Want to discuss the Twilight Series?

I get so many hits, and comments from Twilight fans, that I felt compelled to start a discussion thread about it in the books section of a message board I frequent.  Click here to start the discussion.  You will have to register to post, but its painless so go for it.

If enough people start posting I’m sure we could put in a request for a seperate Twilight Forum at some point.

I’m waiting!


31 Responses to “Want to discuss the Twilight Series?”

  1. Beware of the stephenie meyer “twilight” cult. I did a review on our library website of the book and two years later there is still commenting on the original review. I don’t understand how they find it, but those Meyer’s fans are comment animals. Good books, rabid fans.

  2. Oh, I have no problems with enthusiastic readers! I love my Twilight fans.

  3. OMG i have Breaking Dawn dirt, one of my friends knows stephenie meyer… and she told him some stuff… MAJOR stuff… so naturally i made him tell me… but i know for a fact that Bella and Edward tie the knot, and Bella is changed!!!! also 2 main ppl die 😦 but i wont tell u who…

  4. What the hell is going in the end of Eclipse!!!!!

  5. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    Eclipse is the best out of the 3 books so far, it’s the most interesting.
    Anyone agree with me?

  6. twilight is the best creation of the world!

  7. and yeah, i agree with you! i didn’t like new moon as much as twilight and eclipse though. add me on msn if you feel like discussing!

  8. vampire lover Says:

    I loved the whole series, twilight and eclipse RULE!!! i didn’t like new moon that much coz i totally HATE jacob. Omg, cannot wait for Breaking Dawn. Who is Brittany, can i get in touch with your friend, who is a friend of Stephenie’s. I can’t wait until Edward and Bella tie the knot, and thank god, Edward finally changed Bella (if he did). i Love the twilight series.

  9. I had a hard time reading New Moon, too, because I didn’t want Edward to leave, and I did not like Jacob encroaching on Edward’s territory, even if he had left. I did start to like Jacob more in Eclipse, because I started to dislike Edward.

    He is very controlling. What Bella’s Mom said stuck with me. Edward is way too protective. If I was Bella, I wouldn’t want to be babysat and kept from my friends, werewolves or not. Then I started to think about what Rosalie said… how she wanted kids. Does Bella want kids? Maybe not, but once she’s changed there’ll be no going back, no normal life. And if she ever wants to die, she’ll have to be ripped to shreds.

    Her life with Edward will be so dangerous, but there’s really no going back, because if Edward doesn’t change her the Volturri will. So… I don’t think she could chose Jacob and live a normal life either. Once Edward saw her, her fate was pretty much intertwined with his. I’m just glad she loves him and that they’ll have each other through all of their future troubles.

  10. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens to begin with when I start reading the 4th book when it comes out!!!!! It’s gonna be really good, and interesting! – I mean, hello, A WEDDING, n not just A WEDDING, a wedding with a really hot VAMPIRE!!!! 😀
    Yea, it’s going to be really good…..

    Hey, what do all you’s think? And which so far outta the series, is your fave book? 1,2, or 3? I like the 3rd the best so far, it’s the most interesting

  11. ughhhh i had so much trouble i used this book for my report and now i have to write a 5 page essay on man vs. society and man vs. man and all tht crap
    i ❤ the boook so much
    but i have no idea what to write ugh i need help. =[

  12. I love your twighlight series books there awesome! I just hope jacob isnt in the thirs book long i dont rele like him all that much! But all well and i hope bella does become a vampire but she still stays bella. After i read twighlight i couldnt stop reading it took me less then 6 days to read all 6 books i cant wait for the 4th one! grrr… a wedding is coming!

  13. Okay im confused, oh this is regarding Eclipse btw.
    but im really curious about this one part in the book it says it on pg 467 towards the bottom of the page. but any way here it goes..
    First, Edward says “Bella has issues with jewlry” (b/c bella woudlnt wear the ring or something) and alice replys with “whats one more diamond? well i guess the ring has lots of diamonds, but my point is hes already got one on…” and then edward cuts her off.
    I didn’t understand that part and it only mentions it like once or twice after it was first mentioned here. Idk im just so curious lol. I imagine It will be clarified in the 4th book. But does anyone have any ideas?! its driving me insane! lol

  14. Bella dozent want to wear it beacause Charlie will notice…….. and freak out!!! bella dozent know when 2 tell her parents about gettin married!

  15. Chelsea, By “He’s already got one on…” Meyer means that the charm Edward put on Bella’s bracelet was a diamond. It’s something mentioned in passing a little later… and of cource Alice knows what the wedding ring looks like, it’s Alice after all. 😛 Hope that clarifies things!!!

