Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!!

I did not go home for Mardi Gras this year because I was in Jacksonville, FL for a soccer tourney (more on that later).  I love Mardi Gras, and I am wearing my beads right now!  So I think all of you out there should have a drink tonight to celebrate on my behalf!


3 Responses to “Happy Mardi Gras!!!!!!”

  1. I think I should have a drink, too!

  2. We did Mardi Gras in your honor! I’ll email you a picture of my kids sitting on top of their catch yesterday with play cigars/pipes that they caught in their mouths. Sorry you missed it.

  3. Adrienne – I hope you did!!!

    Michelle – I’m so glad you had a good time! Can’t wait to see the pics of the kids. I remember those plastic cigars.

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