Pure Torture

My son and my father-in-law left for a weekend fishing trip today.  Prior to their departure we decided to meet at a certain strip mall so I could drop off my son without having to drive very far out of the way.  Well, poor me, that particular location just happened to have a Borders Bookstore, which I promptly declared the meeting spot.  As luck would have it, my father-in-law was running really late and so I was forced to wait at Borders for close to two hours.  It was pure torture, I tell ya.  The things you go through for kids.  I was also VERY late for work, Hmph!


Allison Krauss CD – A Hundred Miles or More – The collection

Bionicles Sticker Book – from the “Easter Bunny”

Looking for Alaska – paperback – John Green

Books that looked interesting and had appealing covers:

Winterton Blue Cover

All Whom I Have Loved Cover

The Double Bind Cover

Of course, there were many more, but this is just a taste.  I also, leafed through a few photography books, including Annie Leibovitz’s latest. 

The really funny thing is that my father-in-law apologized profusely for being so late.  I tried to explain that it was actually extremely enjoyable for me but he didn’t seem convinced.  I guess its safe to say he hasn’t checked out my blog yet.  Poor man didn’t have a clue.


4 Responses to “Pure Torture”

  1. ha ha. This is just the kind of “inconvenience” I love! Smart you, for picking the spot. Aren’t you glad you didn’t pick a gas station???? 🙂

  2. P.S. Noticed on your powells link that you recently viewed “Giraffe”. I am reading this now, and it’s great….

  3. I’d do the same: if I had to wait for anyone, I’d suggest a bookstore and not worry if they’re late. I usually end up dragging them around with me for a few more minutes as I make some last minute purchases. Haha!

  4. Boy, the trials you have to suffer for family, huh? 😉

    So did you actually get those books? I have ‘The Double Bind’ on my wishlist, so if you did, I’ll be curious to see what you think of it. Have you read anything else by him?

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