Twilight Movie Trailer, and a Full Scene!

Ed and Bella looking hip and happy at the MTV movie awards where a full scene from the movie Twilight was shown. To see it go to the MTV Twilight movie page, where you can see that and everything else related to the movie. Wanna see the trailer? OK. Check it out below. YAY!


57 Responses to “Twilight Movie Trailer, and a Full Scene!”

  1. Lilly Smith Says:

    I Love the book twilight and all of the books fallowing it. And when i figured out that they were making a movie about it i was over joyed. But I have to admit i was quite upset when i figured out that it was going to be a horror film. I am a movie watcher but not of anything scary. I am still a great fan and will of course watch the movie no matter what i think.

    your number one fan
    Lilly Smith

  2. Lou88111 Says:

    I dont think it will be ‘HORROR’ as in scare any1 to death. I think there will just be a few scences for the weak hearted. Cause the only scary bits will be between edward and james and some of thats already released.

    Can’t wait for ‘Breaking Dawn’ and the movie

  3. i can’t wait until the movie and maybe all three movies you are thiss best author god bless you. Biggest fan Edward is all mine. lol I so happy, i can’t descibe it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i cn’t wait till the movie comes out!!
    thy r so the right choice to be thm

  5. The most interesting book I ever read. I am anxious to read Moon Light and after that, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and everything that comes out from your master pen. The movie seems good, I hope they will not ruin the story. Mrs. Meyer, my full congratulations for you. You´ve written excellent books, that should be in every bookshelf of those who call themselves readers.
    I am not joking, my name is Edward, Eduardo actually. Yes, your book have come so far, I`m from Leon, GTO. Mexico. and your audience in this country is huge (I work in a bookstore).
    P.S. You have inspired me to write my book, you had a dream, so I have. and I will try to make it true. Truely Eduardo

  6. i love the characters playing in the movie twilight. one thing, edward is
    H-O-T, HOT!!!!!!! jasper and emmett aren’t bad looking either. bella is beautiful and rosalie is just as beautiful as in the book description. alice is just plain beautiful. i love the series, can’t wait for the fourth book and CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Um i lov ethe twilight saga. i cant wait for august 2 , to get breaking dawn and midnight sun is gonna be awesome. i think bella ( kristen stewart ) is perfect for da movie. i just wish they wouldve gotten a hotter edard cullen. but there both great actors and i cant wait for the movie!!!!!!!!

  8. OMG i just finished TWILIGHT and I HATE reading and it was the best book EVER!!! I can’t wait to start the 2nd book tomarow!!! My eyes are to tired to endure any more at the moment! And I totally can’t wait till the movie!!!

  9. OH I for got to say I hope they have the seen of them in the medow!!!

  10. I ❤ SPUNK RANSOME!!!

  11. We luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv the twilight series we’re suuuuuuuuuuuuper excited for the movie and Breaking Dawn. However, we saw a copy of Entertainment magazine and we thought that Robert Pattison needs a 6-pack (hopefully he’s got one by now!) But although Jacob sucks the actor is perfect!(not that he sucks) we think that Bella was an excelllent choice! also Robert Pattison could be great he just needs some professional help! In conclusion, we think that stephenie Meyer is an amazing author, however, she made edward to perfect amazing beautiful gorgeous and dreamy person that’s not on earth!

  12. Robert you will do good just keep working on that 6-pack!!!!!!From the commercial you don’t look as bad!Stephinie Meyer(I hope that I spelt it right) YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. They look fantastic together! Definitely better than on the Entertainment Weekly cover, haha. I’m SO excited about Breaking Dawn… it looks like everyone is actually. BooksOnBoard (, my fave online bookshop, is hosting a Twilight Rewards Quest in anticipation of the release of Breaking Dawn. They’re giving away some awesome prizes (like a Cybook – don’t have to lug all of the incredibly heavy Twilight books around any more!) to Stephenie Meyer fans. Here is a countdown to Breaking Dawn flyer with more info. OMG I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sharon & Ally Says:

    oh my god. the twilight series is like……THE BEST series we’ve ever read. We can’t wait for the movie to come out. We’re literally counting down the weeks. =]
    they did a great job with the cast [minus jake, we think that should have been steven straight] so just PLEASE don’t mess up the movie.
    it’s looking good so far……but you never know.
    much love and hope. =]

