Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, Will Bella and Edward have sex???


As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob—knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death. But which is which?

Yes, yes, here it is…the long awaited third book in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.  It’s been a few weeks since I read this book and I’m very forgetful, so I’m gonna have to go with the good ol’ faithful ‘what I liked and what I didn’t like review’.  Here goes:

What I liked: 

1. There was much to like in Eclipse.  First, they ask the questions ALL fans of the series have been wondering about since book one, Will Bella and Edward have sex?  Oh shut up, you know you all wanna know!  Can they even have sex together?  Can vampires do it with humans, and if so how?  Do vampire boys have regular penis’s or are they like superpowered penis’s that grow to the size of baseball bats.  Well, Bella wants to know!  She wants it and she wants it bad!  and who could blame her, Edward is HAWT!  But, he’s also old fashioned and won’t do the deed until they agree to trot down the isle and face the preacher, which apparently will be happening in the next book.  Drats!  That means we will all have to wait another year to find out what happens when vampires and humans do the naughty.  bummer.

2.  I liked that this book was filled with romantic Edward and Bella scenes, unlike New Moon in which Edward was largly MIA.

3.  I like that the vampires and werewolves teamed up to fight the big meanie vampires.  Kewl.

4.  I probably liked more stuff but like I said, I’m forgetful.  Probly all that pot I smoked in college.  Knew it would catch up with me sooner or later.  Let that be a lesson to all you kids.

What I didn’t like:

1.  I am getting REALLY bored with the way the Cullens treat Bella like some fucking oversized pet.  Good lord, you like her, we get it, enough already!  Paragraphs and paragraphs of “we must protect Bella” blah blah blah.  SNOOZE FEST!

2.  I still don’t like Jacob very much, although I do like him better than I did in New Moon.  I think the thing thats bothering me the most is that I can’t get a good picture of Jacob in my mind.  He just looks kind of blurry to me.  The fact that he’s running around barefoot in cut-off jean shorts with no shirt on DOES NOT help the situation.  ewe.  Also, I wish he would leave Bella alone.  She’s got a boyfriend who she loves, so buzz off.  I did like the the little love triangle scene in the tent though- that was fun.

3.  I don’t like that Bella is so blah about marrying Edward.  GET OVER IT!!!!  He’s awesome even though he is a bloodsucking vampire he treats her like a Goddess.  She needs to just marry him and stop whining about it.

Should I read it?  Hella yeah!  I love the Twilight series, and I thought Eclipse was much better than New Moon!  Go get it peeps!

Click here to read the first chapter of Eclipse.


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  1. Well, you definately take the cake for funniest book review of Eclipse. I haven’t had a chance to pick it up, but will be doing so soon. I too don’t understand why she isn’t into marrying Edward. As you said, he’s HOT!

  2. Thanks Stephanie! Funny is good.

  3. Your review was great. I loved the book and cant wait for the next one. Edward is so hot and is such a sweetheart. I imagine sex will be amazing. He is so tender but you know he will be having to use everything he has to control himself which will be so freakn hot!

  4. I know…the restraint is so sexy…

  5. I just wished Bella were a strong female heroine.

    And it was almost laugh-out-loud implausably funny when Jacob is holding Bella close to him in the tent and Edward is standing by. I laughed so hard it hurt. So Harlequin.

    I don’t know. The bad definitely outweighed the good for me in this and Meyer is going to have to get her act together because I swore after turning the last page I will never read another one of her melodramatic works.

    As is, I keep turning teenagers away from the Eclipse pile and showing them Tithe by Holly Black or Wicked Lovely by Marr.

    Meyer is not in good form these days.

  6. MP – I feel ya. I liked the book, but I’m kinda glad she’s wrapping it up next time. As least phenom books like these and Harry Potter are getting more kids to read.

  7. Love your review! I still haven’t read it (except for the first chapter) and do not get *at all* her overwhelming reluctance to not marry Edward! I mean, why the hell not? She’s crazy in love with him and vice versa, swears she wants to be with him forever, so get hitched already! Jeez …

    And please tell me Bella slacks off just a little bit on the ‘I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy’ speeches … that was really starting to get on my nerves in NM.

    Still want to read this, though! Glad there’s plenty of Bella and Edward action, but phooey that we have to wait!

  8. i love all the books and can’t wait to read the fourth onw

  9. I completely agree with you – Jacob should leave Bella alone. 🙂

    (But I mean, I could just be saying that because I adore Edward.)

  10. haha i totally agree with courtney. my friend can’t decide if she likes Edward or Jacob better but i’m totally crazy about Edward i would hate it if she ends up with Jacob =P. i’m dying to read the fourth book!

  11. I can’t bring myself to read your review having only read Twilight so far and I don’t want to spoil it. I loved Twilight and am looking forward to catching up on the rest of the series.

  12. I totally love this book, after I finished these first few series I was obsessed with finding a guy exactly like edward, or something like him.

  13. No offence Steph meyer but really please get it together i mean when i got to the end of eclipse i was pretty P.Oed i mean twilight was great new moon was good too (edward leaving sounds reasonable enough) but eclipse was kind of a let down i mean i loved it but i don’t like jacob being an option at all! The worst part is Bella loves jacob too! Please oh please in the next book make jacob do something really unforgiveable just to get him out of the picture.

  14. I think that Jacob should just butt out. Or crash the wedding. He sucks. I don’t like him.

  15. The Voice of Reason Says:

    Bella is reluctant to marry Edward obviously because, like it said so in the book, she doesn’t want to look like the girl that got pregnant by her boyfriend and married right out of high school. People don’t think highly of others like that. Plus, a book is more interesting, in my opinion, if has more drama that way.

  16. sage sorensen Says:

    you dont like jacob i hate you to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is my favorit how can you not like him just cous he liks bella thats not his falt he is an asome person he made bella feel better when edward left !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i agree jacob is a cutie, i no he came across at first as a geek but he has been nice to bella, edward says he loves her but why walk off! yer he was trying to save her blah blah blah but jacobs never hurt her or made her have violent nightmares, and she has no intention of been with him so why would she break his heart by saying she loves him, cock tease!!!

  17. Easy Sage, just relax a bit. You know that if Jacob got together with Bella, eventually he might imprint, and that would cause all sorts of problems (he can’t imprint on her . . . he already tried that). Sure, he made her feel better when Edward left, but he never complete her. Being with Jacob just made the pain a little less.
    Next book, I’ll put money on Jacob imprinting on some beautiful blond chick and all of them will go on a double date. 🙂

  18. Just finished Eclipse. Okay, it was a little bit melodramatic, Bella was getting on my nerves with her hysterics. Her “love” for Jacob was the classic “rebound” after Edward left. She cares for him but he is not the love of her “eternity”. I wished they had gotten married at the end of this book. Love all the characters.

  19. I adored Eclipse but I was very annoyed with Jacob I know he luvs Bella but come on get over it already. She loves Edward (who could blame her LOL) not him

  20. Jennie pinkslip216 Says:

    Edward is so hot I HATE Jacob honestly he should get the hell out of the picture he sucks I so envy bella I wan’t my own edward I think they will get married and have sex i wonder if they can have kids

  21. J pinkslip216 Says:

    Eclipse is so amazingly HOT i love edward bella nice but I m not a lesbo I think and hope that edward will change bella into a vamp is it really such a big deal so she gains imortality against edwards judgement but she will be safe isnt that what he wants? I cant wait till the movie even though no actors cute or awsome enough to be edward but still the fourth book better not be the last one when is it coming out hopefully soon I cant wait to much longer agh agh ugh ugh this should be interesting

  22. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    Yea, Eclipse is the most romantic and hot outta the 3 of them so far!!! I just want Midnight Sun, and all her other ones!!! BEST BOOKS EVER!!! 😀

    Edward sooo0o0o0o0oo0o0oooooooooooooooooo0o0o0o0ooo HOT!!!

    Bella’s sooooo lucky!!! I wish I was in her place and have Edward… ^-^

  23. J pinkslip216 Says:

    I agree If I was in Bellas place i would be soo happy is midight sun the next book? can’t wait for it or the movie ttly

  24. to J pinkslip216

    Breaking Dawn is the fourth book. Midnight Sun is the fifth book. midnight sun is a remake of twilight except from edwards point of view. I totally agree with you and dark angel girl. if i could take bellas spot i would in a heartbeat. i mean come on, who wouldn’t want that muscular, caring, sensitive, absolutely hott VAMPIRE for a boyfriend. oh, i can’t wait for the movie either.

  25. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    I totally agree with you melly, I mean, who in the right mind wouldn’t wanna have Edward for a bf? I just don’t understand how you could NOT wanna marry Edward in a instant!!! COME ON!!!!! 😀

    Vampires are my fave thing ever!!!! ^-^

    K, take this into thought melly and everyone else, what would you do if Bella’s world suddenly came to life, like vampires and werewolves showing up, the fights, EDWARD!!! Basically everything that happens in the book, and you were in Bella’s place?

    I’d be like OMG!!!! YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!, but I’d also take into thought why it was happening, then go back to going OMG OMG OMG, YESSSSS!!!

    Lol, what do you’s think???

  26. J pinkslip216 Says:

    dark angel cullen

    totally agree if i had edward i would scream it would be the best time of my life. thnks mully does anyone know when the books or movie are coming out i will so get the bboks first day i and a bunch of my friends are goning to the movie toget her I so can’t wait these books r great CANNOT WAIT.


