The Wait Is Over! Get your copy of Stephenie Meyer’s Eclipse TODAY!!!

Wow. So, today is the day. Eclipse is available in stores today. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. So, stop reading this peeps, and go get it!

Also, Borders book club has a video feature on Stephenie Meyer called Danger of Love on the entire Twilight phenonmenon. It’s a MUST CLICK for all Twilight fans featuring segmented interviews with Stephenie Meyer and these are some of the topics:

The Evolution of Twilight

Edward Vs. Jacob – You know you have to choose sides!

Vampire’s vs. Werewolves – Pa-leease, Vampire’s rule

Voltaire, Italy

What Happens NEXT – Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Eclipse Internet Connections – Cool

Her writing style – Love hearing her talk about this.

Bella’s blood – Yummy.

Her writing style

and other really cool stuff.

Truth be told, I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but I CAN’T WAIT!!!

I’ll be updating my blog as I find new cool stuff and info regarding Eclipse. So, check in often!

I get so many hits, and comments from Twilight fans, that I felt compelled to start a discussion thread about it in the books section of a message board I frequent.  Click here to start the discussion.  You will have to register to post, but its painless so go for it.

If enough people start posting I’m sure we could put in a request for a seperate Twilight Forum at some point.

I’m waiting!


18 Responses to “The Wait Is Over! Get your copy of Stephenie Meyer’s Eclipse TODAY!!!”

  1. Ooh thanks for the Borders link. I will definitely be spending some time there 🙂
    I pre-ordered my book and I got an email yesterday saying it had shipped. Yay.

  2. Jeannine Says:

    I just went on my lunch break ab bought it. I was happy to see that it was over 600 pages. Better take my time reading because we have to wait a year for the next one! I absoluty cannot wait to start reading tonight. I am going to have a hard time sitting through my staff meeting today while daydreaming about yummy Edward!

  3. 600 pages!! WHOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jeannine Says:

    Someone please tell me you started reading it. I HAVE to talk about it to someone.

  5. Oh God. I haven’t, I took Owen to Six flag water park today and I haevn’t made it to the bookstore.

    Please tell me its not Jacob heavy…

  6. I think I’m going to spend a couple hours hanging out at B&N tomorrow night (while hubby goes to see a sneak preview of Superbad), so I’ll be able to pick up a copy and start reading it then. Can’t wait! I hope it’s worth the wait – can anyone verify yet?

  7. I finished reading the book and I thought it was great but still I feel Twilight was the best book I ever read by her still and I still don’t like how Bella had some feelings for Jacob. I can’t wait till she have her next book out.

  8. I finished it this weekend. It was great! What a rollercoaster ride. I have a new view of Jacob though I still don’t like him all that much. It has to be hard being in love with someone you cant have. It’s going to be a long year waiting on the 4th book.
    Anyone else finished it yet?

  9. I just got it like 5 seconds ago. Tonight I will read!

  10. Eclipse was good but it was not to what I was excpecting. I really hoped that Stephen Meyer would have stopped dragging on the book and let Bella become a vampire for 3?! novels. There was so much drama in the book that I didn’t like it because Bella was so stressed out in the book. Honestly I hated that Bella kept going to Jacob knowing good and well he wanted to be more then friends and she didn’t. It honestly made the things worst like it did in the end. But I think on her next book she might have Jacob come back because I remember in the book that when the werewolves calm down in there staging they start back growing in there age and turn back human again I think. Anyways I think she will put him back in the book and I also wish that she didn’t have Jacob and the pack in it so much I only care about the Cullens. I was also was so mad when bella kissed Jacob and how she kept flirting with him sometimes just to make him happy I wish she hadn’t put it in the book I was totally pissied off like what were you thinking Edward is perfect and sexy like it said in Twilight. Plus Edward was always was always with her till New Moon and the reason he left was a good reason to me and he treated her really good in Eclispe. Well I still think that Twilight was her best book because you can read that book over and over with out getting bored of it then Ecplise and then New Moon. I can’t wait till her next book. I hope she stop dragging on Bella becoming a vampire. I also wish that the end would be perfect but better then Twilight and make it less drama and not that much commotion and trying to make people happy . I just hope on her next book Edward and Bella could live a perfect life like vampires and have a happy ending.

  11. I can’t read nayone’s comments right now because I’ve just barely started the book and I’m scared of SPOILIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will chat with you all in a couple of days ehn I’m done.

  12. I meant three novels in my message she dragged on of Bella becoming a vampire though its a good book and I hope her next book she get its.

  13. i love all three of the books in this series i think they all should become movie i really wish there was some way for them to become a movie.

  14. I loved Eclipse. I can’t wait untill the 4th one comes out. I hope its really long, cause’ then it will take a while to read, and i wonted finish it too fast and then be sad that its done. XD

    Anywyas I loved it, so much drama, but i think she made the right choice, like she said, she couldnt live with out Edward, and if she choose Jacob, then I think she might never get over Edward and be depressed for a long time after she left him, No matter how sweet Jacob is.
    Thats just my opinion 😀

    Thanks! XXXX

  15. Ohh and by the way, they are becoming a movie, or atleast Twilight is. It’s comeing out in 2010 I think <33

  16. It can’t be 2010…that is so far away! 😦

  17. this is such a good read 4 anyone!!!!!!! trust me i have read the hole serus it is sooooooooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i can’t wait to read eclipse.
    i hink i’m gonna fall in love with the story..

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