The Ghost Orchid by Carolyn Goodman (Audiobook)

A Novel

An isolated Victorian mansion in upstate New York is the backdrop for Goodman’s latest literary mystery (after The Drowning Tree), which stars a debut novelist and her fellow residents at the artists’ retreat Bosco. Ellis Brooks has been accepted to Bosco primarily because her first novel is to be a fictional account of the mansion’s mysterious past; while there will be no deaths during her stay, there’s spookiness aplenty, as well as several 1893 murders still begging resolution. Goodman’s narrative alternates between Ellis’s first-person present and 1893. Coincidentally—or not—two of Bosco’s other guests are also working on projects related to the mansion. But they turn out to be little more than convenient accessories as Ellis, the daughter of a psychic (and possessor of certain powers of her own), unlocks clue after mystical clue to secrets long buried by the mansion’s original owners. Publishers Weekly

I enjoyed this audiobook quite a bit.  It had all of the ingredients that are necessary to keep me engaged enough in the story that I don’t stop listening and start drifting away into my favorite “Josh Hartnett is in love with me, and I’m playing hard to get” commuter fantasy.  Anyways…it was an interesting story of a young female writer who applies for, and is given a grant to write at a famous artist colony called Bosco.  Long story short…Bosco is haunted.  The book alternates between the present Bosco and past Bosco and then sort of interweaves the two, which keeps things interesting.  Though some parts of the story were overly descriptive and bordering on cheesy, the story was good and suspenseful and great as an audiobook.  I’m thankful for this, because I’ve been on a bit of a bad run…

My last couple of audiobooks were, well, terrible.  First there was The Little Friend – by Donna Tartt.  This was actually really really good…right up until THE END.  It was one of those endings in which you might imagine that a publisher was standing by with a stopwatch and screaming “TIMES UP! ITS OVER. THERE WILL BE NO MORE WRITING, PUT THE PENCIL DOWN…I SAID NOW”!  In summary, I thought the ending sucked.  Then, I decided to try chick lit audiobook style with The Nanny Diaries.  This is a pretty popular book about a nanny who works for an extremely wealthy 5th Avenue New York City family.  The treatment of the poor nanny bordered on abuse, and while I just KNEW that her moment would come and she would be vindicated and they would be shamed, that moment never came.  If it would have, it may have been worth the eleven or so hours of torture I endured for her via my CD player, but it never happened I was left in a state of frustration and forced to drink.  Anyone else hate this as much as me?!  Please tell me, I need vindication.

So…if you have a chance, and a long drive, I would recommend The Ghost Orchid!  By the way, has anyone else noticed, I’m a bit obsessed with the paranormal lately?  What gives.


5 Responses to “The Ghost Orchid by Carolyn Goodman (Audiobook)”

  1. Sorry I skimmed your review on The Ghost Orchid because I plan to read that soon. I had it from the library but had to return before I could get to it. Drat.
    But, I join you in the hate for the Nanny Diaries. Why was it so popular?!
    I don’t know…I guess the idea of it was appealing, but it was such a stressful story. Yikes. There is even a movie version coming out starring Scarlett Johansson. I hope they have changed it enough so the poor girl can actually defend herself in the film.

  2. Haven’t read any of the books you mentioned, though I vow to start getting audio books from my local library.
    Bookie, have I mentioned how I love your reviews?
    I also love your commuter fantasy. Mine involves George Clooney.
    Aw shucks! Thanks! I know that I’m not the most literary writer but I try to let my sense of humor come out.
    George Clooney huh? Not bad….

  3. Thanks for the rec – I hadn’t heard of this, but it sounds very interesting in a Historian/Possession kind of way.

    The Little Friend is actually one of my favorites. I went around recommending it to everyone I knew for a year, buying it for people for Christmas, etc. Afterwards, they’d all track me down, pissed. Nobody liked that ending.
    LOL. That’s funny, but it has happened to me before as well. I lost many-a-friend over Life of Pi. I still think it rocks.

  4. I’m waiting for a copy of The Ghost Orchid through a BookCrossing bookring I joined. I enjoyed her prior books so am hopeful about this one, too. The Little Friend is sitting on my ‘to read’ shelf, patiently waiting for me to be in the mood to pick it up.

    I’m still in a spooky story mood myself – I may have to read my new copy of ‘Come Closer’ sooner rather than later. 🙂
    Hey, that has been on my list forever….Maybe I’ll read it soon too…while I’m in the mood.

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