Novels in six words or less.

OK, a few weeks ago I posted with great glee, a very funny post by Adam at Literary Gas regarding 6 word stories.  For whatever reason I am having trouble linking up to the exact post (could be the booze) so here is the idea, as per Adam had an interesting idea: six word stories. I’ve decided to take it a step further and apply the idea to the books I’ve read. That’s right, I’m telling the whole story in six words or less, and it’s easier than one would think.

His were so hilariously funny I decided to give it a go.  Here are mine:

of course bear in mind…I have always had trouble following rules..and I’m not just trying to be cool I was just born this way.  I see a rule, I give it the finger.  It’s like a tic.  In short, these may or may not be 6 words or less.

oh wait..before I start, these are fun but they can be a tad spoilerish.  Beware.

Year of Wonders – The plague sucks. Screw the minister.

Life of Pi – I was lost at sea with a tiger.  or was I?

The Thirteenth Tale – Boring lit chic meets psycho sisters. done.

The Remains of the Day – I am a butler.  My life sucked.

The Rum Diary – fight. drink. fight. fuck. drink. fight.

The Woman in Black – A scary ghost killed my kid.

Something Borrowed – BOOM I got your BOYFRIEND. HA HA I got your man.

Fingersmith – Thieves. I’ve been tricked. Lets be lesbians.

oh..and while I am already stealing from Adam, he mentioned that mentioning the word coitus in a post has upped his hits signifigantly.  So…coitus. coitus, coitus, coitus, coitus, coitus coitus, coitus, and coitus.  and, I apologize in advance to all the the people who come here expecting to find – coitus.  sorry.  i love books?!


9 Responses to “Novels in six words or less.”

  1. That’s great. I love your version of Life of Pi.

  2. LOL. Very good, bravo!

  3. HA HA. That’s hilarious. I also love the Life of Pi one. Very clever. Coitus, indeed.

  4. You can’t find the direct link to the post because it’s a problem I’ve been having–the new template I made has some kinks (I’m working on it).

    Your version of ‘The Remains of The Day’–classic!

    And just to help: coitus, coitus, coitus, coitus.

  5. Michelle Says:

    Very funny. I’m only here though because I saw coitus…

  6. Thanks guys.

    Adam – thanks for letting me steal both the 6 word novel idea and the coitus.

    Michelle- I’m not suprised, slut. (she is a lifelong friend don’t be alarmed).

  7. Thanks for the comment, I reread your post and all the clues point to you being male: references to drinking as an excuse – we males have that firmly staked out, claiming that stuff ‘sucks’, come on MALE, using F*ck – GUY STUFF, I had absolutely no clues to gender except male ones. (Note to self – Bookie is a chick.)

  8. LOL. Strangely enough I take all of that as a compliment.

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