods?

    I’ve got Blind Assassin on my TBR shelf so I’ll be curious to read your thoughts on that one …

  2. Oh, and are you planning to go to the Newnan Barnes and Noble’s Twilight party?

  3. I owned The Three Junes for about three months before I finally gave it away, because every time I picked it up I just couldn’t work up any enthusiasm for reading it. I’m not one for big epic family dramas, so maybe that’s why. Glad to hear I didn’t miss much!

  4. Have you seen this?:


  5. I think you are going LOVE The Blind Assasin. Atwood is one of my favorites!

  6. I enjoyed Three Junes, but I may have felt a little biased from the beginning. I was on vacation with my Mom in NYC, and in Greenwich Village, we wandered past The Biography Bookstore. While I was making my purchases, the guy at the register (in a heavy accent) tried to sell me The Three Junes, which had just won the National Book Award. I told him I wasn’t interested, but then as I was about out the door, I realized that what I hadn’t understood was him telling me Julia Glass had just come into the store. (She had a little boy, her grandson?, with her. My mom said the little boy was cute–when she slowed down at the sale table outside, he made some sort of complaining gesture, and she promised she would just be a few minutes.) Anyway, I turned around, bought the book, and she signed it for me. I liked her; she was very gracious. It’s the kind of thing that’s supposed to happen in Greenwich Village.

  7. Oh, great story Jena, and ye I might have enjoyed it more if that had happened to me. Cool!

  8. Hope you had a great vacation. We are here recovering from Hurricane Gustav and waiting on Ike (he sounds like an ass). I knew I should have waited to go see Nick this week. I wouldnt mind being stuck there. I now have pleanty of time to catch up on some reading. Even if it is by flashlight.

  9. Hi will be interested to see what you feel about The Blind Assassin… I can’t say I will be putting it on my best list but best of luck with it.


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