Book four in the Twilight series annouced! and other news…

Just noticed on Stephenie Meyer’s website that the fourth book in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, is tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2008. The third book, Eclipse, is supposed to come out in August or September of this year. Can’t hardly wait. There is still no release date for Midnight Sun, which is Twilight told from Edward’s perpective, but if you want a little tease, click here for the first chapter.

Also, she has found a publisher for her adult science fiction book, The Host, which she describes as science fiction for people who don’t like science fiction. Here is the tentative cover:

the-host.jpg spooky…for a synopsis of The Host, go here.

And, for all you really obsessive types, you an wear your appreciation for all things Twilight by visiting Twilight Teez. I love the Edward fan-club t-shirt. It says”Bite Me” , I like it.

Edward Fan Club

One more thing, if you have read New Moon, and are not that crazy about Jacob Black, Stephenie Meyers wants to change that. She wants us to like him, so much so that she wrote a little piece told from his perspective and you can read it here – Being Jacob Black.

Finally, since so many readers seem to come here looking for news about the Twilight series, I am adding a new “Twilight” catagory to my blog so information will be easy to find.

That is all. Never thought I’d be this into the undead.


I get so many hits, and comments from Twilight fans, that I felt compelled to start a discussion thread about it in the books section of a message board I frequent.  Click here to start the discussion.  You will have to register to post, but its painless so go for it.

If enough people start posting I’m sure we could put in a request for a seperate Twilight Forum at some point.

I’m waiting!


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  1. You are very helpful in Twilight news. 🙂 I read your blog anyways, so it saves me from having to visit her site too. Saves time. I really hope she releases Twilight from Edward’s perspective. And I look forward to her sci-fi book.

    I am tempted by that t-shirt.

  2. Thanks for all the information! I can’t wait for Eclipse (it gives me something to look forward to after coming down from the Harry Potter 7 high in July)!

    By the way, I kind of like Jacob (but not as much as Edward)!

  3. Oh Kailana Twilight from Edward’s perspective would be great wouldn’t it? Sheri Love the info on the Host book. I’m not much of a sci-fi reader but I would definitely read that one. I like Jacob but I just wanted more Edward. Lots more! 🙂

  4. A Fourth book? Sheesh. I thought I would finally get all the answers in the next book! Of course maybe if the next book is really good, I won’t mind waiting for another?

  5. Kailana – The sci-fi book sounds interesting. The t-shirt is very cool.

    Steph – I’m excited about Eclipse too. I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan (gasp!), but I hope for your sake its a great finale.

    Iliana – I felt kinda like jacob was cutting in on Edward’s turf. He is growing on me…..I guess. We’ll see what the next book has in store for him.

    Danielle – I know! Well, I guess my feeling is that they are so good I don’t want them to end. I am a little anxious to see how the books are when she’s had the publisher time clock ticking. I hope they don’t feel rushed.

  6. Thanks for all the info! I’ve yet to read any of the books but I know I want to!

  7. OK, one of these days I’m actually going to get around to reading Twilight and finding out what all the fuss is about!

    As a former fan of all things vampire, I’m surprised I haven’t read it by now.

  8. i love the book twilight!!! i hope you contine to write books. your my favorite athor!!!

  9. Oops! Sorry Megan…ya got the wrong gal. I”m a blogger not a fighter. I mean…I did not write Twilight, I just write alot about them on my blog. I’m a fan, just like like you. Check in every noe and then, I try to stay current on Twilight?Stephenie Meyeres news. 🙂

  10. aw man… o well? have you read all the books?

  11. which is your favorite book? which one should i read from her? i have only read twilight.

  12. Megan – then you need to read New Moon, its the next one in the series.

  13. Jeannine Says:

    I really hope Edward turns Bella into a vampire. I would let him for sure!!
    On her web site she shows pictures of the actors she would choose for her characters. I didnt picture Jacob so good looking though.

  14. whos website?

  15. Jeannine Says:

    I’m sorry. It’s on Stephanie Meyer’s page (click on the link Sheri has by The Host). I think you will find the information about the movie under “Other Works”

  16. Jeannine Says:

    Oops. It’s under “Twilight” on her home page.

  17. thank you

  18. Megan – Sorry I didn’t reply….must have lost you in the shuffle. Thanks for visiiting Bookie.

    Thanks to Jeanine for helping her out.

  19. Well, guess what I did today? Yep, I read Twilight – and omigod I loved it! I’m going out tomorrow to buy New Moon. I read the teaser chapter from Edward’s perspective – glad to hear there are more books in the works. I resisting the temptation to read through all your other posts about the series – I don’t want to find out anything taking place in New Moon, but I’ll probably have that read by tomorrow night, and then I’ll be safe to come look.

    But wow! I think I’m in love with Edward, too! 🙂

  20. Lesley – So glad you enjoyed Twilight. You will fly through New Moon!

  21. OK, so I just finished New Moon (LOVED IT) and I actually really liked Jacob. If it wasn’t for Edward, I’d want Bella and he to be together. And I felt sorry for him having those emotions, knowing they weren’t reciprocated, but still wanting to love and protect her all the same. He’s a good guy in my book.

  22. I absolutely LOVE the twilight series! It is honestly the best series that I have ever read in my twelve years!(trust me I have read ALOT of books!) I actually cried when Edward left Bella!(I’m such a sap!) What I really hate is that Edward keeps thinking that he is just this horrible monster, when he is actually the best thing for Bella! Thanks for the update on Eclipse! I can hardly wait for the release!!!

  23. Rebekka – Thanks for stopping by. I know, sometimes Edward’s self hatred can be tiring. I can’t wait for the next book…

  24. What do you guys think of Jacob Black?

  25. Hoenstly I don’t care for Jacob much. he gets between Edward and Bella, I don’t like that.

  26. That is exactly how I feel! He really annoys me by being so persistent with Bella. As soon as Edward leaves, Jacob takes over the entire story!

  27. Stephane Says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited to hear there are more books coming out!

  28. Stephane Says:

    I was also wondering why there is not a link to Stephenie’s site on here. It’s mentioned above and I want to visit it but I cannot find a link.

  29. Stephane Says:

    *embarrased* never mind… I found it

  30. Ok.. So i just go done reading Twilight and New Moon….. When i first picked up the books in the library i thought that the books were not going to be good…. So then i just started reading and now i cant stop. It was sooo heartbreaking when Edward left Bella. I’m so exsited that you are continuing the series and not stoping I cant wait to see what is going to happen to Bella. Well cant wait till it comes out!!!!

  31. What is the name of the fourth book of he Twilight series?
    What does the cover look like?
    When does it come out?

  32. What is he name of the fourth book?
    What does the cover look like?
    When does this book come out?

  33. i luv twilight …
    i luv new moon…
    i luv eclipse …
    i luv the host…
    but most of all….. I LUV EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. McKall – Join the crowd. Thanks for stopping by, I will try to keep my blog updated for all my Twilight fans.

  35. Re: Jacob

    Don’t be hatin’! (said in my best Jamie Kennedy white rapper voice)


  36. Amanda Cullen Says:

    Ok I know that Stephenie wnts us to like Jacob Black but he seems to me to try to take Edwards place in Bella’s heart. Like anyone could be there besides Edward. I missed Edward so much when he left Bella that I skiped to chapter 17 Visitor where Alice comes in. Jacob made a real but of himself there and I just cant stand his hostility. Edward’s hostility is more subtil, unless he’s really P.O., but thats understandable I mean he loves Bella and will forever he cant lose her ever again. It’s so romantic. I find myself often dreaming that I’m Bella and I plan to go to Forks, Washington during one of my summer vacations, perferably when the Twilight Festival is going on. Guys dressed up as Edward, and perhapes Edward would actually there.

