Rut Ro – A pile-up UPDATED SLIGHTLY.


I’m not an organized person, and anyone who knows me, in particular my husband and my mother-in-law, will be happy to agree and provide examples. I do, however, like to keep my reading piles organized and manageable. I don’t have more than 8 books on the bookshelf right now that I haven’t read, and those are starting to bug me. I try not to buy new books until I finish the ones I have already purchased, and I don’t like to have more than 7 or 8 checked out of the library at one time, it makes me feel kinda crazy inside my head. Crazier I should say. But, I’ve been slacking on my reading lately because of that damn message board and now I’ve got myself a good old fashioned pile-up!

Here is the damage:


In the Wood

Butcher Boy – Pat McCabeAwful, like Faulkner on crack with an Irish accent.  OY VEY.

The WhiteReturned unread.  Decided against it.

The Corrections – Jonathan Frazier

Neverwhere – Gaiman

American Gods – Gaiman

The Eyre Affair – Jasper Fjord

Night Watch – Audio CD – Sarah Waters – Will return, still want to read but lack of commute= not enough tme in car for such a long audiobook.

The House Next Door – Anne Riveres Siddon

The House on haunted Hill or Haunting or Hill house…whatever

Austenland: A Novel – Shannon Hale  – Completed!  Very Cute.

Sanctuary Hill – Kathryn Wall

Barefoot: A Novel – Elin Hilderbrand

Spanish Houses: A Rustic Mediterrian Style – Completed.

Then – On hold from the library (they could call at any second!!!) *Screams*

The Infidelity Pact – Carrie Karasyov

Love is a mix tape – Rob Sheffield

The Tenderness of Wolves – Stef Penney

Killing John Fry – Walter Mosley – Received and read.  Trash.

Rats – Robert Sullivan

and the ones I got for my birthday….

and a few others I forgot I’m sure.

help me.


10 Responses to “Rut Ro – A pile-up UPDATED SLIGHTLY.”

  1. You will get through them. I cant find anythng i want to read. Nothing is catching my eye right now and that bugs me. I just finished What the Dead Know and Fingersmith. Neither one impressed me. I got bored with them and skipped a few pages here and there. Maybe I will try one on your TBR list.

  2. Jeannine – Sorry you didn’t like Fingersmith< I liked that one. Didn’t care for What the Dead know either. Hey did you read my review of Eclipse down below this post??

  3. I sure did. I love it. I am very curious about the sex between them. She describes him as being hard so i can imagine how he will be be when he is really HARD! Very hot!

  4. or cold? he’s very cold remem?

    check out Reading Matters blog > on my blogroll to the right. She has a gazillion book reviews and I always go there looking for stuff to read. In fact, all of those blogs contain good reccomendations. Good luck. 🙂

  5. As Inspector Gadget would say, Wowsers! That’s quite the list – do you need someone to come dig you out from under all those books? 😀

  6. I don’t have to feel so guilty now, I think. Although I still have almost 30 books on my list…

  7. Oh boy, that’s a lot of books lined/piled up! My pile doesn’t feel so huge now (LOL)

  8. Where do you start with a pile like that???

    I just got Mosely’s book This Year You Write Your Novel. I read an excerpt of it in O! magazine, and it just seems like a winner.

  9. That’s a lot of books piled up! My pile is considerably smaller. I force myself not to buy more. I just keep a running list of books I want with me at all times and add to it constantly. ‘Evening’ was good.. I read it a few years ago but images and situations in it have stayed with me.

  10. That’s a really good pile. I’m hope you enjoy The Eyre Affair – one of my fave reads. Now I’m so tempted to go book shopping.

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