  27. I love this series! I hate that they won’t get married in Eclipse… :[ I’m not a big fan of Jacob, although he did help Bella when Edward was gone but Edward is back so he should just leave Bella alone! If I was Bella I would want to marry Edward right away!! He’s sounds amazing hehe.

  28. Dark Angel Girl

    to answer your question. If that world came about i would probably freak out at first, but if i had EDWARD with me like Bella does to protect me i would have absolutely no problem with it. I wouldn’t pass up the chance to have a totally sexy guy at my house all day, (and all night). LOL. But yea i probably would be a little scared to just knowing that there were creatures after me that could kill me instantly.

    to J pinkslip216
    i’m pretty sure the fourth book comes out August 10th, in 2008. and that is like totally completely to far away. i think stephenie wants to torture us. and the movie doesn’t even have a script yet. it’s still in the thinking fase.

  29. to the first paragraph in my message above i meant Dark Angel Cullen. sorry bout that.

  30. J pinkslip216 Says:

    TO Melly:

    WHAT THAT LONG I HAVE TO WAIT TO AUGUST AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    does shepenie have common sense?

    on a calmer note.

    Having edward in my house all day and all night would be amazing as soon as he asked me to marry him
    I would say yes as soon as I got over the shock LOL. I agree with RayRay on the Jacob topic sure hes nice but he shouldn’t force her to choose right after he makes her realize she loves him good gosh is it really that hard to accept that someone doesn’t love you back that you have to prove it to her especially when she already loves someone else (frome my point of view someone better)

    TTYL (talk more often my family boring you are the only people that share my point of view thax)

  31. J pinkslip216 Says:

    Omg go on Google video and type in edward and bella or if you want more videos type in the names of the books after it
    (Edward and Bella Eclipse) the videos are great even though the characters SUCK

  32. J pinkslip216 Says:

    Hey guys you can talk im bored out of my mind

  33. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    Hey, yea I’ll comment.

    I just can’t get enough of the Twilight series!!!

    I want everything of them lol! like all the stuff, lol ^-^

    Do you’s want pics of Edward, I have some real good ones, and msn dp’s of him, AND have created my own^-^

    OH! Would you’s like to test my Edward/ twilight, etc, quiz? I’ll give the website that I made it, don’t worry, it’s a piece of cake! sooooo easy!!!! u’ll’s get 10/10 q’s, here’s the quiz:

  34. OMG, Dark Angel Cullen, that quiz was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy… i mean come on, where’s the challenge. oh well. i don’t think i would get anything less than 100% on any test i took on those books. and yes, you should totally give us some pictures of edward, i have a REALLY good wallpaper i found. just type ‘twilight series wallpapers’ on google and it’s the first link. scroll down a little and it’s the first wallpaper that they have. there’s a guy on the right of the wallpaper who i’m assuming is supposed to be edward and OMG, HE IS THE HOTTEST GUY I HAVE EVER SEEN. I so want him…. of course i have for a wallpaper so i can stare at his perfect face everytime i turn my computer on. well i hope you guys like the wallpaper too. ttyl

  35. J pinkslip216 Says:

    Its me i won’t be on for a week on V-K ill look on the website when i get back so give us the pics pease k gotta go TTLY (Y meaning in 2 weeks)
    TTYNW(if u no what i mean)

    J pinkslip216

  36. J pinkslip216 Says:

    Ok u guys I m sick of J pinkslip216 Im going to go by Jennie cause thats my real name its like using motorcycle accedients to explain Jacobs broken body really it just a paine any way back to edward comments

    EDWARD would so be mine in a heart beat if he was real 1 of my friends asked me if I would go out with him and i was like HELL YEAH I mean I would go out with him then get married what do u think about edwards restraint do u think its hot or stupid?Im going with hot write back here k?

  37. oh and dark angel cullen loved the website I m sure I got a 10 outa 10 perfect questions I guess I am ubsessed with these books but who isnt???????? type back I NEED REPLYS

  38. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i think edward would want me if he had to choose between you and me. i mean who wouldn’t choose me. but as for your question i’m not sure what you mean so i can’t answer yet. explain it a little for me.

  39. will they have sex? i mean they didint in eclipse so will they in the next book? this book was wonderfull i was triping out when bella tried to convice him to have sex; however, i like the first book better, but i stll LOVE this book. im obssesed. help me!jk lol but i am obsessed just dont help me cuz im in love with these books

  40. i forgot one more thing. i agree with catriona at the top. i dont know u but its true what u said.

  41. Never mind my previous questions just answer with your opinion these and future questions k?

    Do you think Jacob should try to get out of edwards way? Do you think Jacob will go to the wedding if so will he crash it? Do u think they will do it after they get married (if u no what i mean) Do u think Edwards restraint is sexy? And What do u think charlie and renee will do when they find out will they be happy at all? Answer me back soo anyone thax

  42. OMG u guys will never believe this I was on the internet looking for videos and I found breaking dawn wedding on there guess what they did it and they showed a pix of BOTH of them SLEEPING I think doing it made edward human that was just an infer from what I saw look it up at dawnthewedding

    it might come up if it doesent go on google video look up edward and bella eclipse and keep clicking on things till you find breaking dawn the wedding ok I SOO RECOMEND IT

    • jacob should have never kissed bella because he knows that she has a boyfriend and he kisses her i wish edward seen that he would have killed jacob

  43. Whats up you goin to answer me??????????????????????????

    TTLY Jennie

  44. hey are you guys goin to right back?


  46. smarterthenu Says:


  47. soo wit ya answer my above qs

  48. OMG Jennie so agree with you edwards hot jacobs not charlie and renee will be upset but try to hide it probably dont kknow what jacob will do i think he SHOULDNOT show if he crashes it i will cry or if she doesent go through with it the restraint is so hot and Sexy

  49. You know… I came to this funny realization a few weeks ago. What is the point of making Bella into a vampire? She and Edward are going to have sex in the next book right? And get married? Wasn’t the whole point of Bella wanting to be a vampire because of the fact that they could never be intimate enough? Now that they’re going to have sex (with Bella still a human) what is the point? If Edward can fuck her without killing her then can’t he kiss her and be around her without killing her, too? Seriously, I don’t see why Bella should give up her family and friends just so she can be with Edward longer. All vampires die eventually; they are killed by other vampires. Bella would probably only extend her life by 1000 years or so. Definitely not forever. The idea of love forever is crazy and melodramatic. Why should Bella sacrifice what she has to be with Edward? Can’t she be with him and still get what she wants… without going through the change. Who cares is she gets old, at least she never MURDERED anyone.

  50. Oh yeah, and I HATE JACOB, too.

  51. the whole point of Bella turning, is so she will be with Edward FOREVER… the whole being intimate part has nothing to do with it! DUH! omg! and i can’t believe you hate JACOB!! i love Jacob but i love Edward MORE!!!!! its impossible to not to love him!!!!!

  52. thinkaboutit Says:

    Ok im with people the hate jacob and love edward why dont u want bella to change i mean yeah she will die eventually but 1000 years is a long time for her to be married to edward so ease up on it and yeah but they can be more intaminte with him if she does change and she wont have to embarrass herself by being such a kluts What do u all think about edwards restraint on their physical relationship i think its sexy. one more thing why is edward pushing marrage so much why cant he just give in to bellas sex idea i mean if their going to get married anyway why wait?

  53. did u not read the chapter when she asks him for it! he’s protecting their vurtue… so cute… and plus this also means that bella is more willing to give edward what he wants… and he’s just using what he can get to get what he wants….

  54. thinkaboutit Says:

    yeah but at the end he says that he doesn’t care so yeah she now wants to get married but why postpone sex if thats what they both wants order doesnt matter to me or them if u both are going to spend eternity together who cares about the timing of sex

  55. I have just started the second of the books and I am completely upset that Edward has physically left Bellla. I wish Edward would change her to a vampire, because if he doesn’t, one day he may be waking up next to a 70 year old woman!!!

  56. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i hope bella turns into a vampire. i know everyone says what’s the point cause she only adds 1000 years to her life. but that’s 1000 more years she can be with edward. why would anyone want to argue if they could be with him forever. and the whole thing on bella and edward having sex is just totally weird. i mean, who cares if they have sex or not. they both want to, yes, but i don’t get why everyone is making a hole scene about it. and yes bella wanted to there for the longest time and edward wouldn’t budge. but at the end of the third one edward changes his mind but bella changes hers so they still don’t do it. that part really bugged me. i mean everyone knows that they are going to so just get it over with already. anyways, these books are totally amazing and i think about them 24/7.