  37. Megan S. Says:

    I heart Edward Cullen!!!
    I can’t wait till Aug. 7! Might as well jump off a cliff like Bella

  38. Megan S. Says:

    I heart Edward Cullen!!!
    I can’t wait till Aug. 7! Might as well jump off a cliff like Bella

  39. Megan S. Says:

    Justa Joking bout te cliff thing

  40. ha! good to know.

  41. Megan S. Says:

    yep it’s good to know

  42. Hey!!! I love these books and I’m a Jacob fan…yup…I know lots of folks hate him, but he’s my fav. And yeah, all y’all who want to go to Forks/La Push sometime…IT’S AWESOME!!!! I live 2 and a half hours away from there. When you go, you don’t want to leave…ever…seriously. Sure, you can enter and exit the places in about a minute, but still, they are SO cool. And Meyer perfectly explained them too. Oh, if you have a problem with living by no cities or major store or anything…don’t go there. ‘Course, I recommend it. La Push is the more interesting place in my opinion. They got surfers (I was surprised when I saw them surf here), beaches, tribe stuff, etc. Places to visit around there are the Hoh Rainforest, Rialto Beach, Sequim, and Ruby Beach. By the way, on the Hall of Mosses Trail in the Hoh Rainforest, you will find an old nurse tree and if you go through it (It’s like a cave thing), you will enter a meadow exactly like the one Meyer described. It’s SO cool. So yeah…..go to the Olympic Peninsula and Jacob is awesome. Khoda Hafaz

  43. this series is just great! i have to say that a was reluctant to read twilight at first, but my friends did everything but hold me down with the book in front of my face. about jake, i think that he’s okay, but i would probably like him more if that little clip was written in first person. all the “you’s” was not my style. i love edward, and cant wait for eclipse to come out. way up at the top of this someone said that it’s gonna help come off the harry potter high, and i couldnt agree more!

  44. Marigold Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I loooooooooove Edward!!! But I Looooooooooooooooooove Jacob too!!! If Bella has Edward I’ll be happy to take Jake!! EDWARD IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!

  45. OMG! if bella takes jake i will die! she totally deserves edward. but if she doesn’t take him i will be happy to take him for myself. i really hope that they make a movie out of twilight. if they do edward better be hot.

  46. it is great to know that stephanie meyer is going to write a fourth book to the thing to her though…. PLEASE WRITE IT AS FAST AS YOU CAN…. we can’t wait to read it… n don’t make it soooooo sad… romatic is what i desire

  47. Thank you so much for the Twilight incite. It was helpful. and I can’t wait for Midnight Sun and Eclipse. ^^!!!

    Thanks again!

  48. Vampires kill Werewolves Says:

    Ok, just for those who don’t know, book four is called Breaking Dawn and will come out in fall 2008 (appr.) Jacob is rude. I don’t like him very much (as you can tell from my name I am all for the Vampires) I don’t really want them to make a movie. I find that when they make a movie from a book, my perspective of the book changes. The way i see the characters. Things like that. ooooooo I can’t WAIT for eclipse. AAAAAH
    ok i am done. SO EXCITED> CAN”T WAIT!

    100% VAMPIRE- I want to be a MONSTER too!

  49. Rohina Ebadi Says:

    I love the twilight book series, i can’t wait till eclipse comes out i am so excited. I really hate jacob. I really am all for vampires.

  50. Vampires kill Werewolves Says:

    Vampires ROCK! They totally KILL WEREWOLVES!!! 😛

    yup just cuz’ i am cool like that 8)


  51. Christie Episcopio Says:

    From the moment i read the first page, i was so engaged i couldn’t put it down. i fell in love with stephanie meyer’s poetic verses that captured the relationship between Edward and Bella, so of course in New moon i was crushed as Bella was when Edward wasn’t there, it made me feel hollow and lost just the same and than immediately that void was filled once Edward Cullen returns back into her heart and the heart of mine.

  52. ashley bates Says:

    to VKW, i have been in love with vampires since i was 3 years old. it was when i first started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. i have wanted to be a vamp for so long. but i don’t really want to become one then rise from the grave to get slayed. if you know what i mean. i really liked the way stephenie meyer had it where the vamps could go in the sun and not die like they do in Buffy. and in a way i kida want the books to go on the movie screen but like what VKW said it would change my view of the charaters and that would spoil the books for me. About Edward and Jacob, i like them both. i liked Edward, in Twilight, like the way Bella did but in New Moon when Edward left i really hated him ( but it didn’t help that my bf broke up with me before i got to that point) and about Jacob, in Twilight, i liked him as a friend. then in New Moon i liked him more because he was there for Bella. He always tried to make her happy when Edward left. so, like in my case i had no one to turn to unlike Bella she had some one. so l guess i would be in the catogory of a Edward and Jacob lover.

  53. Jacob Lover Says:

    Ok, if you hate Jacob, than you really need to read Jacob’s brief summary of Twilight and New Moon. If you still don’t like him, than I can’t help you. He is awesome, and I love him as much as Edward. I’ve heard a bunch of complaints about him, but all of them were founded without a leg to stand on. Jacob loves Bella. So what? He’s a teenage boy, of course he loves Bella. But Bella love Edward, and nothing, even Jacob Black can change that. So, don’t get all worked up about it. Jacob rocks. Period.

    And yes, of course I love Edward. I love them equally. If you would like to argue, than please reply. I would love to argue with me. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t like Jacob, there’s something wrong with you. Sorry. That’s what I think.

  54. Jacob Lover Says:

    Oh, and Vampire Killer, you are totally wrong. Just so you know.

  55. Jacob Lover Says:

    Why do you all hate Jacob? What has he ever done wrong, except love Bella just like 100 other boys?

  56. Jacob Lover Says:

    JACOB LOVER ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Jacob Lover I love your loyalty to Jacob.

    I don’t really like though…sorry. 🙂

  58. Jacob Lover Says:

    Sherid ~ You don’t like Jacob then, or just me?

  59. Alice Is The Best Says:

    Personally, I think Jacob and Edward are great and all, but more people hate Jacob. That is only because Bella has more loyalty to Edward and it is told from her viewpoint, so we automatically think what she’s thinking. Just like Harry Potter (Snape-everyone hated him because Harry did.) But overall, Alice rocks. She came back for Bella in New Moon. She is the funniest and coolest. She is Bella’s best friend. She can relate to humans (like Bella) even though she doesn’t even remember her human days. She has the coolest power. I love her so much. ALICE CULLEN IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Jacob Lover Of course I like you. and I think Jacob is alright. 😉

  61. I don’t really have anything against jacob, but I dont like how he just wont let Edward and Bella be happy together!!! I dont want Bella to choose Jacob, I want her to choose Edward because I can’t imagine her being with someone other than him. I tried to picture her loving Jacob more than Edward, but I just can’t because I love Edward a billion times more. I’m not saying I hate Jacob, but if I was in the same situation as Bella (haha like that would happen), I would still think of him as a dependable brother to rely on.

  62. I think introducing jacob was a major mistake. The reason the books are so potent is becasue of Edward and bella. Why distract from it with a BS third person who everyone knows she won’t end up with anyway.

