For all of you who have more than a strong dislike of Valentines Day, I found these lovely cards on this nifty site, dedicated to helping you celebrate Anti-Valentines Day.





Apparently this is avery popular concept because their little site got so many hits that it is severely handicapped at the moment.  I know these may seem mean-spirited and cynical…..and I don’t have any problems with that.

Actually, I have no strong feelings either way about Valentine’s Day.  I’ve never seemed to be with someone who really put any effort into it (note to self, possible therapy topic), and I’m just too laid back a gal to really care.  Last year for V-Day, my husband, in a stunning move, gave me a lovely necklace.  I was floored.  One thing I have noticed, is that my kids freaking love it!  I think Valentines Day was so much more fun as a kid!  You remember…the little paper valentines that you passed out to all your classmates, strategically giving your third grade crush the one with the extra-large Buzz Lightyear that said “Your my favorite space ranger” hoping he’ll give you his “Will you be my Lois Lane” from his Superman set.  I’m kind of amazed that this is still going on and that no ultra sensitive parents have complained that little Madison got offended by Tommy’s  “I want to tow your truck” card.

Anyway, whether you love it, hate it, or don’t really care (me), live it up for your kids, they are totally into it.


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  1. I’ve never really cared about it either (though I admit I’ve loved getting flowers every year from hubby), but I agree that my kids love it. I remember loving that my Dad would always give us a box of chocolates when we were young girls and loving exchanging those cheesy cards.

  2. You are so right about kids having much more fun with Valentine’s Day! I remember convincing my mom that I desperately needed to buy VD cards, staying up late to fill them out perfectly, and then getting so nervous when I had to hand them out. Especially the card that went to my latest crush. Wow, your post really brought back memories. I can’t wait to have children and watch what they do on VD. I’ll have to pay extra attention and see who is going to get the best card out of the batch, though, as that one is sure to go to their crush. Too cute!

    Hope you had a good one!

  3. I’ve been to that site, very fun cards. If you have a bit of a twisted sense of humor you may enjoy these valentines day animated cards as well:

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