Dear ALA, Please, PLEASE contact Josh Hartnett ASAP!


The American Library Association, in an effort to promote reading, have posters of various celebrities reading books as a part of their Celebrity READ Campaign.  Click here to see all the celebs with their books in hand.  Included are the likes of Orlando Bloom, Kiera Knightly, Shaquille O’Neal, Hillary Swank and Danica Patrick but notably NO Josh Hartnett.  It’s a shame really, what could be better than a poster of Josh Hartnett reading a book, Kerouac perhaps.  Sigh.  I dream of such things.

Coming Soon…Bookie’s photo-shopped version of the Josh Hartnett ALA READ poster.


6 Responses to “Dear ALA, Please, PLEASE contact Josh Hartnett ASAP!”

  1. I have a ridiculous love of these posters. In fact, I bought the Ani Difranco for a good friend of mine and we proudly displayed it in our office when we were working on our Master’s degrees.

  2. Andi – These posters are awesome. Ani DeFranco rules. I love this whole marketing plan, its genius.

  3. These are great – I have a friend who is a huge Alan Rickman fan and a reader – she might buy one of those 🙂

  4. I love these too–someone gave me Harrison Ford, it’s hanging in my basement office. When the Roto-rooter guy was here to clean out the basement drain he caught sight of it, and said, “Hard to believe Indiana’s dating Calista Flockhart.” The poster’s been fun on SO many levels.

    And look at that Ewan poster! I NEED it. Here’s hoping they get a Josh Hartnett one for you soon…

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