7 Things I Approve of

I got this meme from Cam, who got it from Charlotte, who got it from Hover Frog. Cam provided some lovely quotes to go along with his choices, be sure to check it out. Here are my seven things.

1. Reading in the bath-tub in the middle of the day. Actually, I approve of doing this at any time of the day but there is something so decadent about just dropping everything, chores, agendas, whatever, and surrendering to a hot steaming bubble bath and a meaty paperback.

2. Conversing with God. I talk to God all the time. Mostly when I need comfort, or strength, or when I am walking around the lake and I feel like its a good time to check in and say hello.

3. Relishing in the joy of my children. The type of happiness that you get from your children is called joy. Pure joy, unfiltered. A poem ala Bookie.

Pockets of Joy

The garbage disposal is making a shrill sound when I turn it on.

I turn it off and investigate, a shard of glass has been caught, and has destroyed the gears.

The IRS sent a letter today, an error was made when filing your 2006 return, you owe $1023.63. Please submit as soon as possible, the letter asks coldly.

The fault between you and I keeps growing, I nurture it by sleeping on the couch and I lay there trying to remember what deep kisses used to feel like.

The weight of it all starts to pull and tug at my temples, and my spirit. Sleep does not come easily.

Then, morning comes.

I am awakened by tiny soft hands on each of my cheeks, hot sweet breath in my face. I smile knowingly. He smiles back, the blue of his eyes gleaming with the delight of a new day. “I love you mommy”, he says, unprompted. We stare at each other with grins the size of Texas, emitting the sweetness of a shared love.

These little pockets of joy, as I call them, exert their power on my spirit, and I feel my self folding into the joy, relishing in it, taking full pleasure in the love of my children.

Then my heart, which was just so heavy, is swollen with the power of my gratitude.

4. Expressions of Gratitude. See above. Appreciate what you have, appreciate your life, your family, your friends.

5. Vacation. Life is too short to work all of the time. Take a break, enjoy your life.

6. A fine brew at the end of the day. Nice crisp cold glass of beer at the end of the day. Priceless.

7. Random Acts of Kindness. I whole heartedly approve of this movement. Wanna pay it forward, this website will show you how.


4 Responses to “7 Things I Approve of”

  1. I go it from Blue Soup who got it from London Girl before her.

    I particularly like your number 3.

  2. Very sweet thoughts!

  3. Seeing Pockets of Joy: Priceless.

    Lovely post.

  4. Thanks to all of you!!

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