  63. I actually agree with sherid. But in some ways Jacob’s third person status makes the Twilight series more complex and suspenseful, But my favorite parts are reading about Edward and Bella’s converstaions and feelings. I feel uneasy when Jacob comes into the picture

  64. ^I don’t feel uneasy, I just get bored and sometimes even skim. sad but true.

  65. yeah i had to skip like a bunch of pages with jacob cuz i was getting bored

  66. Yep. I hear ya.

    Jacob lover is gonna really give us the business for beating up on poor jacob.

    sorry in advance jacob Lover.

  67. I don’t know if introducing him was a mistake, I just think that having Bella find out that she is in love with him was the mistake. I was fine with Jacob until Bella decided she was in love with him and she didnt’ just love him. It was easy to tell that she was going to end up with Edward cause this is a vampire love saga, not a werewolf love saga. It would have been weird if that just changed in the middle of the series.

  68. Bella’s not in love with Jacob. wut RU smokin???

  69. Oy. Stephenie Meyer is genius

  70. She is in love with him! Just not as much as she loves edward

  71. Seriously???? ^

  72. I LOVE your Twilight series its the only books i have ever agreed to read and i have read them a lot and cant wait for “Breaking Dawn” to come out next fall! Thanks for all the info.

  73. ive read three books (twilight,new moon,eclipse) what other books are there if any, im new to her books aaddiicctteedd!!!!!!

  74. I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE JACOB tell u the truth i dont want edward to be in the story cuz i want bella and jacob to be together. cuz i bet there werent be a fourth book if it wasnt for jacob. and i do believe that bella might choose jacob. we shold have a survey. i like JACOB THE BEST

  75. Wat are you talking about!!!! this is a vampire love story NOT a werewolf love story. this series is about the trials and hardships of EDWARD and Bella’s love. Stephenie wouldnt just change the entire series in the middle.

  76. violinlover95 Says:

    She could, but she wouldn’t as far as i can tell…it just talks about a regular teen romantic life with twists, such as the fact that the boys competing for her love are monsters…though i like the fact their monsters…

  77. I just finished the third book and it was so good i loved it! i cant wait to read the next one..


  79. i dont hate jacob, but i like edward better. jacob is more of a brother….
    edward is boyfriend material haha

  80. I wish that Bella would end up with Jacob. I like him so much better than Edward.

  81. Im just going to comment again to have a rant on why I personally don’t like Edward.
    -Jacobs much safer than Edward.
    -Bella wouldn’t have to become a werewolf or anything if she was with Jacob.
    -Edward keeps things from bella and has lied to her throughout the book.
    -Edward is OVER PROTECTIVE.
    However it ends, Ill be reading all the books. =].

  82. Well Edward only lied to Bella to keep her from freaking out. She was going through a lot of stress with the whole vampires wanting to kill her thing. But Bella might not be safer with Jacob either since him or one of his friends can lose control in front of her and rip her to shreads. Edward can control himself perfectly now. Just saying. And the only reason why Edward is so protective and worried about Bella is because he loves her so much, he can’t help it. Plus, you cant blame him, knowing that Bella always gets trapped in deadly situations.

  83. Yes, but when he refuses to tell her things about her own situation, that amongst itself shows that it’s not a joint commitment between them. Well, Jacob seems to have it almost completely under control. At least if she gets a paper cut (using book 2 as an example at Bellas birthday) she doesn’t have to worry that all the WEREWOLVES are going to kill her.

  84. Especially when she’s as accident prone/klutzish as she truly is.

  85. Edward should at least try to be a little less protective – she’s got her own life and she should be able to live it whatever way she wants… although I prefer Jacob like ten trillion times more than Edward. -shrug- But hey, whatever floats yer boat (water floats mine…).

  86. good point, but she already chose her live. she chose edward….so yeah. and plus, Jacob could imprint at ANY time and it doesnt matter how much he loves Bella because his whole life will be about the girl her imprints on. I dont think that would be fair to Bella

  87. FluteGirl Says:

    Well,I like Jacob and Edward…But I guess thatr’s also because I know that Edward will have Bella anyways…I mean…u can read that in the book….If she doesn’t have a choice how can she choose Jacob over Edward?I loved this conflict of loving both of them…I think it’s a great idea…Why should everything be so simple?
    I wish it was already next fall!!!!!!!

  88. I suppose. Of course Bella’ll end up with Edward, but I mean, wouldn’t the book be much more interesting and suspenceful if she ends up with jacob? It’d be a great twist.

  89. yeah…it would be a good twist, but too many people have gotten used to the idea of Edward and Bella. I dont think it would be fair to just yank him out of the picture and put Jacob in instead. Edward and Bella have gone through too much together to end it over one boy.

  90. Edward+Bella 4EVER! Says:

    NO! It would not be a good twist!! Edward belongs with Bella and Bella belongs with Edward!! Its as simple and easy as that!! Jacob should not have been in the picture at all but since its already happened theres nothing I can do. All I know is that there better not be anymore Jacob interference or else I might end up going crazy and hating the series. I want Bella to turn into a vampire and be with Edward forever. Also, that’ll make Jacob either hate her and see her as an enemy or grow some common sense and just give up on her altogether like any normal person would.

  91. xD. Over-reaction central xD. I know Bella’ll end up with Edward and what not, just saying that it’s a bit predictable, which is obviously the only thing most people can handle. -pointed look- I at least hope that Jacob finds someone and it all ends well.

  92. Hallo! I see you all have not given up on your debate. I fear it will be like this until the next book comes out. However, where do you all think the series would go if Bella did, inexplicably, end up with Jacob? What would happen to Edward? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  93. Hmmm….I think a bunch of readers would boycott the books. xD. But I can’t say I’d be all that upset. I prefer jacob, but I know no one else really does. xD. Edward and Bella are the obvious couple, but I think that she loves Jacob in a more humanish/down to earth way. I think that Edward would of course be pretty miserable…unless Jacob imprints on someone and stops his love for Bella, then there will be no good way to end the series without more than one charactor getting hurt.
    But I really have no clue what’d happen with the outcome.
    Good thing I’m not writing these books. xD.

  94. Are we going to have an offical survey? Because if we are, I vote Jacob. xD. Not that I don’t like Edward, I mean….he’s okay, but I just think that Jacob, anyways.
    Offical Survery anyone?

    Which do you like better, Edward or Jacob?
    (Wow, I wonder who the winning votes’ll go to. -rolls eyes-)



  96. Erm….I’m not as extatic as you are. xD. I think I’d be okay if Bella ended up with Edward, but I definitely prefer Jacob too. Just not as much as you do apparently. xD!

  97. sounds like a new thread title. Ed vs. Jake – the great debate – coming soon!

  98. I’m gonna have to vote on Edward. It may be predictable, but the books wouldn’t be what they are without him. I lone Edward being with Bella




  101. Its going to become a movie? O_o

  102. Yeah theres gonna be a movie. i cant wait for it to come out! i hope it doesnt change how people see the book though. sometimes movies ruin books

  103. Kasie Askren Says:

    OMG!!! When are the movies coming out??!!!!!!

  104. we dont know exactly wen they are coming out. they are still in the writing stages or something. i dont reallly know.

  105. Lindsey (I LUV EDWARD) Says:

    Umm…I am really, really addicted to these books and I was wondering if you could kinda hurry up on book # 4 because, it makes me sad when I am not reading your books, they are like a drug, I need them -lol- I get that Jacob doesn’t imprint on Bella but does that mean that he can fall in love with her still? I thought he could only be in love with the people he imprinted on! I can’t wait the read twilight, the one from Edwards point of view. I’m so excited, but I can’t wait a year to read the 4th book….please hurry…I’m sorry to say it but I am a little frustrated about the way Eclipse ended, it made me a little mad!

