Library Loot Part II

I snuck into the school library again today since my TBR pile has become manageable, its time to make it out of control again.  This time I picked up:

What the Dead Know – Laura Lippmann

The Corrections – Jonathan Franzen

American Gods – Neil Gaiman – I’ve never read Gaiman before, I’m both excited and terrified all at once.

I still have The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, an The Haunting of Hill House on my nightstand.

I read A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley on Sunday.  I loved it!  Will blog about it later in the week.


4 Responses to “Library Loot Part II”

  1. They all sound like fun! If you end up not loving American Gods, I’d give Gaiman another chance; his tone is very different in various books.

  2. I just loved American Gods—I look forward to seeing what you think!

  3. Just finished reading The Corrections, and had some mixed feelings about it. Interesting to see what you think.

    This is just to let you know that I’ve tagged you for the “Blogging Tips” meme. Please don’t feel obliged, but I think its quite useful really…

  4. American Gods was my first Gaiman, and I really enjoyed it. However, I have to say, I liked Coraline even more! It’s a great book.

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