A Little Diddie about Cover Art

Ok.  It was a little bit of a buzz-kill that I didn’t get more (haha your so funny) type comments on my Willie Nelson self help book post.  I guess bookish folk don’t appreciate pot humor as much as fans of That 70’s Show, or Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  I still thought it was funny, but I’ll move on like a big girl.

Bookslut has an interesting feature on was she feels was The Worst Cover Art of 2006Among the casualties she lists:

Suite Francaise  – Arty World War II Fetishism:

and The Road by Cormac McCarthyPost-Apocalyptic Dour Lit:

to read all her pithy little comments go here.  That Bookslut sure is a funny gal.

Also, Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series has a new page on her website called Craptastic Covers, where she shows us some rejected cover  art for Twilight and New Moon.  Here are a few…

craptasticcover2.jpg craptasticcover3.jpg


yea….those are kinda sucky.  Good move to go with the apple and the orchid Steph.


8 Responses to “A Little Diddie about Cover Art”

  1. I actually don’t mind the cover of the two hands for new moon.

  2. Heather – I don’t mind that one either. I actually like the Suite Francaise and The Road covers.

  3. You know, I like the covers for “The Road” and “Suite Francaise.” I’m just more drawn to solid colors. And I like the “Suite Francaise” cover because of the photo.

    I can’t think of any horrendous covers from 2006, though I think the Meyer covers are pretty bad. They just remind of some cornball New Age self-help books or something. And they look cheap.

    Interestingly enough, I’ve never read Laurell K. Hamilton because I don’t like the covers. (I’m also not into her style of fiction.) Being a guy, you’d think I’d be drawn to the pictures of nice legs and slender bodies, but they look like erotica books to me–not something the average woman might be attracted to in a guy. (Yes, I use books to entice women to ask me what I’m reading–I’m a shy guy, what can I say?)

    Bad covers 2006 … still can’t think of anything and chick-lit and Harlequin romances are just too easy for me to pick on. Though I’m certain that the instant I click ‘Submit Comment,’ something will occur to me.

  4. Brandon – I actually like both of those covers too. I scanned many of the books I read in 2006 and really couldn’t find a “bad” cover. I didn’t really care for the cover of The Book Thief with the dominoes on it.

    The other day I almost fell out of my chair trying to see what some guy was reading at lunch, so I think this is a good tactic for you.

  5. I don’t mind the cover for The Road – but I checked out a copy from the library and judging from trying to read the first page (are commas extinct in a post-apocalyptic world?) it’s going to take some determination on my part to get past the cover …

  6. Lesley – I have heard similar complaints regarding the apostrophe’s and commas. I would be interested to know what the reasoing was behind that???…If you do read it, let me know what ya think! 🙂

  7. Vampires kill Werewolves Says:

    I think that the cover for Twilight (not the one with the white hand, the other one) was king of cool, but the White hand one reminded me of ghosts and this is NOT a story about ghosts. I didn’t like either of the New Moon covers. AT ALL! Have ne of you seen the FIRST cover for Twilight? It is when it was still called Forks. I like that one too.

  8. I like the cover for both New Moons though…. even the actual covers are pretty nice to look at, when i’m actually reading the book i consider what the book cover has to do with the story so… yeah the covers are interesting enough to be considered a good book.

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