Miss Garnet’s Angel – Sally Vickers

Miss Garnet's Angel

I’ve decided to do this “review” a little differently since I am having trouble forming cohesive thoughts in sucession.

The Gist:  Miss Julia Garnet, a very proper and no nonsense English schoolteacher, whom after retiring from her job and the unexpected death of her flatmate, decides to pack up and take an extended vacation in Venice.  Once in Venice the beauty and spirituality of the city begins to transform Julia into the kind of person she’s always been afraid to become.  Folded in with her transformation is the story of The Book of Tobit and the Archangel Rafaellle.  Their tales are inter-weaved in a very engaging and artful way.

What I liked:  It was a very introspective book.  Miss Garnet has to re-think the  way she has been living life and re-evaluate her beliefs.  Obviously the setting was spectacular, I’ve always been intrigued with Venice and hope to visit one day.  I learned a good deal about The Book of Tobit and its history, something I had never heard of prior to the start of this book. It was enjoyable to be a part of Miss Garnet’s physical and spiritual awakening.  I also love the idea of someone starting over and re-inventing themselves later in life. 

What I didn’t like (Possible Spoilers):  There were a few characters in the book that I started to really like and they didn’t turn out quite the way I had hoped in the end, and there were some that I didn’t like that turned out to be okay.  This poses a problem to me because I like to establish my connections and loyalties with the characters right away and have a hard time changing my mindset.  The story switched back and forth between Miss Garnet’s story and the story of Tobias and the Archangel Rafaellle, I actually didn’t mind this but I had to go back and re-read some parts to make sure I had all the “references” pieced together before I moved on.  Occasionally I felt like I was missing something, but all in all it was pretty easy to follow. 

The Final Say and would I reccomend it?:  All in all, I would give it a 3.5.  I enjoyed reading Miss Garnet’s Angel and I would recommend it, especially to those who find packing up and moving to a foreign environment appealing.  However, If you don’t enjoy reading books that have a spiritual or religious element, I would not recommend this.


3 Responses to “Miss Garnet’s Angel – Sally Vickers”

  1. I like the new format!!

  2. I absolutely adored this book, but I had just come back from a trip to Venice and so I really identified with the whole setting etc. I don’t normally like books about spiritual or religious things, but I devoured this one in a couple of gulps.

  3. Heather – Thanks!

    Kimbofo – Well, I wish I would have read it fresh off a trip from Venice! How wonderful. I really enjoyed the book. Thanks for reccomending it.

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