  57. thinkaboutit Says:

    mrs.melly cullen totaly agree with u on EVERYTHING especially the 27/7 part im so freaking upsesed with edward and the book series i cant wait till the 4th book OMG

  58. vampire lover Says:

    i can’t wait till August for the next book. I really love Edward and Bella, and hope that they will get married and have SEX!!! I hope that she turns into a vampire as well. I WOULD!!! They can finally be together forever. This is stephenie meyer’s last book (at Bella’s point of view anyway) so i am wondering if there will be a happy ending, so there is no reason to continue with the series, or Bella will die!!! and the book is finished. I really don’t want Bella to die because it would really kill Edward (litrally) but i think there is going to be more to this story then just sex and marrage. Does anyone know if the Volturri are coming back, now that Victoria is dead (YES)???!!!
    But YES, i do want Edward and Bella to have SEX!!! (even if i have to beg to stephenie meyer)

  59. Edward lover Says:

    I love Edward

    I’m kinds obsessed with him

    I’m moving to forks Washington when u turn 18

    I’m jelouse of bella very very so much

    If I ever meet a vampire you no good like Edward I’m going to take advantage of it

    I just can’t wait to fall in love with my very own Edward

    Andname my boy Edward Anthony Masen cullen and what ever my last name is lmao

    K well I just want to say one more thing

    I’m glad that godput stephanie meyer on this earth cuz I have never read a book in my life til mysistold me about it and I had to!!!!!

    Thank you stephanie


  60. thinkaboutit Says:

    TOTTALY AGREE i cant wait i will lose my reason to live when shes done with EDWARD hes my fav I SO LOVE HIM

  61. Okay, i just started reading the series myself, my friend got me hooked on the idea of “twilight” in class. At the time i was reading another book and was completely into it until she told me about this series! i got obsessed without even have read it yet!!! she let me borrow the first two, which i was completely at ill when Edward left, i think i cried the most in my life then.

    I feel connected to the book, do you guys feel it too, like when the book is really happy and sexy you feel great but when its sad and shit you feel depressed as soon as you put the book down and look around????

    anyways back to the books…

    I loved the third one the most!!! its soooooo HOTT OMG!!! i visually saw them in his bed and at their meadow!! OMG!! wwwwhewww!!

    As for who i like better, Jacob or Edward, im torn more than bella is!!! :@

    i love edward to death, dont get me wrong, but Jacob does have a point he is “better for her life” but then there is the fact that one day he probably will imprint which will then leave bella in a bit of a pickle, Now if that were to happen im sure Edward wouldnt be to slow to take her back but then thats not fair, romantic, RIGHT! sooo i guess over all I WANT HER TO PICK EDWARD! we already know she cant live without him sooooooooo who cares about Jacob! but ,,gosh there are two many sides to this!!!
    Does anyone wonder where jacob is going at the end of Eclipse,..he is just running,,.as a wolf…away. but to where!!! is he coming back? will he go to the wedding??

    As for the Sex Scene… does anyone have this suspicion that it will “change” Edward????

    I cant freakkkking wait for the forth book and its gonna feel unbearably long because i didnt have to wait for the first two, they were already done by the time i got them and the third one i waited for about 3 weeks and DIED!!!! i had to go buy it myself cuz i couldnt wait for my friend to finish! i read them all in about 2 days each!! and then feel completely depressed cuz Edward is gone cuz im done reading!!!! :(:(:(

    Has anyone seen the actor they picked for the movie!!! ??? Its that fucking kid from Harry Potter! the one that played Cedric Diggory GRRRR HES SOOOO NOT HOTT!!! the other boy, who didnt make it, was apsolutely amazing!! this is a link for his picture as edward!!! MMMMMMM i wish with all my body and soul that he won the spot BUT of course he didnt!

    I found an excellent page that had a lot of hot photos of him as Edward but the website link is on my school computer..which im not near…bummer..
    but here is one a a lot that i have found..hope you enjoy;)

    if that doesnt work..go to google. then pictures then type in Gaspard Ulliel as Edward Cullen..last one in the first row…:) feel free to look him up..Gaspard Ulliel..just look for ones that would be an edward part. cuz he changes his look alot and some hes jut EWW but others hes like OMG ITS EDWARD!!! HOLY SHIT! lol hes got waht i pictured as edwards SMILE too..:)

  62. okay really really bored and no one is talking sooo i was still looking for great pictures of Gaspard and here is one where he is all done up as eyes bronze hair mm…!.jpg&imgrefurl=

    hes in there somewhere..just if it doesnt open like i have it on my screen, which he will be at the top in a lil picture..if not then scroll down till you see edward/gaspard.

  63. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i agree with you in like everything you said in that ‘LONG’ paragraph you just wrote. LOL the part where you said you felt connected to the books, i fell like the exact same way. Like at the parts where bella and edward are alone and talking like at the meadow in the first book, OMG, i was like so happy at that part. But when edward left in the third one i was literally crying. I was devastated as much as bella was. it was so heartbreaking.
    I really want bella to choose edward. i mean i’m pretty sure she will but part of me is thinking that stephenie will turn things around and have bella choose jacob, now that would totally crush me. Bella is like supposed to choose edward. they belong together.
    I hope she doesn’t choose jacob. and for his imprinting thing. i’m pretty sure he already imprinted…. on bella. like he said in the third book he’s in love with her so that made me think that he did imprint on her.
    as for the actor who’s playing edward. i’m not that depressed. he isn’t as cute as i would of pictured him but he’ll do. now as for gaspard ulliel… the picture you put up he is like TOTALLY HOTT, other pictures of him though i’m just like… ewwwww. he is like totally ugly in some of his pictures. out of those two guys i don’t really care who will play edward. i’m pretty sure just playing the part of edward will make him even more hot. but no one will ever fit the part of edward perfectly. there’s just no comparison to what i’ve pictured him as in my head.

  64. thinkaboutit Says:



    SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JELOUS OF BELLA I NEED EDWARD JUST CAUSE IF HE WAS REAL I WOULD SO CALL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it possible to fall in love and have a crush on a non real character in a book????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    I CANT WAIT TILL THE MOVIE AND FOURTH BOOK I got all the girls in my grade into it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSS

    THE MOVIE BETTER BE GOOD AND AS FOR JACOB imprinting on Bella NO didnt happen he can just be in love with her doesn’t mean he imprinted he wanted to but it didnt happen

    JACOB SUCKS if Stephine cooses bella to be with him i will go suicide



  65. First off, i am one of those people who badgered my friends and aliens in the streets to read TWILIGHT. Loved it. Unfortunately, hated ECLIPSE. 😦 Too many things to complain about. Mostly, Bella became one of those heroines i hate: too stupid (oh what went wrong, Bella?). Then, i don’t understand why she is sooooo uncomfortable with the thought of marrying Edward. And what about that thing that she’s ALSO IN LOVE WITH JACOB???

  66. thinkaboutit Says:

    ok NO yea i dont like her unhappyness about not wanting to marry edward or her falling in love with Jacob but this book was awsome i love bella s reaction to edward it is so hot and sexy so SHUT UP!!!!!

    I love all the book so deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  67. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i totally agree with thinkaboutit. the third book rocks. it’s my favorite of the series. then the first one, then the second. the second book was like a total let down. i only like the last chapters when alice comes back and then the ones after that. man i can’t wait for the fourth book. i’m going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. thinkaboutit Says:

    Thankyou I have the same opinion ecept the first book was the best then the third

    its nice to have intellagence here


  69. thinkaboutit Says:

    dont forget to WATCH THE ENTIRE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wouldn’t recomend watching it with parents


  70. vampire lover Says:

    Loved da video thinkabouitit!!! I hope dat actually happens in da 4th book. It wood bee sooooo cooool!!! I am a bit disapointed dat robert pattinson is playing Edward in da film, coz he is soo not hot and Edward (even though he’s a character frm a book) is soooo unbelievebly HOT!!!!!!!!!

  71. Cool video, and I’m with you on Edward!!!! HAWT!!!!

    He’s perfect really for Edward. Yummmm,,,,,,,,,

  72. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    that was a pretty cool video. who was the person who was playing edward in it??? i think he should play edward in the real movie. he was really hott!!!!!

  73. thinkaboutit Says:

    No Clue glad everyone liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God SO CANNOT WAIT til 4th book and movie DANG AUGUST IS TO LONG AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  74. thinkaboutit Says:

    Wait what do u think can edward and bella have kids??????

    DO u think that sex will change him at all??????????

  75. OMG!!!! I absolutely love the Twilight series, but Eclipse is a little slow for me near the end…I’m at the battle and I’ve just experienced Bella kissing Jake and really wanting too!!!(ughh) I thought she loved Edward. This is really a put down for me :(..but from what I hear she and Edward are going to get married 🙂

  76. i just finished the book eclipse man it was awesome, but man oh man do i HATE jacob sometimes. i cannot believe that bella would ever even want to choose jacob over edward, i mean common edward is sooooo HOT!!!! and pulse bella isn’t jacobs mate, the only reason i think this is because he has spent like a whole summer wit her and kissed her and he still hasn’t imprinted on her, and in the books jacob said u imprinted on the person at like first site so that’s all i’m saying. i also tottaly cant wait for the movie to come out, on they said that the movie twilight will be released on Dec, 12/08 so yeah not that long (i guess) :(.

  77. […] Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer (bookie) (tags: (author:stephenie.meyer) [title:eclipse] [series:twilight] romance fantasy vampires love.triangles werewolves sexism marysue […]

  78. Hey, i’ve read the series twice, i can’t wait for the next book to come out.

  79. The third book is deffinatly, the best. Though i did enjoy the first and second. I agree that Bella ends up with Edward, hes the ones she chose. I do however feel sorry for jacob. nes not a bad guy, and the only reason he was fighting so hard is because he kinda has a deadline (no pun intended) to win bella over. can you really blame a guy for trying?