  16. I think Jacob should die of all people, he just randomly shows up in someones life and psychologically makes people fall in love with him……..he’s a jerk… I love Edward, he shouldn’t have left Bella,that was extremely stupid and I hate Charlie.. I say Edward shouldn’t be so controlling, but he is sweet and protective so yeah, I love Eclipse though, the propsal was my favorite =DDD

  17. Ok that guy they have playing Edward is all wrong. he has to be much much hotter. i can’t even picture him as Edward heis all wrong. but to better news u all must know that the 4th book comes out August,2,08. and the movie starts December,12,08. i can not wait. And really they hit home plate on Bella she is OMG perfact. she is so fucking right for the job i’m so happy they got at lest her right. and they rest of the Cullen family is really good too. Now how many other peaple cried in the second book because if it was just me i am felling really dumb right now. But the first and third books were the best so far. the second made me crie way too much.

    I can not wait for the fourth book to come out. i want so bad to here what that wedding will be like. and wut bad thing will happen to bells and come on some thing will it all way does. and i hope to god jacob will not do any thing to mess it up because Isabells Swan and Edward Cullen are so right for each other. And before i heard their was a fourth book coming out i tierd to picture what it would be like but it is not good enough. no were close.

    And their is going to be a fifth but not from Bellas frew from i think Edwards but i can still not wait. You nkow i love the Bellas few but i think getting to know Edward’s will be better. But not hearing bells think will be very hard to dill with. So we will be getting a peak at Edwards thoughts and fellings and head.

    Well thats all for now if u want to chat about it my email is lacy.20062hotmail.com Losts of love with a side of bite. Lacy

  18. ok so basically it kinda annoys me that people are like i love edward and i hate jacob or the other way around! personally i love them both with every fiber of my being [obviously an exaggeration but you get it haha] i mean to me its definetly edward and bella without a doubt but i stilll love jacob … i just wish it could be edward and bella and then jacob be the best friend : ]

  19. oh and btw I BALLED MY EYES OUT DURING THE SECOND ONE! even though i basically knew what was going to happen it was still heartbreaking! and i get what you mean about edward because he’s supposed to be unnaturally hot but i think it will come down to how he plays the part … after seeing the movie it might make edward seem right

  20. Grow up and read an Ann Rice novel… Meyer is just another goth chick who just happened to get lucky by writing a really crappy vampire novel (which aren’t real!) and combining that with a even crappier love novel (which as far as I’m concerned is the only kind that exists).

    Get of this fat emo bitch and her need to be different…


  21. gee adam you should not post that on a Twilight fan website coz the fanpires will get you lolz
    i cant wait to read Midnight Sun and Breaking Dawn! I think stephenie meyers is a bloody geniouse! 🙂

  22. omg i dont want anyone to replace Jacob in New Moon if they do i will rip of the other actors face! (if he isnt hot lol) but really i think Taylor is perfect 4 jacob, he just fits into character like Rob does with Edward and how Kristen does with Bella. Taylor was born for the part

  23. omg my cousin told me this in the 4th book WARNING!!! DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVENT READ THE 4TH BOOK! anyway, you know how bella gets pregnet by edward? the baby broke several of her ribs and snapped her spine just when she was giving birth! the babys name is Reenesme (reene crossed with esmee) and her middle name is something like Charliel or something i cant remember but its crossed with Charlie and Carlile

  24. love the books ddnt love the movie- GO INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE!<3

  25. im sorry sharkboy does not fit perfect for jake- jake is supposed to a hot buff quilute and dat guys just a short ugly overly tanned white guy who talks like a girl and cant act- u can find the guy who was originally supposed to pley jake under the wolf pack on you tube- he was in the movie i believe he played sam-thnk god hell hav a bigger prt in the second one coming up!

  26. adam, U R the only person with some commen sense on this site- anne rice is an amazing author and all u guys are SOOOOOO obsessd with twilight-u neeed to get a grip on reality

  27. O.M.G I love Twilight so much!! I think that Edward is so sweet, but in New Moon I think that it is sad when he leaves. I even cryed!! Anyway I love the whole Twilight Saga! I think they are all great books I finished them all in about a week and a half. By the way that adam must really not like Twilight! I think that adam shouldn’t post stuff llike that on a Twilight fan page! I mean really its called a fan page, not a critisim page for Twilight. Gosh!! Anyway I have 1 more thing 2 say.


  28. Stephanie Meyer really amazes me with her Twilight series. Stephanie has great “ways” that she uses with her writing. I will be starting Eclipse 04/12/09. I can’t wait to read it! I’ve heard that there is many exciting, and surprizing details in Eclipse. But, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. (if they’re reading it) Plus, I’m just one book away from reading Breaking Dawn. The most exciting one of all! I just cannot wait! Twilight is awesome!

  29. Plus, I have heard that Meyer is (or will be) writing another book to the Twilight series. It’s called Midnight Sun. I THINK it will be coming out in the summer of 2010. I THINK.

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