  106. Lindsey (I LUV EDWARD) Says:

    I can’t wait till the movies come out, I just hope they pick someone better for Edward! I wish I was in Bella’s place! If I had a wish, I would wish that! lol

  107. Macintosha Says:

    Bellas place being being inlove with someone/something that nots human and can kill you, (even by mistake) at any moment? And frequently being attacked by other creatures. Yeah. Sounds real dreamy.

  108. I know this is random and has nothing to do with the books…but the fires in southern california are everywhere!!! Is anyone else having to evacuate? Watch the news ppl. My neighborhood is beginning to burn. How can there be 17 fires! And oh yeah I totally love Edward, hes the best. There now i have something that relates to the book.

  109. (MACINTOSH)——-
    Well….it actually does sound dreamy! You don’t understand the life that I have right now…anything sounds dreamy! And I love Edward…he sounds like the perfect person, or should I say vampire-lol- Just by reading these damn books, I fell in love with him!

    Yeah, those fires are pretty scary!!! I’m sorry that you have to ecacuate! Is it really scary in California? My brother is there right now about to get on a cruise, I think he is stuck there!!! 😦

  110. LINDSEY–
    Yeah its really scary in south Cali right now! All my friends houses have burned down. we need more fire crews here but they are doing the best they can. The fires are everywhere! All of our schools have been canceled and everything. your bro is prob stuck cuz all the roads are shut down.

    these books rock man! i cant get enough of them. they are super addicting and its like impossible not to think about them, and what’s going to happen in the next ones. It is dreamy in a way…Bella has tons of action in her life and she has found her true love. I mean, its better then what most of us have. Wouldnt you want a guy worrying about your safety and stuff? its so sexy!

  111. Macintosha Says:

    -cough- Then you deserve to be bitten by a vampire, or whatever sick twisted romance idea has been brainwashed into your ill kept head. And “anything sounds romantic” ? Does having an evil vampire almost suck you bone dry sound romantic? Not really appealing. But I’m just the practical type. I for one think that for some reason, I’d be looking more for a jacob type, if I ever did relate crummy romance novels into my idea of the perfect man. Except Mr. Darcy from pride and prejudice. Because he uberly pwns all, and it’s not as though he has a thirst for lizzy’s blood or anything deluded. He just loves her. He doesn’t need the risk of almost killing her to feel the passion. I don’t like Bella, she hasn’t grown as a charactor at all throughout the course of the three books. She has stayed the same old whinney limp brat that she always was, even when you thought she’d grow out of it.

    INFACT Edward only likes her because she’s unpredictable. Being as it may that it’s only HER MIND he can’t read. So, now that I’ve unraveled the vain exsistance and purposes behind the two main charactors love, I think the time for me to continue typing is almost up.

    For I know that as soon as I post this, I will get back thirty responces that will all scream bloody murder for my distaste for Edward and the like. As for me, I am content with my opinons and decisions. I know that indeed, the books will continue to the same monitone manner that they’ve always been. Bella will marry Edward, of course. It’s not as though anything unsuspected ever happens in this book. You always see the twist coming from 500 pages away. So what is the fun in reading it? To me, I guess the books were an interesting little diversion, and I always need to read something thoroughly before mocking it to the highest possible extent.

  112. hmmm u have some good points. but who really cares, thats why this book is FICTION. jeez u dont need to make a big deal out of a book–if u dont like them then whatever. go read another series. its wierd that u would take the time to write 3 paragraphs about how much u hate the series. if all u care about is ‘mocking’ books, then y do u read at all? it would be interesting to see how much a story u worte sucks.

  113. UGH! I just finished Eclipse! I’ll never make it til’ next fall!!!! *tear*

  114. okay. EDWARD is the most perfect boyfriend anyone could ever have. yea he may be a vampire, but any vampire who is willing to resist the most tempting smell in his life to be with the woman he loves is a perfect boyfriend in my book. I could totally not see Bella being with Jacob. I would not read it if that happened. It would just totally ruin the Edward + Bella love conection. I am perfectly fine with Bella and Jacob just being friends, but him trying to push her to love him is not very appealing. anyways i’ve been blabbing to much. someone write back and tell me what you think.

  115. MELLY—
    I TOTALLY agree with u. jacob tried to trick Bella like 100 times into loving him even after she told him that it hurt her. Edward never tried to force her into anything. so yeah

  116. jacob rules. bella should totally end up with him.

  117. I think bella should end up with jacob. I mean jacob would never leave her like edward did. Plus jacob lets bella live her life the way she wants, while edward is all overly protective. Even though Edward does sound extremely hot, I still vote for Bella and Jacob

  118. Macintosha
    if you have so many complaints about the book, why do you even read it? but I do agree with you about Edward. I dont like him so much.

  119. Caitlin
    the only reason edward left bella was because he didn’t want her to die. he was trying to protect her. and yea maybe jacob let’s bella live more freely, but everyone needs a little protection in their life. especially bella because she’s so clumsy. and if i could choose who would protect me, i would choose edward in a heartbeat. there would be no hesitation there at all.

    Reading the books a second, you really catch on a lot of stuff you missed the first time you read them. so i recommend everyone read the books a second time because one they are the best books ever. and two i just love reading the edward + bella conversations. they’re so romantic. i have a feeling i’ll be reading these books about ten times each. LOL

  120. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    Edward is soooo good for Bella, he’s the perfect boyfriend, I’d love for him to be my boyfriend, what about all you other girls, do you agree?

    Like I said in another comment, Bella’s sooooooo lucky to have him, why can’t I? lol


    Hey, here’s a thought for everyone, what would you think or do if the world what Bella’s in come to life?- Like vampires and werewolves suddenly appear, and the fight against others, etc, basically everything that happens in the book?

    I’d be ‘what’s going on?’ at first, but then, ‘OMG, THIS IS AWESOME!!!!, Now, where’s Edward?!!!’ lol


  121. Edward_My_Love Says:

    omg, to know that so far,at least 2 more twilight books are comming out is like, one of the best things in the world xD i LOVE twilight and Edward hahaha i REALLY hope she keeps the series going for a long time 😀

  122. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    Same here, yes, we all love Edward and wish he were real, welllllllllllll *ahem, *shows ring on finger*
    lol, I’m already his ^-^


    I wonder what’s going to happen in the 4th one, hmmmmmm………………………….

    OK, time for yet ANOTHER poll, lol, k, here it is:

    Who should Bella end up with? Edward (so him!!! my vote!!!) or Jacob?

    CAST YOUR VOTE!!!! heh, polls are fun, I love seeing people’s responses, very interesting…. 🙂

  123. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    Oh, and remember, please check out the website with my twilight quiz! See how you go!

    And please tell how you went, I want to know if it was ok, I mean it is REALLY basic, so it’ll be a sinch for all the REAL obsessed fans of the twilight series, and Edward of course! lol ^-^

    Thanks! 🙂

  124. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    Dark Angel Cullen
    I thought i already established that him and me were meant to be. like i said before i’ll fight my darndest to keep ‘MY’ edward with me. LOL Just to let you know he gave me a ring too. as for your poll i think bella should pick EDWARD all the way. i mean jacob’s nice and everything but he’s trying to force bella to like him and i don’t really like that. if i had my way bella wouldn’t choose either and edward would come running to me for comfort. your quiz was really easy too. i got 100% and it only took me like 10 seconds to do the quiz.