    As for the apparently highly anticipated sex scene…wow people settle down! The Author from what i understand is mormon, i have nothing against mormons they’re great people…unless they’re just saying thier mormon so people think they’re great people. anyway Knowing that shes mormon it makes the book a little clearer..mormons don’t like pre-marital sex…more power too them! so obvously bella and edward will have to wait. Still i wouldn’t expect an overly detailed sex scene because the writer seem to have some good values. but enough of my “preaching”

    as for the possibility of children…i highly doubt it… every other vampirse story i’ve come across the vampire are sex cells. plus if it were possible, don’t you think carlile and esme would’t have had to adopt? and rosaile and emmett? alice and jasper? s’mon people think it through! lol plus it’d be kinda awkward…would the children be vampires? or humans? its look too complicated for the author to want to go into it.

    but that bring up another point, mormons are also big on having a family and such, so if edward and bella can’t have a family….maybe she WILL end up with jacob…what if edward dies?….dun dun DUN!! lol don’t worry i doubt it…nobody kills off true love 😛

  80. and as for all you that would like to be bella…

    i would MUCH rather be edward… course maybe that because i’m a guy…and it’d be really cool to actually know what people are thinking…and super strenght, speed, sight, hearing, its would be awesome. Heck i’d even settle for Jacob, who wouldn’t want to be able to turn into a giant wolf and go for a run through the woods lol

    i think the realy highlight for being edward would be bella though. she rules, not afraid to show her devotion. life would be so much easier if a girl would tell it to ya straight lol.

  81. intellagence Says:

    D-Jensen NO a mormon do you honestly think a church freak (NO offense to anyone) would write about the almost sex three times in Eclipse NO they also belive in love at first sight so their would be no Jacob issue and christians don’t believe in vampires or werewolfs SO NO POSSIBLE WAY cut down ur response jeez its so long and boring (NO OFFENSE)

    I LOVE EDWARD AND HATE JACOB HE SUCKS i so feel sorry but really get a life. anyway if they do have sex do u think meyer would go into detail or just say then we had sex????????????????????????????????????????????????

  82. OK well sorry, jeeze i’m not saying anyone is a ‘chruch freak’. Yes there will most likley be a sex scene, i’m just saying it might not be like 20 pages long like, it seems alot of people want it to. Some people make it sound as if they want to read about vampire porn…all i’m saying is this: IF there is a sex scene in the next book, i would think it would be short and done in a classy way, so it doesn’t sound like a porno.

    and Intelligence, make up you mind!! in your comment ur like “Mormons are church freaks eww!!…but o wait no offense!” and “Your comment is long and boring!….o wait no offence.” you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to, and if your going to be critically opinionated please stick to your opinions. ( Jacob doesn’t suck hes just immature 😛 lol)

  83. Its sounds like you (intelligence) have only know about mormons, either 2nd-3rd hand or only met mormons in Utah. i’m sorry but alot of mormons in Utah talk the talk, but don’t necessarily walk tha walk if you get my meaning…ohh and i’m super duper sporry for a long comment lol!!!
    (no offence)

  84. intellagence Says:

    SHUT UP honestly do you want me to say oh offense intended at least i was being nice you dont have ot be a jerk about it if i told everyone exactly my opinion there would be so much more chos in this world some of us edit to sound nicer understand? get over it. Jacob is immature and stupid your seriously mental if you kiss a girl whos in love with your arch enemy even if he wasn’t your arch enemy its still retardead under stand?

  85. mmk i love jacob and Eclipse was a little dull for me. Edwards and Bellas love for eachother was just WAY too sudden..ever since twilight it was like..attraction, obsession and then “oh well im in love with you and i’ll die without you”…yyyya…not the right message to be conveying to readers if u ask me.
    and ya, jacob is a cool kid. i like him. even though hes a werewolf hes more real than edward is. he treats bella like a girl and not something breakable. edwards too perfect..and that isnt attractive to me.

  86. Matthew Farmer Says:

    i love!!!!!!!!! BELLA! if i were edward i would so let bella hav it!!!!! she is so HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

  87. Jesse Hartly Says:


  88. thinkaboutit Says:

    U PERVS thats gross

  89. intellagence Says:


  90. NASTY this is like a girs web site chat not a perv site

  91. I love Bella

    girls relax

    sex with bella mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    edward has serious problems saying no to her

    as to you Jesse Hartly little to descriptive sorry man

    luv bella

  92. Hey Intelligence, i’ll be the first to say sorry, it did sound as if you might just be attacking me and my opinions rather than debating the future book, it can be rather difficult to judge the correct emotions with just writing. anyways sorry fro jumping on the deffensive. Truce?

    as for Jesse Hartly, you really do either need counciling, or a life. i am as straight as everyone guy out there and even i think you need to settle down dude. you don’t have to sound like a porn freak just to et attention. 🙂

  93. P.S. intelligence i agree to dissagree about Jacob being cool/stupid 🙂

  94. intellagence Says:

    Agree Truce totally right r u goin ta answer my q’s


  95. Didn’t like Jacob in ECLIPSE either. I thought for someone who professes to be Bella’s best friend he’s a jerk. :/

    The cast of TWILIGHT movie is almost complete. I’m not very excited with the choices but, oh well… *lesigh*

  96. ^Thanks Harlot. I agree about James. HAWT.

  97. Hey Sherid. I’m thankful people who are obsess with Twilight series email me any Twilight news the minute they get out. My blog is full of Twilight info mi Trollop (who hates Edward) keeps threatening to smash her head on the wall if i don’t stop. She’s afraid of pain anyway, so no worries. 😛

    No idea who Cam is but thank god he’ll play James. Otherwise, we’re left with Cedric and that lame dude who will play Jasper. *shudder*

  98. sara loves it! Says:

    derrr they cannot have sex
    vampires are technically dead which means no blood flow.
    jeez people theres more to the relationship than their looks!
    obviously cuz no one is actually hot enough that you would be with them despite the fact that theyre a blood sucking vampire. AND
    they risk their lives for each other more than once.
    they have a …. healthy?… relationship.
    i guess im saying theres more to it than looks and sex.
    and its not happening anyway.
    but the series rocks and twilight is defiantly my favorite.

  99. sara loves it! Says:

    and im sorta disappointed in the actor playing Edward
    but who could actually live up to that expectation?

  100. sara loves it! Says:

    maybe i take back what i said about the sex tho….
    i think it would be cool if like he changed back after it??
    this is too confusing and suspenseful for me.
    o well
    ill just have to be patient.

  101. sara loves it! Says:

    when i saw this i think i had an stroke.
    some of you might recognize Gaspard Ulliel from Hannibal Rising
    he would defiantly be the best Edward ever!!
    if anyone who has anything to do with this movie reads this PLEASEEE tell me he is in this movie as Edward.
    if he isnt stop what ever you are currently doing with this movie and CAST HIMMM!!!
    if you have any doubts about him watch his performance in Hannibal Rising.
    i fell in love with this actor despite his cannibalistic character in that movie.
    all the more reason he would be perfect for this movie.
    ALSO bella is constantly talking about his breath-taking crooked smile and he defiantly has that.
    just some one please tell me that the actors in this clip are the actual cast– ive heard several varying rumors about the cast.
    ANDDD im pretty sure that is kay panabaker playing bella in this clip??
    also a perfect match. innocent hopeless romantic damsel in distress is written all over her.
    just some one official please confirm my hopes about the cast
    and if this isnt the cast–MAKE IT THE CAST!!

  102. sara loves it! Says:

    sorry for the long string of comments but if you doubt what i said about Gaspard check this out–

    while watching this just think ‘Edward’
    GAHHH he is so perfect!!
    someone listen to me!

  103. ^Sara – I’m listening girl! Gaspard would have been an awesome choice.


  104. i totally agree with you sara but no0 da dude dats in harry potter that gets killed is edward it sucks but really who0 can live up to being edward he is so perfect!!!!!

    and i defently think bella and edward will have sex!!!
    lol its funny to say but its true there ganna get married so0 yea!!!

    o0 and i lov3 these bo0ks!!!



  106. wow….that waz like freaky its like you jus read my mind and you jus said what i think and want answered in that stinken article. I also agree that Jacob should buzz off, hes also starting to get on my nerves, and i swear if he ruins the freaken wedding for Bella and Edward im going to be VERY VERY upset, i will hate Bella if she ends up picking Jacob in the end ~sigh~ i guess im jus going to have to wait….
    nice article though i couldnt agree more on your thoughts

  107. Dark Angel girl Says:

    EDWARD IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO RIGHT FOR BELLA!!!!!! I mean, who wouldn’t want someone like him *swoons* i don’t hate jacob, but he doesn’t match with Bella.

    i’d wanna be a vampire anyday over a werewolf, wotcha say girls?

    (p.s- sorry i havn’t replied for a while)

    EDWARD FOREVER!!!! I wish the 4th book would just come out already!!!!:D

  108. Dark Angel girl Says:

    -ahhh, wish it would come out already!!!!!!! ><;

    LOL, but seriously though, HOW LONG must we be kept waiting???

    …want….to…find…out…what…happens… NEXT!!!!!!!!

  109. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i would so be a vampire anyday to get with edward. i think jacob is meant only for a friend. bella and edward are so meant to be with each other.
    i so know what you mean dark angel girl. i can’t wait until the 4th book comes out. it seems like it’s taking forever. stephenie’s book “the host” sounds really interesting though. that comes out in may so we won’t have to wait as long for that. but yea, i really want the 4th one to come out. i want to know what’s gonna happen.

