The Dressmaker by Elizabeth Birkelund Oberbeck

The Dressmaker

From Publishers Weekly
In the rural French town of Senlis, mild-mannered, middle-aged tailor Claude Reynaud fashions wedding gowns, dresses and suits for Parisian women in the know; for the locals, he repairs torn seams, sews on buttons and alters hemlines. Claude’s predictable life turns upside down when the charming parisienne Valentine de Verlay commissions him to make her wedding dress, and he falls in love with her…..Claude and Valentine couple early on, but, despite being in love with Claude, Valentine stays on track for the marriage to Victor. When Claude joins up with a major Paris designer to be closer to Valentine, former Cosmopolitan columnist Oberbeck cleverly portrays Claude’s entrée into high fashion, but she makes a weak case for Claude’s dislike of all the attention. An inexplicably tragic side plot involving the teenage girlfriend of one of Claude’s nephews further derails the proceedings. Oberbeck successfully creates the intrigue one wants for a wedding gown designer who falls in love with his client and vice versa, but doesn’t manage it all the way through to the principals’ New York collision. (July)

Oh, woe is me!  I did not enjoy The Dressmaker.  Such a shame, what a lovely, and inviting cover.  Unfortunately, I thought the characters were very poorly developed.  I didn’t buy the romance between Claude(the dressmaker) and Valentine one bit.  My impression of Claude was that he was a hermit and a bit of a bitter pill.  I couldn’t fathom why Valentine would agree to have coffee with him much less sleep with him (ewww).  I could into more detail but I have to go grocery shopping for Turkey day.  All in all, The Dressmaker fell flat.

On a more positive note, I have been listening to The Ghost orchid on audio book in my car and it’s very good!


4 Responses to “The Dressmaker by Elizabeth Birkelund Oberbeck”

  1. Thank God you are such a speed reader and can weed out some things for me. After recently forcing my way through a couple of boring reads, it is nice to hear from someone I know and trust not to waste what little time I have to myself on a book that made you say, “Oh woe is me…” I am going to pick up The Book Thief next time I’m out. Hoping to get some good downtime during the holiday.
    Happy to be of service! Hope you like The Book Thief

  2. I had been a bit tempted by this one but will be in no rush to read it. Hope your next book is much better. I haven’t started The Ghost Orchid yet but am hoping to do that over Thanksgiving.

    Yes, I was excited about reading reading it to. Too bad it fell short.

  3. The cover is certainly tempting. Thanks for the review and saving me some $ and time!

    No prob!

  4. When I first saw the cover I thought, “Hmmm… this is either going to be charming or it’s gonna suuuuccckk.”
    Now I know. 🙂

    yep…suck city. Return immediatly and move on.

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