It’s official, I suck ……challenge update

Well, I totally failed my first reading challenge as a blogger.  The From the Stacks challenge at Overdue Books.  My list consisted of:

1.  The Tender Bar

2.  The Dressmaker

3.  The Birthdays – Started but didn’t finish because I kinda hated all of the characters.

4.  The Shadow of the Wind – Still collecting dust on my nightstand.

5.  The Book Thief

OK, so like 2 out of 5 is really bad.  The other challenge I’m committed to is the TBR Reading Challenge, of which I have read nothing from my list, yet. 

You know what, to be honest, I haven’t cracked open a book in almost 6 days.  I have tons to read.  I’ve started Istanbul, and Challenger Park, and I have The Thin Place, Rumspringa, Swann’s Way, Plum Wine, and The Ghost at the Table ALL loaned out from the library.  I did listen to an audiobook this week, and I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but it was Beach Road by James Patterson.  It was actually entertaining but the ending was SO BAD!!!!!  I know, it serves me right for even wasting my time on that stuff.  I have another audiobook checked out, The Terror, which is supposed to be really good, but seems so long, like I could drive to Cally and back and still not finish it.  Anyways, I think today will be the day to resume my reading.  I can feel it coming on……..


8 Responses to “It’s official, I suck ……challenge update”

  1. I hope your reading has gone well! I didn’t complete the From the Stacks challenge either — I gave up on the last book. Oh well — this is supposed to be fun, right?

  2. At least you tried right? Ah well there will always be more challenges. I have yet to complete one! Several of the books you have on loan are on my radar.

  3. Dorothy – You are so right. Why am I beating myself up about this?!

  4. Iliana – Thanks for that. It’s good to know you havn’t finished any either. makes me feel better.

  5. I am starting to feel pressured about reading, and that’s no fun. I am setting aside February for some “light” romance reading — literary romance, that is. Stuff like Austen and Victorian lit and anything that goes with chocolate, basically.

    I figure I’ll get my reading chops back at some point.

    Hey, you read 2 — that’s better than 0.

  6. LK – I am still struggling a bit to gt my nose into something. I started reading Istanbul by Orhan Pamuk, but its non-fiction so it takes alot of concentration and quiet (not easy to come by in my house). Right now my idea of light reading is poetry. It’s quick and easy, and you can skip around alot.

  7. I loved your Willie post. Very funny.
    I am havign a hard time finding a book to interest me. I just finished The Other Boelyn Girl. I scratched The Pact. I accidentally snuck a peek at the end and lost interest. Bad girl I know.
    Any suggestions. I think I need something lite and easy right now.

  8. Um…Well, there is some chick lit that I really enjoyed last year, light and funny, but still pretty smartly written. Something Borrowed and Something Blue ( 2 diff books) by Emily Giffin. Give them a try, they are highly entertainly and def light.

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