Beach Reads – What do you require. Part 2

In part one of this fine series, I discussed the things you do NOT want in a beach read: Hardcovers, books that make you wanna slit your wrists, books that make you think too hard, and books that are the equivalent of crack cocaine for the brain.

Now in part two, I will discuss things you DO want in a beach read. Ready? Good.

1. A Little Suspense– There are alot of distractions at the beach.

A. It’s a lollapalooza of people watching: families screaming at one another, fat guys in man thongs, girls wearing dental floss, babies eating sand etc..

B. As a parent you have obvious responsibilities like making sure your children don’t perish in the sea during the family vacay.   Applying and re-applying sunblock 75spf every 4 seconds so that no one gets 3rd degree burns.  Combating dehydration by having an endless supply of water bottles, ice-pops, and Capri-sun and a little “mommy juice” for yourself.   You are also on official shark watch at all times. Therefore, your beach read must have suspense, something to keep you hooked so that when are distracted and interrupted for the 447th time in 30 minutes, you still have the desire to go on and not throw in the towel resigning yourself to being stalked by your children all day long.

2. A Little Romance – Yea I said it. I like a little romance in my beach read. Now before you go about promptly removing me form your blogrolls, keep in mind I did not say I liked Romance Novels, just books with a little love interest. Since I’m on a roll, I might as well go ahead and say it. Chick Lit is OK for the beach. I mean, if you’re a guy its a little weird (but still OK), but I say go for it. Lemme just go ahead and plug (again) my favorite chick lit books. Something Borrowed, and Something Blue by Emily Giffin. Read em peeps (I’m talkin to you, Michelle and Jeannine) you won’t be disappointed. They are perfect beach reads, in my not so humble opinion.

3. Choosing books that won’t make you cry when they come back from the beach lookin like they’ve been drowned in salt water and dragged behind a truck in the desert.

OK. So, Now I will reveal the first 2 out of seven books I am taking to the beach on Thursday. DRUM ROLL…

The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Paperback version. I’ve been stalling on this one for years. Now is the time. I am ready. Lets roll.

The Shadow of the Wind

2. City of Mask’s – Daniel Hechts. This is one of the books I picked up for a dollar while in Boston last fall. It’s perfect for a beach read, suspense, romance, haunted houses, New Orleans, ghosts!!!

A Cree Black Novel

One of the other books I got in Boston for a buck was The Secret History by Donna Tart. Anybody have an opinion on whether or not this might meet my qualifications??? Is it too dark and depressing or it is just a solid good read? It’s 500 freakin pages, thats one strike…but I just don’t know. HELP!!!


6 Responses to “Beach Reads – What do you require. Part 2”

  1. Ooh, I’m jealous that you’re going to the beach!

    I really enjoyed The Shadow of the Wind when I read it last fall, but I haven’t even heard of City of Masks but it sounds great! I also really liked The Secret History but combined with the tone of Tartt’s book, I might hold off on that and go for a more lighthearted read. As much as I turn my nose up at chick lit, one that I did enjoy was The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble. Oh, and Behind the Scenes at the Museum is quirky and strikes me as a great beach book.

    Hope you have a great vacation!

  2. Oh yeah, and those are some scary-ass creatures in that image!

  3. I know. I love that pic. THANK YOU!!! I had a feeling The Secret History was too weighty for the beach, and I will check out that Noble book and Behind the scenes at the museum. They both sound great!!!! You rock.

  4. I also hadn’t heard of City of Masks, but am intrigued.

    The Secret History is dark, but also a total page-turner. In fact, the only reason I’d suggest against bringing it to the beach is that it might be a little too absorbing. And then, your kids would be like, “Mom, vacation was awesome!” and you’d be like, “I think there were… waves… and also the sun was there, maybe?”

    But it definitely meets your “ability to withstand distraction” criteria.

  5. I have Shadow on the dockets — will be eager to hear what you think.

  6. I read The Secret History a couple weeks ago. The first half/two-thirds of it will keep you pretty engrossed. After that, it begins to ddddrrrraagggg.

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