8 Things Meme

1.  I was adopted at 6 weeks old.  So was my little brother.  We are 12 years apart.

2.  I do not like ice cream.  For the record I’m not much into frozen stuff.

3.  I have 2 boys, Owen who is 7 and Jackson who is 3.  I love them.  They complete me.

4.  New York City is may favorite place on the planet.

5.  I have a huge severe 16 year old like crush on Josh Hartnett

6.  My favorite band in the whole wide world is the Counting Crows.  I love them.

7.   I enjoy beer.  Too much.

8.  I am currently completely and utterly bored with my job.

OK,  I know I kept that kind of shallow but I’m in a hurry.  BYE!


7 Responses to “8 Things Meme”

  1. I really like the name Owen and LOVE ice cold beer!

  2. Beer, yes. Bored, yes. I can relate.

    Oh, do you really think a crush on Josh Hartnett is SHALLOW? 🙂

  3. Oh, amen to the totally bored at your job thing. Also, have you seen this Pearls and Swine comic about (kind of) beer? I love it…and, oh yes, beer, as well.

  4. Thanks Steph!

    LK – Well, the crush itself is not shallow, it is quite deep if you must know(she blushes). But I meant, Josh Hartnett as opposed to my philosophies on Carl Young’s theory of Synchronicity.

    Nonanon – Pearls and Swine! That was great! Finally, someone gets me.

  5. I see cutouts of the PS strip at a local indie coffee shop, too – very funny (although they are about coffee, not beer)

    I wish I didn’t like ice cream! Or chocolate for that matter.

  6. Mmmm, beer. I love beer. Too much, like you. In fact, I’m drinking beer now. Heineken, to be exact. Damn, I’m going to have a headache in a few hours. Why does Heineken do this? And why do I not learn?

    Yeah, I love beer WAY too much.

  7. Brandon, I feel you. Beer is a very good thing. A very, very good thing. Try Corona, its sorta similar to Heineken and may not give you a headache. Plus, the lime in it could count as part of your daily fruit intake.

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