    ~ Sharon and Ally


    OME I LLLLLOOOOVVVEEEE THE TWILIGHT SERIES!!!! OM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OBSESSED!!!!!!!!! haha im so excited for the 4th book and i cant wait!!!! stephenie meyers quotes are like murdering me!!!! haha i am soooo curious about the next book… like does jacob come back? does bella realize she likes him more than edward? do they get married after all? do bella and edward TRY? like OME im in so much suspense!!! and who is trying to kill bella?!?!?!?!

    AND to make my life even better right now….it looks like BooksOnBoard is giving
    away the Breaking Dawn ebook for free
    … I’ve already pre-ordered my
    copy!!! Think about it: you save gas for the drive to the store, get
    the ebook for free at BooksOnBoard and don’t have to pay sales tax…
    sweet! I’m SO EXCITED about Breaking Dawn… I love Edward!!!!! 🙂

  17. It is 1:15 a.m. and I just got back from getting my copy of BREAKING DAWN at Barns’n oble!!! YEEEEEEEAAAAAAA

  18. ONG!!!!! I AM SO EXITED!!!! twilight is the best!!!!!!

  19. The Twilight Sequin of books that are on my dust writhed shelf are the only NOT dusty books, they are truly spellbinding and spectacular set of scripts, i give everyone of my praises to author Stephanie Meyer, shes a very talented writer and can’t wait to see where her mind may lead to other books being written.

  20. omjesus i cannot wait for this movie. i love all of the books so much. dude. robert pattinson is HOT
    yeah son. okay.

  21. well, i think robert pattinson is spectacular for the roll of edward.
    Bella is gergous as “normal”. Everything is all overwhelming.
    I can NOT wait till the movie that is going to be amazing.
    But, from already i watched and read, its pretty much going to be amazing. Like an explosion of fireowrks when they first kiss in the movie! all the girls will cry, laugh, mad, and sympathy. I probably will be one of the many. Like a guppy in the ocean.
    one last thing i’m for team EDWARD. robert is perfect he is hot! he is second but, sorry guys my first is got to be cristiano ronaldo dos santos averio plays for amnchester united! later guys! ~Irene~

  22. Mrs. Melly Cullen Says:

    okay… i have one question. what do you all think about the casting of the twilight movie now?? Do any of you still hate that robert pattinson is playing edward or have you warmed up to him??? me… at first i didn’t think that robert pattinson was right for edward. now… I AM TOTALLY HAPPY THAT HE IS EDWARD!!!!!!!! i mean come on. have you seen him in the clips for the movie? HE IS TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY 100% HOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would never right any hate mail to you robert. and kristin stewart is AWESOME for bella. she is exactly how i pictured bella in the book. as for the other characters.. they are pretty good to. but i still don’t like jacob that much. the person playing him in the movie is fine but i hate jacob’s character. he was getting so annoying saying how he was so in love with bella. i’m just glad he didn’t get in the way of bella and edward though. anyways… OMG i cannot wait until the movie comes out!!!!!!!!!! it’s not like they made us wait long enough for breaking dawn to come out. now we have to wait even longer for the movie to come out. come on guys, quit making us wait. you’re killing us all here with anticipation. but it looks AMAZING!!!!!! okay… i’ve written quite a bit. PLEASE answer my question. i wanna know how other people think.

  23. Mrs. Melly Cullen Says:

    AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just found out that the movie is gonna open on november 21st instead of december 12th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for some reason harry potter is gonna open in the summer of 2009 so twilight is taking harry potter’s place. OMG!!!!!!!!! That’s so cool. That’s three weeks we don’t have to wait now. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. holy crap. i am so freaking excited for this. ahh! yay.