  125. OMG im over obsessed with the Twilight series! anything that relates to it i have to piont out i cant wait for the next books! im totaly interested in The Host, ill deffinetly read it. I love Jacob, too but edwards my man! edward rocks my world but that doesnt mean jacob isnt rockin my other world!

  126. wow. is all i have to say. These books are so amazing sometimes there all i can think about. I was just recently in Washington State to stay with an aunt and i went t forks. But ayway Edward is soo amazing i mean i know he is fictional but still he feels so real. ILOVEHIM. Bella is amazing too!! I reallly can’t wait to read the 4th bk and see the movie and read midnight sun. and i really wish we could find out sooner what happens to jacob in the end of Eclipse and is Bella becomes a Vamp 🙂 can’t wait!!!

  127. hay I can’t whait for the new book. I just found out today that there is going to be a movie. I found on the enternet that it is coming out fall 2008. OOO I can’t whait that long. I have a question for whom ever can answer, do u guys know when the new book it coming out. My friend says that it is coming out this February but she is not shure please tell me if u know.

  128. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    the fourth book comes out august 10th and the movie doesn’t come out until the middle of december. which i believe that that is way to long to wait. i think stephenie just wants to torture us with anticipation. i can’t stop thinking about these books either. everything i hear just makes me think back to the books. i’m also TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH EDWARD. i mean who wouldn’t be. he’s such a total hottie even though i have no idea what he looks like, i still think he’s a hottie. : )

  129. In the first book I liked Jacobs character and he seemed cool the in the third book he
    got on my nerves so much that I got bored almost everytime when he was with bella.
    So I hope that Bella ends up with edward because he really loves her alot.But Jacob loves her to so thats a problem and that would break Edwards heart if she chose Jacob
    over him.I also hope that they get married and he turns Bella into a vampire.

    P.S. I hope Bella gets what she has been bugging Edward about if they get married.

  130. I agree with raven because Jacob is stuckup and if I was edward and some other guy tried to take my woman I would be pissed

  131. Samuel G. Haws Says:

    Edward Cullen. I am sooo in love with this dude. He’s acctually quite dreamy, but sadly just a charachter in a book 😦 the only way that i can acctually love him, is by painting a picture of him on and throught out my heart. If this charcther poppped out at me any later than it did… most likley i would have jumpped of a cliff like Bella, but not just for thrill. This would be because…. I didn’t have a man there for me. Not like edward. And ya know what…. THAT Jacob dawg is freaking in the way of my love! It’s just gott be edward the vampire with the soon to be bella the vampire! not jacob the f ing werewolf!!! waaa 😦 he’s gotta go.


  132. Dark Angel Cullen Says:

    Edward’s quite dreamy, and we alllllllllll want him!!! and also wanna be vampires ourselves, lol. ^-^

  133. OMGGG!!1 I JUST READ ECLIPSE N I’M DYING FOR THE 4TH BOOK!!! ><… BUT SEIROUSLY!! HOW COULD U DO TATTTT!!!! I LOVED THE ENTIRE BOOK UNTIL THE VERY END!!! *sobs*……… jacob’s thing is supposed to b one sided.. *sniffle sniffle*….. i was ssoooooooooo happy when i heard tat theres a 4th book… THANK YOU GOD!!!! *bows*

  134. i know every one seems to love edward… but i’m not so into him
    LOVE jacob though.
    i mean edward just left her! then came back and seemed to expect everything to be fine!
    jacob is so awsome, and she kept going on about how much she needed him, but the second ed came back she was fine, and even though she “needs” him so much, she doesn’t seem to care that if shes a vampire she wont be able to see him
    (i haven’t quite finished the thiird yet =D )
    but i think shesnot thinking about jake’s feelings
    i LOVE these books though!!!
    they are a miracle!!

  135. okay edward didn’t just come back expecting everything to be fine… have u READ the end of the second book, and the third! i mean come on that is SO clear, and jacob is selfish! i love him to death, but edward is definatly the better choice! and i have lots of stuff to say about the 4th book… okay i know a few people die, but 2 main for sure! and i know who, but i wouldn’t ruin that for you, like my friend did for me! and for those of you who have finished reading the third, I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS TO BELLA!!!!!!!!!! yay! i know what she chooses!!! and i can’t wait till it comes out AUGUEST 5TH!! (that’s what it says on to pre-order) I CAN’T WAIT!

  136. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i agree with brittany. sorry jose, but edward just didn’t come back. bella’s the one who went and got him and told him to come back. he came back because she wanted him to. and as for jacob, he really got ob my nerves. i mean he should just leave bella alone and realize that she is never going to choose him. she loves edward, not him. and OMG i can not wait until the 4th book comes out. i am going mad just thinking about it. it is way to far away. so i’ll just read the others over and over again until the 4th one comes out. lol. i’m actually reading the third one for the third time now and i don’t plan on stopping reading them any time soon. i’ll probably read them all like 10 times each. lol

  137. ohh my gosh.. i cant wait soo excitied to finish reading all of these books
    i am obessed with the series…
    and cant wait for the movie
    when i was first told about a book about a vampires
    i was like ummm i pass on that book but i am completely obessed with them… and oh my god my boyfriend gets a little jelous when i start rambling on about Edward…and bella is just adorable.
    and jake is getting on my nerves!
    well i am outt love the books! :):):)

  138. I love theese books. I cant wait for the the 5th one to come out and the movie, i hope it is as good ea the books!!! I like both Edward and Jacob, i wish there was a way Bella could be with both of them.

  139. Tiera Cappelle Says:

    i loved the first book
    i red it so many times
    i’m readin the second book new moon and i’m not likin the fact that edward and bella arn’t together
    but i guess it wouldn’t make it a good series if they stayed together the whole time
    i would totally recomend this book to other people!!!!
    it’s awsome!!!:)

  140. I love twilight i just got done with the third its totaly awsome! I want the fourth book (Breaking Dawn) to come out soon! IM SOO EXCITED THAT A TWILIGHT THE MOVIE IS COMING OUT IN A COUPLE OF YEARS!!!!!

  141. hey i can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to come out i am trying to occupy myself by reading other books but i can’t help it and really excited that twilight is comming out and me and my friends are freakin out over it!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait…….lol………

  142. hey guys!
    i just love the books! i am soooo obsessed with edward. i love him!!!!
    i can’t wait till the fourth book comes out and the one thats from edwards poinnt of view.. Does anyone know the exact dates of when both are comign out.

  143. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    breaking dawn is coming out on like the 8th of august and midnight sun doesn’t have a release date yet. i’m like totally psyched that more books are coming out cause i can’t get enough of edward. what can i say, i’m obsessed 🙂 but that’s still to far away. i mean come on, another 6 months to wait!!! it’s complete torture!!!!! i guess it’s better than the 10 months that it was when i first heard that a fourth book was coming out but i mean come on stephenie. hurry your keester up a little.

  144. awww too bad its so late that its coming out. I can’t wait to read it.. just so excited about it. Is the movie that there making in december just about twilight or does it include all teh books so far? lol
    Or will they have sequals?…Augusts a long time from now which totally sucks. I’ll probably re read them again and again until then. i can’t get enough of edward myself. i am so obsessed with him too. lol i love him, everythign about him. i have like fallen in love with him.:p

  145. i want to read the whole series again but i just don’t liek the second book that much because edward is not in it as much. It’s too much jacob…
    But thankgod he came back towards the end of it. I would of been devastated if bella choose jacob instead of edward. Edward deserves her and he had her first.

