Another quiz nails it.

Which Author’s Fiction are You?

Dorothy Parker writes you, you wonderfully urbane, witty boozehound, you.
Take this quiz!

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8 Responses to “Another quiz nails it.”

  1. Jeannine Says:

    I guess i am a little dard. Mine is:
    Anne Rice is writing your life. Go you goth girl, go.

  2. Jeannine Says:

    shit. a little dard??? waht the hell. I meant DARK! sorry.

  3. Ha!! I thought maybe it was a new hip word I hadn’t heard of yet.

  4. I’m Flannery O’connor

  5. Mine said: Flannery O’Connor wrote your book. Not much escapes your notice. (Maybe I should read something by O’Connor to find out if this is true?)

  6. Oh-I heart Dorothy Parker!

    I’ve tagged you for the blogging tips meme. Feel free to play or not play. 🙂 The post describing it is:

  7. I got Jane, which apparently means that I am “extremely aware of the power of a single word.”

    Cute quiz – I wonder how many authors are included?

  8. I’ve got Hemmingway, “Ernest Hemingway penned your novel. Go you studlyman, you.”

    There is a button on the results page that displays all the possible outcomes. I’m quite content with mine.

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