Read the first chapter of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Click here to read the first chapter of Eclipse, the third book in the twilight series. Vampires and Werewloves oh my!

I get so many hits, and comments from Twilight fans, that I felt compelled to start a discussion thread about it in the books section of a message board I frequent.  Click here to start the discussion.  You will have to register to post, but its painless so go for it.

If enough people start posting I’m sure we could put in a request for a seperate Twilight Forum at some point.

I’m waiting!


18 Responses to “Read the first chapter of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer”

  1. Oh, thanks for the link!

  2. brianna Says:

    i want to read it and i dont. what should i do???

  3. THE BOOKS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i love the twilight series! omg, i read twilight and new moon within three days and now i seriously have to read eclipse. edward cullen is like so awesome 🙂 the bad thing is, i can’t get through to read the first chapter of eclipse. it shows that there’s an error loading the link…?

  5. Yeah…the link didn’t work for me. 😦 I LUV UR SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brianna – read it

  7. i sooo love the series…that even in my dreams i still see the characters…lol=p

  8. yah the link didn’t work 4 me either

  9. I have read twilite and new moon i really want to read the others the link workes on the Stephannee mire website to read the first chapteror it did yesterday gurrr please update if anyone finds other links 🙂

  10. the link didnt work but i absolutly looovee all of the books! im reading them for the fifth time this year right now!

  11. the twilight series is fantabulous.after reading it i feel like pata nahi kab kaha se mera bhi koi frnd vampire ya warewolf ban jaye.

  12. omg: ) the books are great,,, but i could not read it the link would not let bot i know that it is going to be great!!!!!

  13. -Beryy(: Says:

    Ohh-emm-gee<3 awesome:D

  14. O.M.G my name is bob nd i just read dah first chapter nd itt was soo cool i read it with my brother bobster nd my best friend bobby nd we gott so happy cus we finally gohtt to read it lol. But seriously its so awesome i evn had to leave a comment wihtt my moms email omg wat if she getts me in trouuble again haha nah dont thinkk soo.. Thnx so much for puttin dah link hehe im soooo haaapppyyy!!!!! Ok nonsense well hi nice to meet yuh im bob mcdonald nd im 16 nd im single nd ready to mingle lol im reallyy sexyy im bi sooo email meh in my moms email nonsense wihtt my ramblin gohtta go before mye mom gehtts me in trouble buh-bye soo email meh sexiess :p

  15. ohh yeahhh itts meh bob mcdonald again nd ii just came baaakk to put my sexyys mom email it is or text meh hunnys in dee diigits 831-613-3172 okkaayyy bye boi buhaha am soo sexiiiie(:

  16. All of yu guys are a bunch of crap daht have noo life so yu read stuwpid books get a life fuhkers especially yu bob mcdonald cus i text yu nd yu didnt text bakk:( anyways yu bitches get a motha fuhken life nd instead go play in dah swings or dah slide

  17. Says:

    shuddup fuken bob yuhr a dumb ass enyways ii rewly lovee twilight! Woo! go edward! team edward four life even tho jacobs Hawt!! so yea gooo edwaarddd PS ii luv bery eh jk ii love marcoroni no duh :] jk bery yuhll always be in dah little piece at da bottom of my heart next two my love for buttscraacheerss

  18. me gustan los chikos Says:

    to blueberry
    yum! yuhr sucha sexii taco!;)

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