  146. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i’m reading the series again for the fourth time and i’ll probably read them another ten times. lol like you, i just can’t seem to get enough of edward. i mean he’s to perfect. i’m so jealous of bella and she’s not even real. now that’s quite pathetic. 🙂 and the movie is just about twilight. i’m not posotive but i heard something about sequels which would totally rock. plus that’s just way to much action to fit into a 2 or 3 hour movie. when you read the books again, just do what i do. i skip the parts that aren’t interesting. like the second, i’ll read till the middle of the third chapter and then skip to the part where alice comes back cause it made me cry when i found out that edward wasn’t coming back for a while. i think i’m in love with a fictional character. 😛

  147. mrs. melly cullen
    totally! i just can’t wait. i am so jelous of bella too. i mean not really whhen i read the books because it just seems like i am bella. just love that!!! seems like ur her and edwards yours.:p haha today i was upset and out of no where i was like aww i wish edward was here 😦 *tear* then i’m like he’s not even thats pathetic:p
    i love him so much. honestly guys are so much better in books. I am goign to read the series again two:p
    i do’nt like the second one that much cuz edwards not in it , but i was goign to skip all the boring parts with jacob and go to when edward comes back. I actually cried with he left her, totally understanding her pain, like it was my own. lol pathetic right? i was bella and he was leaving me it was liek tearing me apart:p lol i hope there are sequals. i am a harry potter fan but this is so much better than that. Totally! i actually am in love with him too. i mean totally

  148. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i agree with everything you said. i feel like bella completely when i read the books. then when i’m done reading them i get sad cause i realize that it’s not real. i just wanna cry my eyes out. in the book inkheart the girls dad can read characters out of books that he reads out loud. i totally wish my dad could do that with edward. i would so die if that happened to me, but then that wouldn’t be good cause then i wouldn’t get to spend time with edward. lol scratch the dying part. 🙂 i used to think that the harry potter books were the best series but now, compared to the twilight series they are so at the bottom at the list. the twilight series gets the first 100 spots on the top 100 best books list. haha man i love edward. sometimes i wish i wasn’t so obsessed so i wouldn’t think about it as much.

  149. mrs. melly cullen,
    thanks for agreeing with everythign i said lol. i feel like bella completely too, i can understand and feel her pain, excitement, feelings towards edward. even when he touches her and kisses her seems like hes kissing me ROFL> pathetic isn’t it? but true. i get sad too i just wish somehow he’d come to life and crawl in through my window 😛 i really actually cried while reading New Moon, i was about to shut the book and not read permanently, but then i thought he has to come back he has no choice he as to for me/bella lol. Haha i agree with you on that, i would absolutly give anythign to spend my life with edward, even become a vampire. I have a thing for vampires only after edward of course. Ya i used to too, but now twilight is the best. Harry potter is way at like number 10, twilight series is 1-9 on my list lol haha. i can’t wait for the fourth book and edwards point of view. I read the first chapter already for that one on teh website. me too, all i ever do is talk abotu him, edward, edward, edward. haha i love him! its liek i don’t need anything else but him and my book lol.

  150. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    omg, i so wish that when he was touching or kissing bella it was really me. now that would complete my life for eternity. lol i would so become a vampire for edward. he is totally and 100% worth becoming immortal. man i wish he was real. i just feel like crying my eyes out because he’s not real. 😦 how could stephenie do this to us. haha jk i am totally happy that she created edward. my life would be so boring if i couldn’t think about him all the time. i talk about him all the time too. my friends never want to talk about him though so i’m all by myself. one of my friends like totally hates the book. i let her borrow twilight and she only got half way through and said that these books suck. i felt like fainting. i can’t believe she doesn’t like them. and she doesn’t like edward!!!!! she thinks he’s annoying. i was like how can you not like edward!!!!!!! he’s the best fictional character to ever be created. If i had to choose one thing to live with for the rest of my life it would totally be this series.

  151. mrs. melly cullen
    ya i wish that too haha. well i don’t have to because when i am reading from bellas point of view/perspective, it seems liek i am her so its all good. better then nothing rite? lol Atleast you get to be with him as long as it lasts. lol i actually want to be a vampire if he’d turn me into one. i wish he aws real too haha. i am so glad she created edward too thankgod for that. I just can’t see my life without him now.. so incomplete lol ha. i think about him all the time. i even dream about edward. haha. 😮 she said that they suck… omg thats soooo stupid of her. my sisters friend thinks she should choose jacob which is so eww and omg no. When i read the book as bella i see him as my brother honestly to tell you teh truth. lol maybe she loves him as a brother but doesn’t know it yet lol. Maybe jacobs just infactuated by her. i love edward i would anyting in the world for him. lol if i had to choose one thing to live with for th rest of my life, if i could i wud choose edward haha. omg

  152. mrs melly cullen,
    apparently i was looking on the chapters website, and breaking dawn is suposed to come out on august 2nd!!!

  153. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    omg, i think about edward all the time. everything i hear or see now reminds me of him. i can’t get my mind off of him. yea, i dream about him too. but the sad part is when i dreamt about him i never saw his face 😦 when i woke up, i was so bummed. that like totally ruined my whole day. if bella chose jacob, that would so ruin the books for me. i mean he’s nice and everything, but like you said, he only appeals to me as a brother, not a boyfriend. bella is way better off with edward. and yea i didn’t choose the right thing at the end. i would so choose edward to keep it i could only choose one thing. he is so perfect in many ways. omg, august 2nd is like so close but so far away. i don’t know if i can take it!!

  154. mrs. melly cullen,
    haha omg i think of him all the time too. he is so real to me, i even dream about him rofl. i read the first book again today in 1 day!!! lol, i read all three of them in 4 days all together. my mom thought i was going insane. or something. lol so i started on the new moon today, i cried again wen he left her and i skipped the chapteres with jacob and went straight to visitor where alice comessss back i was like so happy, so excited like it was the first time i read the book lol. ya if she choose jacob it wud ruin the books for me as well, ya he apeales to me as a borhter too, not boyfriend material. Edward and Bella belogn with eachother and no one shoudl try to change that. Jacob like tries to make her feel bad and guilty all the time so that she would choose him over edward, pisses me off so much. also My birthdays in august, i can’t wait..i’m like telling everyone to get me that for my birthday lol i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUGUST 2nd. It just seems that jacobs a pathetic loser who can’t get over bella. i mean he knows that she belongs with edward too. I mean maybe jacob will realize that he doesn’t love her that way, maybe he loves her as a sistre and just doens’t realize it yet. lol cuz he hasn’t THANKGODDLY imprinted on her.

  155. Your Sites don’t work, why not?

  156. Okay so i just recently finished the third book in like a day lol obbsessed much/ but yeah i loved it, and to be honest i love jacob so much more than edward i wont go on to say why because if you havent read the third book then i wont give away anything but yeah i love this series, i at frist didnt think it would be that good but after i read it i found myself telling all of my friends to read it actually making them read it =) but then i told my sister to read and she is just as obbsessed as me!!! i cant wait for more books to come, breaking dawn to me seems to be about jacob, seeing as in her words he is her sun!!! o yeah does anyone know what the picture on eclipse means? well great site!!!

  157. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    haha. i think you and me are the most obsessed about these books. i mean were having dreams about edward. now if you tell me that means that we’re just a little to obsessed. 🙂 oh well. these books are worth being that obsessed over. that’s cool that your birthday is in august. but if you tell everyone to get you breaking dawn for your birthday you’ll have like twenty copies. haha. oh well. that means that you can read it twenty times so that they all get good use. omg i can’t wait until it comes out!!!