  25. I absolutely adore the Twilight Saga!
    I don’t think they could have picked better cast characters for Bella, Edward and the Cullen family, they are all so fitted for the roles 🙂
    The only disappointment for the movie is that I hear the movie plot is really different from the book 😦

  26. TO : Mrs. Melly Cullen

    ha ha, I agree about the Jacob thing however.
    I didn’t like his character much throughout the book, he’s a necessary character though that keeps the book good [:

  27. Hi! I think the book, Twilight, was good in some ways but i didn’t like the ending much.

    I wrote about my opinion here. It also includes some marketing lessons if you are interested. Check it out.

  28. what's up with the cords Says:

    What’s up with that cords in the scean where Edward is running with Bella? I hope they cut that out of the movie…. I hope the movies good too becasue i hardley get obssesed with any books and this is the best series EVER! you can tell that some of the trailers on Youtube are fake. Don’t beleive it until you see it!!! TRUST ME! Twilight rocks!

  29. oh my gosh! this is my favorite book of all time! i cannot wait for the movie to come out! i hope it’s just like the book! if it’s not i’m going to be really disappointed! but then again, it’s a lot to film up to! it’d be hard to make it identical. oh my gosh! i cannot wait!

  30. I agree Edward isnt that hot in the movie as of in the book.

  31. How cares if his hot or not! Is that all you think about? lol

  32. Hi,
    I am a major Twilight fan and i CAN’T wait till the film comes out! I just about hyperventilated when i watched the official trailers! It gives me goosbumps everytime i watch it!
    I think Robert Pattinson is PERFECT to play the role of Edward and Kristen Stewart to play Bella! I Love Robert Pattinson!
    Ever since ive read the books ive been hooked! They the BEST books ive ever read!
    Stephenie Meyer is my favourite author of all time!
    Hoping the movie is as good as the books!

  33. Forgot to say that Robert Pattinson is HOT!!
    Love Him


  35. hi there…,
    twilight rocks!!!i have been so obsessed in reading a book until i have read twilight…i can’t wait for the movie….omg…why can’t the time run faster???

    and to those who don’t think that robert doesn’t fit edward’s role,,please get yourselves eyeglasses,’coz i truly believe that he just fits the role as to what was said in the book…an adonis like or something…he’s so gorgeous……for bella…,she’s also the type of girl that i imagined as bella swan….and he’s pretty as well….to the cullens….you’re all great….especiallly rosalie….

    can’t wait for the movie and midnight sun………:)

  36. I love Robert Pattinson.and I Love the book twilight.

  37. Me encanta el libro..termine el dos y ahora quiero el tres! los adoro a los protagonistas de la peli.. quiero que se estrene yaa! soy de ARGENTINA! EEEAAA 🙂

  38. I absolutly looooooooooove Twilight I have never in my life finished a whole book I always skip a few pages and I hate reading but Twilight changed everything I couldn’t leave a page. It would be cruel to leave a page. I guess Robert is kinda cute but I expected Edward to be beyond cute but he’s still very cute. But all things considered the cast for the movie seems great. I think Robert will make a good Edward and Kristien will make a great Bella.

  39. i love the twilight series. well i cant say any thing about the fourth book. but i can say that jacob is soooooo cute. edward is cute but not as cute as jacob.

  40. OMG . .. i can’t utter the words i wanna say with regards to the movie, i thought at first also that gorgeous robert didn’t fit for the EDWARD role but as i’ve searched for his pics i realized that W – O – W! Edward Cullen! he’s the one we’re waitin for to be the Perfect Lovable Edward . . . i think this movie will really be a hit worldwide!

    Go Kirsten and Robert! I want to expect the unexpected!

  41. Alice Cullen Says:

    i love twilight
    and new moon
    and eclipse
    and breaking dawn
    lovelovelovelove them!!!!!! XD
    edward is gorgeous *faint*
    bella is beautiful
    rosalie is very very pretty
    jasper has weird hair, but oh well
    emmett is hot
    alice is soooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!! EXACTLY what i imagined!!!
    CANNOT wait for the movie!!!!