  110. i just found this site sooo yeah. anyway i have read all three books like twice and they are amazing, as for jacob he should just screw off. like even if bella did choose him, after awhile he would probably end up imprinting on some other girl and leave bella in the wind. cause he never imprinted on her so why does he say he “loves” her so much when there is probably a little note in the back of his head saying that one day he might just imprint, and if he did he wouldn’t care as much about bella anymore.

  111. racker boy Says:

    u know what jacob rules!!!

    hes ganna get wit bella and edwards ganna die jacob is my idol he is off da ho0k!!
    hellz yaeh!!!

    rock on jacob@@@!!!!

  112. bored out of my mind Says:

    welll if i was bella i wont know who to pick jacob or edward but i like jacob better for myself . i agree with racker boy except 4 the part of edward dieing!!!

    i lov3 jacob!!!

  113. Jessica s. Says:




    duh jacob dosent love her as mucg as edward dose he is just going thru the same thing sam went thru and do u guys really want bella 2 go thru what sams ex had 2 go thru when he imprinted???


    o0 and jacob better not crash the wedding!!!

    i will kill himm lol

  114. sara loves it! Says:

    ok i deff ❤ jacob and he would be better for bella EXCEPT!!!! he will eventualyy imprint and then she will be all alone
    and if he does mess up the wedding i will be pissed

  115. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    okay all of you people that think jacob is better than edward should definitely get a brain like jessica said. jacob is so stupid!!!! i mean he’s cool for a friend and everything but why would you choose him over edward. edward is so nice, caring, romantic, and incredibly hott!!!!!!! and yea what if jacob and bella get together, what happens if he imprints??? then bella will be all alone. i agree with you sara. if jacob crashes the wedding i will so go with you to kill him. 🙂 bella and edward better get married. they’re so incredibly perfect for each other.

  116. i agree with the ones above that say that jacob will eventually imprint and leave bella alone.(wish he wud hurry up and get it over and dun with) lol. hes probably goin through the same as sam did with leah.

    omg 2nd time reading the series and im at the part in new moon where edwards disappeared and its like noooo cum back edward :S

    god cant wait for the 4th book :S grr wish it wud cum out alreadi 😡
    doo u lot no if thats the last book from bella’s point of view?????

    edward an bella are incredibly rite 4 each otha cant wait 4 the wedding 😀

  117. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    yea, breaking dawn is the last book from bella’s point of view. the next book is midnight sun and that’s twilight from edwards point of view. i think it will be pretty interesting to hear what edward was always thinking.

  118. OMG!!! if jacob crashes the wedding i’m so with sara and mrs. melly for killing jacob. bella and edward are so right for each other. I cant wait to see what happens in the next book. just grr that it wont be out for awhile.

  119. hey, you guys are so rite if jacob like crash’s the wedding i will soooo kill him i mean come on. i also hope that when bella and edward are at the alter bella doesn’t say no or anything i will be very pissed. in the fourth book i want bella to bcomes a vampire.

  120. thanks mrs. melly cullen 😛 omg does that mean that sumthin happens to bella in breaking dawn???

    i soo agree with the ones above about jacob crashin the wedding and wud kill him 😡

  121. Jessica S Says:


    andi agree with emily bella better not say no cuz she so stupid sometimes aww!!

  122. gd point bella betta not say no :S (who wud) lol

  123. I LOVE EDWARD AND BELLA TOGETHER. As for Jacob… *gets a sour look* That bastard, he needs to GO AWAY! Leave before I sic Inuyasha on you! lol…

  124. i totally agree with you nova jacob should just step off

  125. august is too far away to find out wat happens :S
    jacob grow up!!

  126. i wish that the new book will come out soooooooon. i cant wait any longer. i can even barely even wait 4 the movie 2 come out.
    also i hope that jacob would just get the hell out of bellas life. maybe in the next book he can try 2 kill him at the wedding and then edward and the cullens can all kick his ass.

  127. hahahaha you are sooo rite that would be awesome. i mean sure he mite be an okay character but he still stinks the cullens should totally go and kick his ass that would be hilarious

  128. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i agree with all of you peeps. jacob should totally get out of the picture and let bella and edward be together. he just needs to get over himself and realize that he lost. i am getting so sick of him. grr, i want it to be august. i want to know what happens really bad.

  129. I personally loved the twilight series i cant wait for the next book to come out all though Eclipse was a little bleh. i didnt read it as fast as i read Twilight or new moon. I dont think they shouldve talkd about the dang fight for so long…it took like 4 chapters just to get to the fight haha.
    I totally turned my back on Edward in this book and fell for Jacob. In book one i loved edward in book 2 i like edward and jacob both and in book 3 i completely love Jacob. He is better for her. He could keep her warm during the winter. I really want to get that bracelet with the wolf and the rock thing. I still like edward but i like jacob more at this point. Maybe Bella will change her mind and chooose jacob because Edward left her!!! His loss …just kidding. I still like edward though.

  130. I beg to differ on the statement “Also, I wish he would leave Bella alone. She’s got a boyfriend who she loves, so buzz off.”
    I’m not saying “DUDE YOU ARE SO EFFIN WRONG!”, but still, Bella loves Jacob, too. To me he seems to bring out the fun and playful, unworrying natural Bella. Sure, Edward may be hot and sweet and treat her like a Goddess, but he’s a little over the top sometimes, you know? She shouldn’t need a drug to be in love. She needs her sun.
    And really, Jacob-Haters…can you imagine Bella’s life with Edward? Which of course, will result in becoming a vampire…which would be sad.
    What’s the point in introducing all these newfound friends that she learns to love and that WE as readers learn to love, if she just has to leave them all behind? It would be tragic. Charlie? What would happen to him?
    So in conclusion, sure, Edward’s great. I love Edward as a character. But really, if you give it enough thought, you all know that Jacob is just much better for Bella.


  131. i agree with sum of the statements above about jacob being better for bella. but in the long run i have to say that edward will be better for bella. cuz wat if jacob ever looses his temper with bella will he do wat sam did to emily?? and wat if jacob imprints with sumone else after bella leaves edward for him that wud totally ruin evrythin. dnt u think??

  132. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    yes, i agree with that- about if jacob looses his temper. Edward is much better suited for her, HURRY UP 4TH BOOK AND COME OUT SO ALL OF US DIE-HARD FANS CAN READY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    I’m sorry to say, but i REALLY think Edward is much better suited.
    Though i do agree with your statement (debbie) about how Jacob brings out the fun in Bella, but i think Edward does too. Then again, I’m all up for edward’s side, like a lot of us are, lol, but i see your point.
    wonder what’s gonna happen next in the 4th book…. it better hurry up n come out, aswell as the movie!!! BUT i don’t think the movie will be ever as good as the books, coz in our heads we picture how the story is set out and what the characters and things look like, do you agree????


  134. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    Hmm- anyways…

    About Edward’s and Bella’s wedding…..

    That’ll be veru interesting….


  135. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    New poll:

    How do you think will happen in the 4th book???

    Cast ur votes!

  136. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    I mean *Waht do you think will happen in the 4th book’



  137. Dark Angel Cullen Says:


    errr…. today’s not my day for typing, LOL

    ANYWAYZ, please vote….

  138. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    Hmm, where’s all of Edward’s fans???


  139. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    I think Edward is missing all of his fans….. lol

    ANYWAYS, so, does anyone know when the 4th book is meant to be coming out???


    I think that in the 4th book that Bella is gonna turn into a vampire. And some people r going to die! (MAIN PEOPLE). And……………………. More!!!!!!!

  141. The book is out in like 36 days!!!!

  142. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    YER, it’d be so awesome if she becomes a vampire!!!!! and like which main pplz r gonna die, BETTER NOT BE EDWARD!!!!!! NOOOO

    OMG!- the book is coming REAL soon, can’t wait, n about time!!!!!!!

    SQUEE!!!! ^-^ 🙂

  143. omg i luv these books. cant wait for breaking dawn. does anyone know when its coming out. i soo totally agree that jacob should leave bella alone and i hope that they can get married soon in the next book. 🙂

  144. aliceface Says:

    The book comes out on August 2nd, i think…right? right? o__0 it’s in august, i swear i saw it say it was in august…lol, well i have a countdown clock till then somewhere on myspace, i think. rofl.
    and geez, you guys should just leave jacob alone. without him in the story, there wouldn’t have much of a plot, y’know? what with the “jealousy” thing with him and edward…everyone just loves that, right?
    and i guess crazy fan girls can be pretty heartless when it comes to their loved one’s rivals. rofl.
    “gtfo frvr jacob! >:(” i mean, come on, that’s a bit harsh.
    jacob never meant any harm.
    and i know anyone else would feel the same way he would if they were in his place.
    lmfao well yeah they would because they were him…
    er, back on track here.