  158. mrs. melly cullen,
    hahahaha ya i think we are too. rofl. i just finished reading the third book last night again for the second time. lol.
    i love edward so much! i’ll like go to the theater liek every day to watch it rofl. haha i can’t wait. and i liek the dreams with edward;)

  159. i am so ready for the new books to come out. the twilight books is the only reason i started to get for real about reading. im craving another book its kind of a collection i started. i hope she gets turned if this is the last book from bellas point of view .

  160. Amber Lockhart Says:

    I love these books ive read twlight, new moon, and eclipse! i love them but i really wanna no if they get married or if she gets turned!! I hope she gets turned so they can be together 4 ever!! im such a hopeless romantic i no its just weird! lol but these books are amazing great details and u absolutly feel like your belle!!! omg i cant wait to read the rest of the books!!!!!! i hope i find them soon!!! Once i started reading these books i got hooked and couldn’t stop until of course . . . . i ran out of books. i hope The next book gives me the answers im looking for! this series can capture any reader and make then an obsessed edward or belle fan like us!
    can anyone tell me what book cums after Eclipse? and what cums after that in order please and thank u!!! o and edward is an absolute dream!!

  161. howdie dodie chicken bootys i didnt get to say everything. i love these books.

  162. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i know how your feeling. i finished eclipse like 4 or 5 months ago. i’ve been waiting forever for the fourth book. i can’t wait any longer!!!!!! i hope they get married and bella gets changed so that they can be together forever. picturing bella as an old lady and then edward still young and completely hott just isn’t a good picture. omg, i’m getting impatient. i want it to come out so bad!!!! and the book after eclipse is breaking dawn. that’s the last book from bella’s point of view. after that it’s midnight sun. that’s the same as twilight except in edwards point of view.

  163. ok so liek i can’t wait till the books come out
    do you think she’ll make a fifth book, cuz apparently she is trying to fit it in teh fourth but maybe she’ll write a fifth
    what do you guys think

  164. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i think that the fourth is gonna be the last one. i read somewhere that she only resigned her contract to make a fourth one. but i really hope she makes a fifth one!!! that means that there would be more to read about edward. 🙂 but i don’t think she will.

  165. BREAKING DAWN is going to be the last. Stephenie is moving on to write other series. Didn’t she mention before she’s going to write about mermaids? Anywho, Edward will finally turn Bella and they will get married and Jacob will impact with a nice wolfgirl. Well, hopefully. 😛

    Did you guys hear the cast of the TWILIGHT movie is already complete. Okay, almost hee; no Jacob as of now.

  166. I LOVE all the books n i cant wait tell the next one!!!!!!!they r the best books ive ever read!!!!my mom got me hooked on them n i got alllllll my friends on them! we all love them n they were thriled when i told them there was a nother one comeing!!!!

  167. CANNNNNTTTTT WAAAAAAIIIIITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. me too..!!!
    i wanted the dude in smallville to play emmettte.
    lol oh well. i can’t wait till the movie comes out. i’m reading twilight for the
    third time now already. lol can’t get enough of it. Does anyone have a idea when midnight sun will be out. u know the one from edwards point.

  169. I Love the Twiliht series whenever I’m on the computer I look up the news on her new book I can not wait for this I’ll have it read in one day!

  170. oh my god i know i totally love edward~!
    whenever i am on the computer i look up stuff on him too.
    i have over like 100 images of him ROFL.
    ya i am waiting for the new book too. Not that long tho.. AUGUST 2

  171. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    omg!! haha whenever i’m on the computer too i look up something about the books or the movie. i always come on this website too when i get on the computer just to see if anyone left any useful information or something to talk about. like i said before manisha, i think were a little to obsessed. and i thought the book comes out on the 8th or the 10th of august. not the 2nd. i’m not posotive about that though.

  172. hahahaha i do the same. thats like the only thing i do when i’m on the computer. lol check this site to see if you guys replyed, look up twilight images, stephanie meyers site, facebook, and msn rofl.
    ya totalY! i mean i read the books liek 3 times already and i never get bored of them. Every time edward says anything romantic i still get so excited like its the first time i have heard it rofl. i love him so much! haha. It says on chapters site that it is going to come out on auguse 2nd and stephanie meyers site too.

  173. edward needs to be played by someone that is a lot cuter than that dude. b/c in the book he is every girls fantasy. and bella is not that cute. get somebody that is young but looks like orlando bloom.

  174. i loveeeeeeeeee edward. and yes robert pattison isn’t my ideal edward but he looks good. I guess we’ll have to see when the movie comes out. I’m sure they will try to make him look good and hot of course.

  175. I think Pattison will pull it off.

  176. yah i think soo to
    did you guys see the pics on for the movie
    he actually looks decent lol
    however i wud of prefered Nathon from ONE TREE HIILLL to be my edward 😛

  177. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    i agree with you guys that robert will be able to pull it off. he’s ugly in pictures but when he’s in a movie he is totally hot. like in harry potter he was totally hot. and i absolutely LOVE his voice. it is so hot to listen to. but my ideal edward would have to be gaspard ulleil or hayden christensen. now both of those guys are totally hot!!

  178. ok so edward is cool and all. but jacob is extremely hot. as hot as a fictional character can be. i bet he imprints one bella once she’s a vamp!

  179. jacob is not hot, he would be considered as cute. edwards the real hot one there.

  180. i lovvveee edward. jacob is not bad, but it would be sooo much better if he just let go

  181. i love jacob .. but i like edward too . i’m so glade that there are more books comming out ! i can’t read them and to see the movie too

  182. i can’t either!!!

  183. i agree with a lot of you guys too about Edward being the total hottie!!(in the book) Although i wouldn’t go as far as to cut jacob out completely, he kind of gives it an edge, like what is Bella gonna do kind of thing. Its kind of nice to see two guys Fighting over her, almost literally. My friend Anais and i both LOVE Edward, but jacob is ok too, like he seems like he cares, but i wouldn’t want to see him with Bella. I ❤ Edward, and Anais 🙂

  184. edward rox my socks too:) haha

  185. Edward is like the greatest…i’m re-reading newmoon again(it’s like my third time)!!! hehe..but yeah i’m at the part were sam jsut found bella in the woods cold….and all that and it’s so sad…if I was bella and edward let me i’d like end my life!! =(

    can’t wait till the movie!

  186. mrs. melly cullen Says:

    OMG!!!!!! Edward is like a total hottie!!!!! if anyone would choose jacob over edward i think i would scream. I mean he’s okay for a friend and all but for a boyfriend no way. edward all the way for a boyfriend. he’s so caring and sensitive. jacob is just so pushy. he’s just got to get over the fact that bella is in love with edward and move on. no one could compete with edward. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  187. manisha Says:

    ya lol
    i just don’t want to re read them over and over again so that i’ll be bored.. which i don’t want ever! so i started this other vampire series called Argeneau Series by Lynsay Sands and there realy good. THeres liek 9 books already. And vampire series is good too. You guys shud check them out!

  188. i love edward Says:

    All u haters about Edward STOP IT!!!! If u say hes Ugly u shouldn’t b bloggen At first i didn’t like him but now he is really cute.

  189. i love edward Says:

    U guys should check out Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Sooooooo good!!

