Dropping poetry like science.


Once upon a time, long ago, in a land far far away, I used to read lots of poetry. I took poetry courses, I even tried to (gasp) write poetry.   Well, those days are long past, and now I find myself pretty disconnected from it.  So, I’ve decided I miss it and I need to find a place for poetry again in my reading, and my life.  I’ve decided to start reading it again on a regular basis, and also doing “poetry drops” on BOOKIE.  A poetry drop is just a post where I post a poem, or just drop a little knowledge about the writer.  These poetry drops will be random in every sense of the word.  Today is my first drop, a poem by Adrienne Rich from her book Your Native Land, Your Life.  Hope you like it.  I think its timely, if nothing else.

Look:   this is January     the worst onslaught

is ahead of us     Don’t be lured

by these soft grey afternoons   these sunsets cut

from pink and violet tissue paper    by the thought

the days are lengthening

Don’t let the solstice fool you:

our lives will always be

a strew of contradictions

the worst moment of winter can come in April

when the peepers are stubbornly still        and our bodies

plod on without conviction

and our thoughts cramp down before the sheer

arsenal of everything that tries us

this battering, blunt-edged life.


3 Responses to “Dropping poetry like science.”

  1. Very cool idea!

  2. The poetry leaves a tearful heart and I cry.

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