  145. aliceface Says:

    p.s. i really think it’s hilarious how some of you talked about how edward could “change” when he and bella have sex…oh my god, that was fresh.
    but it would also be awesome if that did happen…
    and i seriously now believe that jacob WILL actually crash, or attempt to, the wedding. Or at least attend.
    I hope he does, or else it’ll just be reeaaallyyy boring.
    “isabella swan will choo marry mr. edward ova here? :B”
    “um yeah ok”
    “ok edward say “i do” so all the fan girls can scream”
    “i do >:D”
    “kkkk u guysss r married congrats”
    “…let’s have sex naow :D”
    ROFL ok that last part was bella…
    i have to admit that i do believe that bella’s a bit of a whore.
    i mean…the proof’s all there.
    if only you had seen any of my twilight-new moon-eclipse books, you’d see how much i thought of her as being one.
    no regrets!

  146. EqualOpLoverandHater Says:

    Now, i stopped reading the messages about 1/3 down. I just got into this series and i am obsessed with it in the most UNHEALTHY way.
    Twilight: My favorite book so far
    New Moon: 😦 neah…too sad
    Eclipse: OMG

    Jacob: love him and hate him. c’mon, he was there to comfort her while he was gone. and no matter how much stephenie describes how beautiful the cullens are especially edward, it sounds to me like jake is really hot for a “human” and i’d let him make me “sweat” any time. But for pete’s sake, back off a little! Edward is back and he only left for her sake (at least that’s what he thought). But we should also consider the fact that he’s barely over 16 yrs old. Most boys at this age are immature ( although not as immature as the other boys from the school).

    Edward: I’d let him bite me any time..OH BABY, OH BABY! Has anyone made a copy of page uh…186 in Eclipse and framed it yet? haha.
    but he does need to stop being soo overprotective. I understand his reasoning but can he take a couple of steps back? he is such a goodhearted person ( vampire rather) so who could ever refuse him

    Bella: c’mon now! enough with the low self esteem. yes he is gorgeous, but she is too. she got everybody daydreaming about her on the first day of school. I hope she forgets about jacob even though he isn’t such a bad guy.

    My hopes for Breaking Dawn:
    Happily Ever After Ending, please!!! i don’t want anybody to die. not even jake.

    PS: I apologize for writing so much. It was not my intention so I’m stoping now.


  147. Hey i skipped most of the comments so dont get mad if I repeat something hudreds of people have already said lol. Pretty funny review lol. Just in case someone HASNT read the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, Jacob DOES go away, and Bella of course is worried about him. They DO get married for sure cause Mrs. Meyer wouldnt disapoint us, and I highly doubt Jacob is going to imprint on anybody while running away from, well, humanity, so sorry any Jacob fans. I got a real-life Bella situation only in this case both the werewolf and vampire are HOT, but I’m not here to talk about THAT, but its a tough dilima. If anyone has some SERIOUS answers please email me them at btw, TWILIGHT ROCKS!!

  148. I recently finished the first three of the series so I know Im a little late joining in on the fun. But I’m here NOW!

    Im super stoked for the Breaking Dawn release. Even though it is only about 3 weeks away, I am biding my time by doing as much research and viewing others opinions on the series.

    Well here’s my opinion for anyone who is interested:

    *I love both Edwards and Jacobs character’s, but Edward was the first to be introduced and everything about him from his personality to his body and to his mind is incredibly intruiging, and not to mention sexy 🙂
    *In Jacob’s defense, he was Bella’s sunshine when she was hurt and the second love of her life. If she were to chose him over Edward, (thank goodness she didn’t) she would have a semi-normal life (although “normal” is so overrated), she could have children, and still be apart of Charlie and Renee’s life.
    *Everyone is so excited about them having sex, which I’m not going to lie I am too, but people seem to be forgetting that they are meerly going to TRY, who knows how thats going to turn out.
    *In a perfect universe, Bella will Marry Edward, have sex, go to Dartmouth for awhile (just for the whole experiance thing), and then become a vampire. This way she doesn’t get to old, yet her and Edward cen live in eternity happily and utterly in love. Although the one downside to her becoming a vampire is the fact that he wont get to feel her warmth, hear her erratic heart beat when he touches her, and see her cheeks flush, which he also likes alot.
    Oh well you win some you lose some.

    So thats pretty much my opinion. And I just have to say, I have never been this thoughtful or attached to any other series besides Harry Potter, which I also love 🙂

  149. Mrs. Jacqui- Edward Cullen Says:

    OKay sereiously Bella needs to work better at the seduscing thing. AND as much as i LOVE Edward he needs to just Do it!.. and yes i meant that literally Pun intended. He and bella need to do it! theyy need the sex, i mean who wouldn’t want a man so dedicated to showing that he loves you purely on your thoughts but come on. a sexi beast like edward (beast-no pun intended there) i don’t know if id ever give up trying. I HOPE that he just has sex with her alreadyy!!!!!! erg!
    And haha i was lmfao when you wrote:
    “superpowered penis’s that grow to the size of baseball bats.”
    cuz i was wondering wat his size would beee??!!! lmao!

  150. Steph Black Says:

    i love jacob.
    enough with the jacob hate.
    yes edward is adorable.. and yes hot. but he’s not bella’s, its wrong for vampires to love humans. he is more dangerous to her than jacob. plus she has to turn into a vampire to be with him. WHY? no other vampire has changed for choice. she would miss her lifes experiences. its her first love. everyone knows these dont work out.
    edward is tooo over protective. and he’s like 100. she would have to hide, and struggle as a vampire. she has to be carefull with edward, but with jacob it is efortless.
    Everyone needs to read new moon again to realise how good jacob is.
    everyone is in shock after edward leaves, and reads it as fast as they can not taking in jacob till edward comes back.

    jacob would be good for her, he can protect her just as easily as edward without worrying about biting her. plus they can grow up togther, have kids together, a family and be human together. she wont hurt her friends and family. . plus jacob is hot as well. with an awesome body and built in tan.

    jacob forever.
    thanks for keeping him in Stephenie!

  151. EqualOpLoverandHater Says:

    oh would you just read Breaking Dawn already! enough with the hate. Steph Black, you’re forgetting what’s beautiful about writing fiction. the fact that he is dangerous makes him more attractive. it’s fiction for pete’s sake! not real life! Neither edward or Jacob have done anything wrong. do you honestly think this series would be worth reading if she ends up with Jacob (even though he’s ALSO a good guy)?

  152. OMG
    i love edward cullen he sounds sooooooooooo hot.
    i hate it when i can’t read the book because i have to do something
    its so hard not to think of him.

    i hate jake black u ppl are right he needs to get out of the way
    with bella and edward!!!!!!!
    but i’m almost done with the book but one question if someone will tell me
    does she turn into a vampire?
    but i love her books they are so good i could read the all a 100 times
    over again!

    but jake needs to get the hell out of the way
    my mom likes jake better than edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Mrs. Melly Cullen Says:

    Edward Cullen is all mine. If he was real… OMG i have no idea what i would do. to bad he isn’t. I am so on team edward!! team jacob needs to get a grip cause jacob sucks. i would like him if he was just friends with bella but no he has to make everything all screwed up and get between bella and edward. those two were totally meant for each other. actually me and edward were meant for each other.

    why would you want to know if bella is turned into a vampire??? why don’t you just read it and find out yourself. isn’t that kind of a spoiler to ask and find out stuff before you read it?

    Breaking dawn is definately the best book out of the whole series. but why does it have to be the end. why can’t stephenie be like j. k rowling and write seven books in the series??? she’s torturing us here by ending the story with only four books. yes i know midnight sun is coming out but we all know what happens in it because it’s twilight again just from edward’s point of view. it’ll be a little different but most of the scenes will be the same. Please please please stephenie don’t end the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. mrs. melly cullen

    a girl can be curious can’t she?
    be side my sister told me a lot of stuff that goes on in the book!

    your not mrs.cullen, but you keep dreamin.

    well i’m on the third book and my sister is on the 4th book
    i ask the questions she answeres!

    well i love edward cullen more than uuuuuuuuuuu

    melly because u can’t be mrs. cullen


  155. o my gosh i am almost done with breaking dawn
    and it is the best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    i’m almost done too!!!!

    i agree with u i_love_edward_cullen, it IS the best book eveer!!!

    perfect boyfriend is he much?! squeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  157. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    … it would be awesome to be a vampire… 😀

  158. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    i finished the 4th book!!!!!!

    best book EVER!!!!

    I’m happy with the ending 😀

  159. hey i am 11 and finish all 4 book in 2 weeks

  160. omg i finished like a week ago but i wish i could have edward all to my
    self. gee i wish he could be really but i like the guy who
    is playing his carracter in the movie which i want to see so bad

  161. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    the movie wont be as good as the series, BUT, still… IT’S EDWARD!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON

  162. oh my edward! im obsessed with edward he is so hot!! i hate jacob he suckss but hes hot in the movie. and yes bella and edward do have sexx!:P

  163. Mrs. Melly Cullen Says:

    sorry if i offended you or something by asking that question. i was just curious on why you would wanna know that before you read it. i didn’t want to make you mad or anything.

    OMG!!!!!!! I cannot wait until the movie comes out!!!!! I am soooo EXCITED!!!!!!!! Breaking Dawn is by far the best book in the series. It took me like a week to finish it though cause i didn’t want it to end so i tried to make it last longer. but i am so happy with what happened in the end. when i was reading about the fight in the end i was like that’s kind of a stupid way to have the fight end but once i thought about it i was happy it ended that way. everything just fell into place in the end. i really wish this wasn’t the end of the series but who knows… maybe stephenie will think about writing another one sometime. hopefully.

