News from The Big Easy

When the levees broke, everything changed for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. A.D.: New Orleans After the Delugeis about surviving Hurricane Katrina—and its aftermath. Told in web-comic form, written and illustrated by Josh Neufeld, and presented by SMITH Magazine.

I found this at Bookslut a few days ago, and since NOLA is near and dear to my heart, I figured I’d blog about it on BOOKIE.

This site is actually very cool, especially if you have some vested interest in New Orleans.  The web-comic alone is great, but in addition this site contains a smorgasbord of New Orleans and post Katrina resources.  They link up to news articles, photo journals, films and videos, books and graphic novels….its a pretty impressive compilation.  I found a link to a feature story in Smith Magazine called The Ten Best Blogs From and About New Orleans.  I Spent half a day exploring the world of NOLA bloggers, er….sorry boss.

All in all, this is a cool one stop shop for all things New Orleans.  So if your looking for good info, or maybe just a little homesick (me), this site may be just what you need.


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