I’m Spreading the Mono!



“So, the point (and I do have one) to this post is motivated by my desire to hand some of that love and kindness back around to those who have been so very, very, very good to me in this bloggy world. My hope is that those who receive this award will pass it on to those who have been very, very, very good to them as well. It’s a big kiss, of the chaste platonic kind, from me to you with the underlying ‘thanks’ message implied. I really do appreciate your support and your friendship and yes, your comments. … Mwah!”  – by the originator of the smoochie mwah blog post thingy.  I don’t know who it is.  I got this from A Readers Journal.

LK – The Literate Kitten.  LK is a smart, funny, and kind woman, very good writer as well.  She always stops by with a kind word, even on her worst days.  *smoochy poochy coochie coo* for LK.

Trifecta Mwahs’s for Stephanie, Heather, and Iliana who welcomed me into the book blogging world with open arms, and have helped me along the way.  For my book blogging big sisters – *SMACK*

Big *sloppy wet kiss* for Literary Gas.  Please come back, seriously, I miss you.  I know I’m really needy, but I promise to be good.  please.

For Nonanon – the Parker Posey of the book blogging world, for making me scoff and laugh all in the same breath –  *Mwah*  “don’t stop believin’, up and down the boulevard”.

Reading Matters.  Stop reading in your sleep.  Seriously, you make us all look bad.  *SMOOCH*

A Life in Books.  One day we shall be friends.  I have convinced my family on the basis that your blog is way better and more intellectual than mine, that you are not psycho and therefore safe to meet in real life.  Looking forward to it. *High Five*


OK, Tag you’re it, pass on the lurve……….germs included.


14 Responses to “I’m Spreading the Mono!”

  1. Ahhh, thanks! We are all so glad to have you!!

  2. You are too funny. Thank you for spreading the love 🙂

  3. Books are our Future…

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  4. ^spam. I should delete your azz, after all, book spam is just as bad as all other spam right?

  5. LOL I got that spam too!

    And thank you sweetie! Always happy to help a fellow book blogger! Right back atcha!

  6. *SMOOCH* right back at you!!

  7. […] it today because one in particular, Bookie, was nice enough to award me what she refers to as the “smoochie mwah blog post thingy.”  Even I can appreciate that kind of recognition.  She also refers to me as the “Parker […]

  8. Yet more fun blogs to go check out! 🙂

  9. Many of my faves are here – great post, very nice of you! and clever!

  10. Right back at ya!

  11. It has been a very long time since you posted on this blog. I am growing discontent with the lack of updates Sheri!

  12. ^True dat —but don’t act like you actually read my blog on a regular basis lil bro’!

  13. Awww, I missed out on all the love! Yes, someday, somewhere, somehow, the planets will align and we will meet. Actually, we’ve probably crossed paths already, one of us has been stuck behind the other at the Kroger Express line while the other has two more things than the 20-item limit or something like that. 🙂

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