  164. Mrs. Melly Cullen Says:

    I have a question. I know that a lot of people were really dissapointed when they found out that rob pattinson was gonna play edward. well it’s been quite a while since then and i was just wondering if people still thought that way or if he’s grown on you guys?? me personally he has grown on me sooo much. i think he’s perfect now. he is gorgeous and totally vampire material. so post messages on what you think of him now. i’m curious to know.

  165. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    Edward is the best.

    perfect boyfriend/husband material 😀

  166. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    hmm, when does the movie come out?


  167. Mrs. Melly Cullen Says:

    edward is definately the best!!!! i would so go out with him if he was real, but sadly he’s not 😦 but the movie comes out on november 23rd and i am extremely excited. i cannot wait!!!!

  168. Mrs. Melly Cullen Says:

    scratch the 23rd. it comes out the 21st

  169. Dark Angel Cullen Says:


    yay!!! 😀

    why can’t guys in real life be as perfect as Edward???!!!
    it’s not fair, there’s not that many… 😦

  170. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    hmmm, yet again, where are all of Edward’s fans????

    EDWARD 4EVA!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D ^-^

  171. The real Mrs Cullen! Says:

    OMG theres a forth one now i thought their was only three lol
    I’m only after finishing Twilight so i have a loooooong way to go, some people on here spoiled it for me but oh well i’ll read the next three and then i’ll have a proper opinion on it. I hope Bella and Jacob don’t end up together i know they kiss in Eclipse but that better be all!
    I’m totally in love with Edward he is like my dream man and is THE sex! I hope i find a guy like him one day *dreams* can’t wait for the movie too! Robert Pattison is soooo hot couldn’t picture a better guy to play Edward (:
    Btw does Bella and Edward have sex? Just wondering 😉 It should be…steamy!

  172. Well i am starting to read twilight and Bella and Edward do have sex, but she ends up with LOTS of bruses and coved in feather because edward bites into the pillow and it kinda explodes…they also get married and go on a honey moon to Island Esme… Bella might have a baby cas aEdward can make bella pregnent but he cant make another vampire pregent.. my freind told me that they wanted a child first before bella comes a vampire i’m not sure if thats true though???

  173. omg I loved the second book. But the first wat better. I hope that they do have sex. I will LOVE the third

  174. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    the 4th’s my fave, YAY

    sooooo good 😀

  175. i think eclipse was soooooo much better than new moon!
    it was awsome and i cant wait to read the last book and see the movie 🙂


  177. Suddenly_obsessed_with_Edward Says:

    LOL about the being pregnant in the last bk. im still reading the 3d book but seriously…

    okay so the whole headline thing, im gonna attack it.
    “Will bella and edward have sex”

    more like how the HECk did they??? u noe. with the whole human reproductive system dude, the male needs teh blood!1! i refuse to go into it! but dear edward needs blood to “do it”

    ANYWHO i like edward i dont like jacob much… but i spose im still only 1 chapter into Eclipse…

    so what have they each got goin for them?

    Edward: shiney SHINEEeeyy skin
    Jacob: hairy HAIRY skin
    Edward: in-built anti-aging stuffs
    Jacob: Age away baby!
    Edward: maturity-102 or seomthing
    Jacob: Hes pretty nieve.. and i dont like younger guys, spesh 2 yrs younger ew…but hes apparenlty like what a 32 yr old??
    Edward: 100% eau de perfume
    Jacob: 100% wet dog
    Edward: Loving regardless of mortal feud with Bella’s ex-bestie
    Jacob: refuses to do just be friends inspite of bellas bf what a loser
    Edward: cold ( good as an icepack in summer)
    Jacob: Hot (good in winter in place of a hot water bottle)
    Edward: eds been alive for a long time, hes finally found Bella
    Jacob: hes only been alive for 16 yrs he got plenny of time to find a wifey

    uhh thats all i can come up with atm

  178. Suddenly_obsessed_with_Edward Says:

    i also think Bellas not into marrying edward coz of her dad and mum splittin up.. she doesnt want that to happen for her and him i reckons

  179. Edwars is shweet!!!! ive fallen in love! and yes they will have sex and have a baby

  180. bella loves edward/
    foreal<would you want airconditioning (edward) or a heater (jacob)
    GO EDWARD!!!!




  183. this is the best book ever and everyone should read it and i cant wait till it is a movie

  184. I think that Edward has overly sized ugly cheek bones.

  185. But i must admit Steph (I just call her Steph cause shes my stepdads cousin)made a great book thats worth reading.My stepdad is quite proud of his cousin for making the fine book.I love 23

  186. what do you care Says:

    6 year olds go on this websites. the last thing their parents want them to see is the ? do Bella and Edward have it(sex)
    . so what r u doing putting it up on the internet when every one can come across it.

    p.s i love the book eclipse.

    p.s.s this is not the last time u hear from me. let next time not be in court

  187. what do you care Says:

    dear suddenly_obsest_with_Edward
    way to rugn the last book u ass. that is so mean for people who are only on the 2nd book

  188. what do you care Says:

    onc she says i do there is no turning back. she wil have to become a vampire because of the roliy amily u idiot. but i do agree becuse

  189. what do you care Says:

    lol brb wtf i cant

  190. what do you care Says:

    i think that the person that plays edward Robert is a better acter in Harry Potter as Sedric Diggerey and alice has to take a homongus chill pill shes to hiper when roslilna is pist. the rooned the scene in the forest

  191. Omg Just for this website I’m going to tell you guys a little secret.. In real life I do love Edward!!! <33
    I’d wish in the movie we had real real sex ahhhh! That will be hot to see him naked I was ssooo freaked when we kissed I. Was like ohhhhhh myyy gooodd
    I almost fainted because your heart and lips will melt !! He Sooo sweet and veryyyy hottt ! I wanna kiss him again hey!! Let’s make a new movie with him and me hahaha really when you guys see him kisses him make out with him….. Wait stay AwAY !!! From Edward!!!!!:).. Really stay away!!!!!!

    Grrrrrr … My hottie Edward not yours!!!!…

    • Mrs. Aslynne Cullen Says:

      Wow, wat a confession. ur rite bout edward he is rly hot but just for the record, he is not ur man ok. he’s mine!

  192. EdwardCullen’sMyGuy
    EdwardCullen IsTheDaddy!


  193. Ok first of all they do it in the last book because they have a baby and it is a girl and I LOVE THE BOOKS I HAVE READ THEM ALL I CAN”T WAIT FOR NEW MOON,ECLIPSE,AND BREAKING DAWN TO BE MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND EDWARD CULLEN IS MY MAN!!!!!!!! OKAY GET IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. edward and bella DO have sex;; you have to read BREAKING DAWN;;


  196. i sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooo love EDWARD HE IS SOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND JACOB REALLY SHOULD LEAVE HER ALONE!

  197. i love that book it is so good

  198. and edward is so sexy

  199. Bella and edward do have sex twice and they have a half vamp baby that almost kills bells then bella turns into a vampire

  200. alli cullen Says:

    To Lana: okay, i do agree with what you said.i mean, whats the big deal? It wont even matter if they dont have “it”. okay, maybe it will, but, anyway, to that bitc* who told jennie that edwar would more likely date her, your so rude! one time i met robert pattinson, at burksley, and he said that bella, or Krissten Stewarrt off set is his life, an he said the “intamate” scenes are very neervous to him, but in a certain way, he said that he forgot he was on a set, and was making love with bella, but he felt comfortable having sexual intercourse with her. he thught it as they really were bf and gf! p.s.alli is my actual name, and seriosly, cullen is my last name, so dont go aroun sayong i just did that so it could look like we were married. but really, thats my name.

  201. This is a very stong book and i loved the twilight movie.

  202. OK, I haven’t read but a few excepts from the books, but WOW!! Thanks for answering the question that’s been on every one’s mind. I think it is interesting, especially in this day and age, that she would have the characters wait until they get married. Considering that Edward was just seventeen when he was vampted, cause back in those days you definitely didn’t get the opportunity to… ya know, do the deed. So he’s been waiting like.. for a 100 years give or take. I like both Edward and Bella, but let’s face it you have to have a Jacob! I mean who wouldn’t like to have two extremely HOT guys fight for your affection. Jacob adds a little spice to the plot. I mean for Bellas advantage, cause nothing gets a guy going more than competition. It’s a little nudge to Edward to seal the deal! As for Bellas weak character: She’s a teen!!!…. making decisions at that age is hard, especially about love… cause to her it’s not just til’death do us part ,it’s eternity!!!!

  203. My friends said that Bella might do it in the third or fourth book! But now I know the answer to my petulant question! Thanx!!!! ;D

  204. I have a question can you get Prgnant by a Vampire like Edward and what would happed If you did?

  205. i agree with everyone edward is the hoties out of all the men on twilight and well he dosent look very cute in new moon but i still want to marry him he is sooooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot i cant wait tell new moon and i cant wait to see eclipse eather because dose bella and edward really do it or are people just making that up well i guess we are just ganna have to wait and see?????????????????????????????????

  206. and did you know i think they do have sex because everyone at my school say they do and edward has to bight her because the baby vampire is eating the inside of her so that is what everyone says but i dont know if it is really true????????????????????

