Birthday Books

So, I took everyone’s advice and bought a few books for myself as a birthday present.  I even bought myself a card and signed it,

Dear Sheri,

I can’t believe you are 34!  You still look like you did when you were 24.  I can’t believe how good you look, whoa.  I think you should treat yourself to a bunch of fattening cajun food and lots of beer to celebrate this special day, and feel free to drag this behavior on for at least a couple of weeks.  I hope you enjoy the books I got you for your birthday.  I know you love books, so I bought ya some books.  Go figure.  Enjoy!

Love you,

your greatness inspires me,

Your Pal – Sheri

See what a good friend I am to myself!

SO…I went to a little independent bookstore called Omega Books in my area.  It’s an OK litte place.  I go straight to the used books because the new books there are all mass market and all of the good trade paperback books are in the used section.  So here’s the booty:

On Beauty – Zadie Smith

The Highest Tide – Jim Lynch

The Inheritance of Loss – Kiran Desai

Perfume, The story of a murder – Patrick Suskind

Grand Total = $20.24  Not bad.


10 Responses to “Birthday Books”

  1. Muahaha! I think everyone should give such a gift to themselves on their birthday, complete with such an awesome card. *grin*

  2. Hey, I could have written that same letter to myself, only two months ago. Happy birthday! Enjoy your purchases!

  3. What a cute post! You made me smile. 🙂 Happy Reading the loot!

  4. That’s so adorable. I think I’m going to do that for myself for my birthday. 🙂

  5. Nice list — not bad at all!

  6. Happy belated Birthday!

    I do that too, buy myself books for my birthday. I’m the only one who will! LOL Good list!

  7. What a great idea! I think I’ll do that for my birthday too, which is coming up soon. I could actually just print out your note to yourself without changing a thing! Haha

  8. Happy belated — congrats on your new birthday books! I just acquired a copy of On Beauty myself — it looks great, doesn’t it?

  9. Hahahah, love it and may steal the idea when my 34th (gulp!) birthday comes up.

    Looks like you lucked into some great finds at Omega! I snagged a copy of Perfume at PTC Library’s book sale a few weeks ago – looks good.

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