Currently Reading….Nothing.

Im in stall mode.  I have a ton of books on my nightstand but cannot seem to start any of them.  They are all very tempting:

Holidays on Ice – David Sedaris – This seems like the most logical choice and it is the one I will probably eventually pick up.  It’s seasonal, funny, and short.  Perfect really…I just haven’t. quite. touched. it.

The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon – OK, this one has been sitting on my nightstand collecting dust since June.  I can’t really explain why, since it seems like a fabulous story and has been recommended and raved about among critics ans bloggers alike.  It’s an enigma.

I am the Messanger – Marcus Zusak – This is the same author that wrote The Book Thief, which I loved.  The bad news about this one is that its a library loan which means the clock is ticking..God I hate pressure. 

Skinny Dip – Carl Hiassen – Another library loan….tick. tick. tick.

Grayson – Lynne Cox – tick. tick…

So, whats a girl to do?  Of course, it doesn’t help that my 3 year old has been puking since Thursday and I’m scheduled to make 4 dozen pralines for a “cookie swap” at work, plus I haven’t done one bit of Christmas shopping.


9 Responses to “Currently Reading….Nothing.”

  1. Same issue here. At your recommendation, I have The Book Thief sitting next to my bed, but can’t seem to start reading. I think it is holiday guilt for having so much to do and the sickness running through my family also. I’d go for Holidays on Ice if I were you because you can pick it up and put it down at your leisure and not be too sucked into a story line to tear yourself away.
    So…you got little pukers on your hands too huh? Gross.

  2. I just finished Grayson recently. While it has some technical problems it is a very quick read and the spirit and enthusiasm of the author for the experience that happened to her when she was 17 shines through and makes it worthwhile despite its problems.

    I recently received The Shadow of the Wind for a birthday gift and look forward to getting to it sometime (hopefully early) next year.
    Carl, I read your review on Grayson and I am looking forward to reading it. The fact that it is so short is certainly working to its advantage at the moment.

  3. I have The Book Thief too…same syndrome as you and Michelle.

    Go for Sedaris. You don’t have to think, just crack a smile and guffaw.
    Sedaris is def the front runner.

  4. Sometimes reading just doesn’t work, does it? Eventually you’ll pick these up I’m sure.
    Yeah…sometimes its just hard to get started, kind of like excercise.

  5. I know exactly how it feels to be in stall mode. My reading choices are often dictated by my mood. I may pick up a certain book, with good intentions, only to realize that I just don’t feel like reading it. That’s pretty much what happened when I read “The Great Gatsby” earlier this year. I pretty much forced myself to read it, but I didn’t exactly enjoy it because I wasn’t in the mood for it.
    Brandon, I think you are right. Your mood does play a big part of what you decide to read. I also don’t like the idea of forcing myself to read something just because its sitting there.

  6. Oh I hate it when I get stuck like that. Maybe you could read a magazine. Sometimes that helps me get back in the mood for fiction.
    It’s worth a try, thanks.

  7. I know how you feel. I have a million books and now three challenges. But am STUCK on Mansfeild Park. I love Austen but this Fanny Price is just too good you know…
    Honestly, I think the challenges make it worse on me. The more the merrier is not always the case for me.

  8. I just had to tell you about this hilarious book I’m reading – A Christmas Caroline by Kyle Smith. I can’t stop laughing, it’s so good! It’s like a snarky version of Dickens christmas carol. Check it out.
    Thanks Laura, I have jotted it down. Also, thanks for stopping by BOOKIE.

  9. I hate getting in those moods when nothing seems to be saying ‘read me!’ Holidays on Ice would be a good one to read in bits and pieces – if nothing else, read ‘The Santaland Diaries’ – absolutley hilarious.

    I’ve been thinking about adding ‘Grayson’ to my wishlist so I’m off to read Carl’s review.

    Hope your daughter is feeling better and you get those cookies baked!
    Thanks Lesley, cookies are baked and kid has stppoed puking. All is well for now.

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