  42. soo… im so in love in edward its insane. today at work i almost fainted thinking of how he ran his nose up her throught kissing her ever so lighting, i’m truely hooked on him.

    twilight is so good. this week in algebra 2 we had to take a test and i took it in 3 minutes just so i could continue reading the book and i made a 33!!!! on it and im extreamly smart and i retook it and made an A. i probably should of just tryed the first time, but obviously the book as that much power of me that i’d rather read it then pass in algebra 2 …. its quite sad actually….

  43. I fell in love with the book twilight ! Finished it in like 2 days ..couldn’t put the book down ! Now I’m reading New Moon…amazing! I have a crush on EDWARD he he..wish i had a stunning vampire lover that will you know.. sing me to sleep now and then 😉 Oh and can’t wait tell the movie comes out!


  45. Hey, I love this blog archieve! I love the book twilight, and im curently reading New Mon, the second sequil to the book, Edward looks/ sounds so hot!

  46. U know I have to agree with whoever said that about robert pattinson!! I mean if you are such a HUGE TWILIGHT SERIES FAN like me I mean you would see pretty much every reason why they gave the roles to the people they did. I mean if you think about it rob is british kinda ( to me at least this is just my theory but idk) and thats what most vampires are right??!! And I mean he may not be the cutest but I have grown to like him and a lot of people didn’t like him at first but dont judge a book by it’s cover, we haven’t even seen the movie so i wouldn’t be judging him too soon or else you will regret every word you said!! The directors and writers are doing a great job so far, i mean the pictures mini videos , it is all fantastic!! I wouldn’t have changed a thing if I were them!! The blog is also so cool .and I’m only on eclipse and I am obssed with the series already , i started being obssed when i read the first page of twilight!!! Well b4 I go I just wanna say hhow much I love the twilight series they are literatly amzing and I think about them night and day!!! Be sure to go to it is the most amazing site you could possibly go to!!!

  47. Flávia Brazil Says:

    [OOow meu Deus!]
    Oh my God… I’ve read the Twilight series and I L-O-V-E-D
    is the best book I’ve read in all my life, and now, I’m a fan ^^

  48. u should really put more scences on i am so in love with edward it seems like hes ur friend or true love i hope i meet some one like him not a vampire though lol

  49. Robert Pattinson's NUMBER 1 FAN=D Says:

    Cant Wait For theee Moviee!!. iLOVE THE WHOLE SERiES=D. BiG FAN=P

  50. twilight is my fucking life
    i will fuck Robert Pattinson

  51. Hey !
    Twilight, MoonLight

  52. Hey !
    Twilight, MoonLight and Eclipse were awsome books, I really loved it and I’m now reading the fourth book, Breakin’Dawn, and I’m loving it too !
    I saw the film two days ago, and , can I just say something ?
    He’s much better good-looking than in Harry Potter films, I think, though he’s hot in the both of them. Alice and Rosalie are really pretty, but Bella is absolutely GORGEOUS in the movie. Jasper and Emmett are cute too, but Edward is absolutely the hotter of them :b
    The story is fantastic and I think the film was as good as I expected, or even better . Hope they are doing next movie, can’t wait !
    Oh , and Stephenie Meyer is an absolute angel . She writes beautifuly .
    Btw, I’m portuguese and I read the three first films in Portuguese but this last is in English , but I don’t care , bet it’s awsome .
    Kisses and much love to steph and robert pattinson ( edward ) . just wanna say , he’s really hot xD

    Love (more)

  53. i love twilight Says:

    i think this was a amazing film and the way it was display the charters and i can’t wait in till new moon in november 2009 and i am still reading breaking dawn!!! it a amzing and i just got up to the bit of where the babby girl is born but bella is dead.

  54. TEAM JACOB :) Says:

    I LOVE Twilight I am a HUGE FAN. I LOVE Taylor Launter he is awesome. Edward is really cute too. Besides the fact that James is EVIL, he is kinda cute. The Twilight saga is the best books I have ever read. I am crazy about Twilight. I need HELP. lol.

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