  190. No…not the girl just no…the guys alright but just not the girl there are better girls than her for this part…

  191. Hi everybody,
    A few weeks ago one of my friends and I started a fan club for the twilight series, but so far….we only have two more members its really fun and were all great friends but we cant get anyone to join. We do allot of fun stuff, and we tell people that and even ones who LOVED the book wont join no matter what we do. if anyone can tell me how we could get a few more members, I’d love to hear. We are also working on a website. I’ll give you the name of it when its done.


  192. And if anyone knows when the movie is said to come out….tell me:)

  193. The movies coming out in december

  194. I love Edward!!!!!

  195. god, i love all three books.
    i read them all literally 4 times each and am eagerally waiting for the fourht one to come out.
    Is it going to really be in edward’s point of veiw?

  196. Savannah Says:

    The Twilight series’ books are the best I’ve ever read. As soon as I began reading Twilight, I fell in love with it and could not put it down. I loved New Moon as well, but it really hurt to even try to think that Edward had really left Bella. Honestly, I absolutely hate Jacob! I’m all for Edward. Eclipse was unbelievably amazing! I found it to be romantic and sad all at the same time, because throughout the entire book I was afraid that Bella might have actually chosen anyone else but Edward. However, after reading the book 3 times, catching every single detail, I know that Bella could never leave Edward, even if she tried (which she wouldn’t). And, I would love to see Bella become a vampire, as she wishes, but one line in Eclipse makes me think differently. At one point, before graduation, she realizes that there is not much time left before she is scheduled to be bitten. Edward suggests that she wait, and she agrees. And he says something like, “I would give anything to become human for you, Bella.” So, I believe, that in Breaking Dawn, Edward will find a way to become human. And I would support that, completely. As long as she’s with him, and not Jacob, I would be happy!!! I really cannot wait! I will see Twilight, the movie, but I really wish that they weren’t making one, because my views will, unfortunatley, change. I hate that! I am also looking forward to Midnight Sun, the book from Edward’s point of view. Like I said before, these are the best stories I’ve ever read, and the best I will probably ever read. Thank You, Stephenie, for putting so much magic into them! Have I mentioned that I hate Jacob with a fiery passion? I LOVE you, Edward!!!! 🙂

  197. Savannah Says:

    You know, Joe Jonas is my ideal Edward. 😉

  198. Savannah Says:

    I would totally cry if Edward lost Bella…and all for her being with a stupid werewolf like Jacob! Bella+Edward=love 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. cosmo sprinkles Says:

    i totally love edward!!! when i read the first book then i want more to read about edward and bella then i got the 2nd book it took me 2 days to finish it and i finish reading the 3rd. i wonder if jacob will hurt bella if she turns into a vampire. i would be so happy if they had kids!!!! i’ll have a effin’ heart attack. im so into the series now!!! i like this guy named robert and i call him my edward and he calls me bella. if you want to talk to me about edward and bella and evry1 else em@il me at :

  200. i just finished twilight today since my friend forced me to read it and i fell in love with it. i was really sad after i was done with twilight though just because i cant start reading new moon since i dont have it yet. twilight was so supsensfull and romantic that i really wish edward was real 😦

  201. Hello my name is kira i love edward cullen sooooo much that i cry when i hear a sad song and relate it t ithe story.
    can someone please tell me if there is another book(no.4)
    I wish i could fly away and punch Bella in the face and then run away with EDWARD!!!
    here is my e-mail so we can talk about twilight if u like. 😉

    love Kira

  202. the books are interesting the charcters are colourful and edward and bella suit well.of corse theres so many ways it could end. and so many ways you could twist and turn to a good/bad way which will changes the story completly. “bella a girl who falls in love with a vampire” yes thats want they say, a romanic story with a bite thats turned out to be a lust. a lust for edward cullen. ive read the books more then once i can see why this could have come from a dream and not a thought. every charcter plays a part just right for them also the legend was rarther like a parziel put there just to fit. i know theres going to be a twist in all this which some people propably would not like but if the auther the controler of all there moves wants to do that twist then i say let her because theres no way i can stop that from happening. just make the right choises.

  203. Tiffany Says:

    i love the Twilight series. They are awesome. Read all 3 of them and am ttoally stoked for the fourth!

  204. you all are gay go fuck ur mothers and suck my nuts….
    y would u read a book.

  205. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im diying stupid game i hate those guys
    they kill me all tha time. do u guys love porn? i love it..

  206. what does guhu say?????? what kinda fucking stupid question is that. i mean why do they have to be so perfect about it.

  207. ( . )( . )

    haha nice tits

  208. who tha fuck is edward and why does everyone like him ill shoot his ass if i see him. is this a book site? i thought we can play games here… fuck this book.

  209. this is me 8======================================)
    yeah im big…

  210. omg no way fuck them books lets all go to tha biach and get naked… yuh

  211. how about it tiffany hmmm? u like sand?

  212. well g2g but ill come back dont worry. i no yall will miss me…

  213. i love those books and it hurts me to see that the book is going to be ruined because of the movie and the actors i men i imagined Edward a hot GOD and he is being played by so many ugly people and if you go to u tube and say twilight you too can see what i mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. shelbie Says:

    I just heard about this series of books yesterday and just finished twilight. Is new moon as good as twilight? and is the movie as good as the book?

  215. twilight is a very gangster book =]

  216. stefi-lo Says:

    OMG I’m so addicted!! Twilight stole my heart and now I can’t read another book!! I have to wait for my friend to finish the 2nd book before I can read it and I’m about to burst from the anticipation!!! lol
    I so recommend it for anybody!!!

  217. i’m halfways through new moon and well i don’t like it as much as twilight, it cause edwards not in it, and i kinda felp wen he broke up wityh her i felt as sad as her caus i was reding da book if you know what i mean

  218. i love the book 🙂 , but i hate jacoba and i love edward i imagined him hot but i saw the movie and edward is so ugly

  219. i really like this book and i am realy looking forward to readinf breaking dawn.
    i realy like JAkob in this story but i alsow like edward a lot.

  220. LOVE THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  221. i love all of ur books… on the third one i love how u left us hanging it makes me want to keep reading and never stop…. all of ur book r like that and i love the whole series…hope u keep writing more… there a fourth book of the series??

  222. i feel the same way about jake! he keeps trying to get bella to love him! and when he tricks her for a kiss! he is soooooo mean!

  223. i love all the books………but my mom has a friend who has to read them before me to make sure their ok!

  224. at the end of the 3rd book it was sooo cool! i cant wait for their wedding! who thinks edward is gona kill jake in the 4th book?

  225. Iv’e read twilight, new moon ,and i have just started reading eclipse. Pretty good so far. :)TEAM EDWARD(:

  226. edwardlover Says:

    i love is soooooooo good im about to start new moon i cant wait

  227. edwardlover Says:

    i love edward (da)

  228. i’m an 11 year old girl and i love this book so much. edward is a character quite hard to understand, but all the same fantastic!
    at da moment i’m kinda jealos of bella swan, i love edward.
    mwah edward. i love you

  229. BeŁaa..♥ Says:

    louee twillight… i read all 4 books again… new moon is the best movie i’ve ever seen just love itt<3<3

  230. Sharlene Says:

    I would like to know if Breaking Dawn is in libaries in Canada yetÉ and Midnight Sun

  231. I love twilight all I do in my spear time is read the books and I fink its amazin tht they have bin made into film but twilight crnt end this way it jst lik all films and bOoks theirs always a happy ending don’t get me rong its a great endin but its to be expected and thts not wat we want !! 😀 so is this the end ov twilight ???

  232. How to delete facebook account…

    […]Book four in the Twilight series annouced! and other news… « BOOKIE[…]…

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