  207. umm who would like jacob he wont leave bella alone he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly and who would like him the only guy i like on twilight and new moon is edward because he is the hotties out of all of the guys so ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  208. yes edward and bella do have sex in the water but they move it to the bed and it gets bissy there and did you know i had a dream about that and that is how i know i mean i am haveing dreams about new moon and eclipse and i cant stop thinking about both movies i want new moon to come out today and eclipse to come out tomarow but that isent going to happen i just have to wait untell december 20 to see the movie and it sucks i want to see it KNOW KNOW I SAY KNOW

  209. I think New moon is really fantastic! OK, Bella was unhappy and shocked in New Moon but I want to see Volterra and Volturies

  210. Hahah veryy funnyy

  211. i l0ve twillight babyy oh yeahh

  212. Nightmare Says:

    I agree with the statement above. I don’t really like Jacob, I wish he would leave Bella and Edward alone. I mean, ahsn’t he realized that she is gonna stop loving him in Breaking dawn? Like c’mon!!! Seriously,it’s anoying. I hate how Bella is horrified by the idea of marrige, wasn’t she the one to ask about it in Twilight? And Edward the one that was horrified? I mean go down the isle, say I do,kiss,her the adience clear they’re throuts so they stop, see Jecob and kick his ass.The finally go on they’re honey moon and she gets what she wants. Happy? All I’msaying is true. I’m a HUMONGEST fan of fan of The Twilight saga, and hell yes you should read it. I can’t blame Bella for wanting to have sex with Edward,I mean,look at him.We all know he’s super hot. Imagine his body….W-o-w. I like Eclipse better then New moon but,New moonhas something tht is better:Bella and Jacob are not in love.Yet. I’m usually a very serious person that doesn’t laugh and has a dead look on her face always but, when I read the saga, I laughed forthe first time since the end of my life. My pain eased.

  213. Mrs. Ashlynne Cullen Says:

    i cant wait 4 renesmee to come! And i cant believe it, bella rly does turn into a vampire!

  214. i love the idea of jacob black and bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  215. soler ceballos Says:

    i hope bella and jake stay 2gether, cause edward left bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!! although hes very romantic and deadly inlove with her.
    but i still prefer jake!!!!
    i adore hes muscles!!! he looks so hooooottttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. twilightgirl441 Says:

    i’ve red the 4th book and Bella and Edward do get married and they do have sex and she gets pregnent and they have a baby girl her name is renesme i love the book so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  217. Haha, You guys are amazing. >:DD
    I love Edward and Jacob their both hawt. Bellaa wants to have sex wiff him i think their going to have 36 kids lol. One question, How can Vampires have sex their kinda dead? One more, How does Vampires have sperm its clearly impossible to me O.O ?
    I am on Breaking Dawn its really SEXY!! Bella better back off my man Bitch >.<

  218. I Love Shane Dawson Too!! x3

  219. sara there is no way for them to have 2 kids because she just has the one then she turns into a vampire and girl vampires cant have kids thats why rosalie is soo mean and protective in the last book because of the baby. i love the twilight saga i have read each book at least nine times and i started reading them back in may. cant wait for november 20th when new moon comes out in theaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  220. kia bella ki shadi hojayegi edward ke sath?

  221. i love my jan edward thz mvie iss outclaass superbbb umah

  222. kya edward mere jzbton ko samjh payega coz i,love u soooooooooooo, mch my jan edward

  223. i think these books are great. but i don’t understand why bella is reluctant to marry edward. i mean he’s smart, hot, nice, brave, good, and sweet.

  224. i think these books are cool, i like the books. but i think Breaking Dawn wouldn’t really be good for children to read because there are some how you say, “unsutible” for children… but overal i love the books. 🙂


  226. I think they do hav sex!! Iv read the books!!!! they where awsome!!!!!! i cant wait 4 the movie to come out!!!!

  227. Im reading the books and watchedd all the movie tht are out soo far bella and edward better get marriedd and have kids and i hope she becomes a vampire and who cares bout jacob even tho he is sooo hot!!! Bella and Edward lookk WAYY better together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  228. I LOVE EDWARD ND JACOB BUT ALL YALL BITCHES DAT BE HATIN ON HIM KEEP YALL WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. rebekah Says:

    I am on team Jward (my bffl and I mayed up this to mean team Jacub and team Edward) cause they are both super hot and they are both good for bella. But I need some people to agree with me on somthing inportant to all twilight mega fans like me. So tell me: don’t ya’ll thank that it is so stupid that they make us suffer like this by making the movies so long from now?????!!!!!!! Please post a comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. Brittney Says:

    Omq I loved this book. Im soo happy she chose Edward too. I could never feel feel that great connection with Jacob like she did with Edward. And yes yes I know, he left her but with good reason. Even Jacob couldnt really argue with that becuase he left to protect Bella which is the same thing Jacob is trying to do. But Jacob is cool too when he is not being a jerk.

  231. I think they should have kids in this movie ,because it would be more exiting seeing if their babies make it through there half vampire and half human life.but i can wait.

  232. Will they make all the books of the twilight seeries into movies?? i want them 2 but there r so many books!!!

  233. i LOVE ECLIPSE!!!!!!!!!

  234. Natalie VITO Says:

    actually i think bella should be with Jacob i mean hes way hotter and he protects Bella unlike Edward well i mean he does protect her just him being a vampire makes him ALOT creepier i mean we all dont want to die but you have to die so new ppl can be alive and being a vampire is weird creepy and not to be offenseive to ppl who are too obessed with Edward,but STUPID!! everyone Jacob cares more about Bella knows more about her and cares about her safley and EDWARD thoguht she was dead!!! why would a real boyfriend even think your dead!!

    • Brittney Says:

      Well actually he only thought she was dead because it was Jacob who implied it when Edward had called. And you make it seem like Edward wanted her to become a vampire. I remeber he was the first person to tell her what she was getting into. And of course Edward cares about her safety that is why he left in New Moon, but it seems like people will always blame him for either leaving her or being with her. And how does Jacob care more about her? It seems to me that him and Jacob were on the same page about her staying human and wanting to protect her and all that other good stuff. And about that whole dying thing I mean come on, its just a book.

  235. Natalie VITO Says:

    oh i didnt get that part in the movie but i still think she belongs with Jacob and i know its just a book and its not a real just trying to point out my opinion,sorry my opinion was so WRONG to you!!:@

    • Brittney Says:

      No, I didnt feel like your opinion is wrong. I could never blame someone for the way they feel. I was just pointing out the parts that I thought was wrong , not the whole opinion altogether. If that makes any sense. Sorry if it came off that way.

  236. NatalieVITO Says:

    okay,well i think your really nice. unlike some ppl on here some ppl on here say really bad words and they scare me !

    • Brittney Says:

      I know what you mean. I was on another website and was practically attacked for saying how I felt. But most of the stuff people were saying made me laugh because they were being so immature about.

  237. Yay ! I loved this book too. I was happy when Bella chose Edward, they belong together. I mean Jacob is sweet too but what would be the point of being with someone and having a life when your going to be so unhappy. That makes no sense to me. Jacob diserves someone who could love him with all their heart.

    And all I keep hearing people say is that she can have a normal life with Jacob and he can protect her too and yadda-yadda-yadda. Im pretty Bella was aware of that because any other human could give her the same thing ( well maybe not good enough protection) but even from the begining she chose Edward.

    That is probably the reason Im Team Edward. Even though he cant give her all those human things, she still loves him unconditionally. His love enough to keep her happy and I think that is very sweet. Love like that is so extraordinary I feel like it doesnt exist except in fictional books. Im glad she chose the extraordianary over the ordinary. Because of all the things that is so simple in life, love shouldnt be one of them. Bella would have been a fool to give up love like that. I mean it is just a book so why not? Why not chose that fairytale love. At least thats what its all about to me.

  238. the collens and the werewolves came together to fight the bad vampires and jacob had gott hurt but he didnt die he got a cast and edward was pertecting bella from victorya and she died not bella victorya edward bit her in the neck and riped her head off then he sett her on fire so jacob was all sweddey when he was at home cuz he had a high tempicher

  239. jacob he gott hurt in his chest cuz of the stuped evil vampire and sam pual jared and embry picted him up and take him to the house thats were one of the collens gave him a cast

  240. what ever you say i just want so have sex with edward and jacup

  241. rebekah Says:

    OMG! I just got finished readin every single book in the twilight saga 3 times!!! iwas doin this for two and a half years!!!!!

  242. i reallyyy hated bella in eclipse she bothered me a lot
    the greatest thing about twilight was how much love edward and bella shared and the idea of here liking and kissing jacob made me so angryy
    i hated eclipse because of that
    bella should not have doubts about edward. their love was like the most beautiful thing that made all the girls fall in love with the serie the rest was awsome edward SOME PEACE OF CHOCOLATE CAKE YUMMYYYY!!!!

  243. i hate jacob he should step aside the way he looks and everything just makes him disgusting!! i have no idea how bella kissed him

  244. I agree with you Sara I think jacod should just step away.

  245. I hate jac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  246. Eylül Sıla Says:

    bella and edward dear?

  247. i really think bella and edward did have a baby in Breaking Dawn

  248. Dear mrs. Cullen,

    i really hope i get talk to you on here i hope i get a e-mail from you so we can talk to each other’s sometime ‘s. thank you for reading my e-mail.

    Cierra King

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