Fun with S’s

Stolen from Adrienne, who stole it from

 Tanabata.  Thanks Gals!

Rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following.

1. Famous singer/band: ———–Sting
2. 4 letter word: —————– Sh*t
3. Street name: —————— Sesame
4. Color: ————————-Salmon
5. Gifts/presents: —————-Salad Shooter
6. Vehicle: ———————– S60 BMW
7. Things in a souvenir shop: —– Shot glassses
8. Boy name: ——————–Sawyer
9. Girl name: ——————— Sheri!
10. Movie title: —————— Steel Magnolias
11. Drink: ————————Smithwicks Ale
12. Occupation: —————— Superhero
13. Flower: ———————- Stargazer Lillies (smell so good)
14. Celebrity: ——————– SJosh Hartnett (had to go there, sorry)
15. Magazine: ——————– Self
16. U.S. city: ——————– San Francisco, CA
17. Pro sports teams: ———— Saints!! YAY.  Go Saints!! Whoo Hoo!
18. Fruit/vegetable: ————– Sweet Potato
19. Reason late for work: ——– Stupidity
20. Something you throw away: — Soft contact lenses
21. Things you shout: ———— Stop it you mangy kids!!!
22. Cartoon character: ———– Spongebob

That required much more brain power than it should have.

Oh, and by the way, my friend Lesley over at A Life in Books is hosting a book challenge.  Click on the image and go check it out.  I am being non-committal.  Challenges give me the hives.  This one sounds fun though…so maybe.


6 Responses to “Fun with S’s”

  1. Ha!
    I was going to do it, then couldn’t immediately come up with a band/singer that started with “S.” Then I thought, I am TOO lazy for this…so I LOVED your “hm, that required brain power” statement. Tee hee.

    (Hey, just thought of one: Semisonic. Okay, only a few more to go!)

  2. Cool little meme. I love Steel Magnolias.

  3. Very fun! Your answers are great! 🙂

  4. As much as I hate to admit it, I love Steel Magnolias. 😀

    Thanks for the challenge plug!

  5. You do need to check out bookmooch! It’s so easy, lol, and you get free books. What more could you ask for? 🙂

  6. Nonanon – I know. It’ll make you feel a little stupid this meme.

    Kelly – ME TOO!!!! Always.

    Tanabata – TY! Thanks for passing it along.

    Les – Steel Magnolia’s rocks. Yell it out loud. No prob, good luck with it!

    Eva – Nothing! Maybe I will do that today!

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