Twilight Tidbits, a few new things.

Just a few new things I found regarding Stephenie Meyer, author of Twilight and New Moon.  The Library of Congress has a web-cast on their site of Stephenie Meyer speaking at the National Book festival 2006.  Go here to find the web-cast.  I just love her, she’s so humble and gracious.

Also, I found on this website a nifty countdown flash piece for the release of Eclipse.  Scroll down and you will see where to go to find the code to put it on your blog.  I can’t do it here unfortunately because does not support flash pieces.  Grumble, grumble. 😦


6 Responses to “Twilight Tidbits, a few new things.”

  1. Jeannine Says:

    I wasnt sure where to post this but there is a web site where you can get books very cheap. I found some hardcovers for 75 cents. It’s worth checking out. Go to and look under the book section.

  2. Thanks Jeanine, I’ll post it in my next entry. Which will be soon, I promise

  3. Actually, WordPress DOES support flash. I put it in my site all the time, and I’m using WordPress. But then, I have complete control over my site because I host on my own server.

  4. ^^yes, I know. I guess I should have said. Frre blogs at do not support flash pieces.

  5. Twilight is an amazing book and so is New Moon I cannot wait for Eclipse to come out. i truely love it!!!

  6. Noelle Noriega Says:

    I loved Twilight and cannot wait till dawn. I have read all the series books 3 times and i can almost recite every page!(ok mabey not but it is fun to dream) I love Edward he is my fav character!!

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