Various tid-bits and a healthy dose of self pity

Wanna wear what you read?  Go here.  I’m so ordering the Jane Austen T-shirt.  Wanna see the lives of famous writers made into cartoons? Buy this.  Feeling like being totally negative today?  You can create your own Demotivations Calender here.  Oh, come on!  Negativity can be fun!  These were my calender choices:

April2007: Bitterness
 August2007: Despair
 December2006: Limitations
 December2007: Madness
 February2007: Demotivation
 January2007: Delusions
 July2007: Defeat
 June2007: Blame
 March2007: Failure
 May2007: Regret
 November2006: Burnout
 November2007: Insanity
 October2006: DareToSlack
 October2007: Agony
 September2006: Demotivation
 September2007: Humiliation

Notice I inadvertently chose Demotivation twice?!  Don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to figure that one out.  It’s no secret I’ve been becoming more and more disenchanted with my job lately.  It doesn’t really help matters when I  find out three days after coming back from a conference that,   A. The Head of the Dept. didn’t know I was  going,(particularly bad since I stopped by his office prior to the trip to emphatically thank him for the opportunity) and, B. Had he known he would not have approved the trip.  Now, thats a real ego booster.

Still I trudge on.  To make matters even more complicated I REALLY need to get back on my diet like NOW.  I can’t bear one more Christmas as a fatty-boom-ba-latty.  Serious misery.  How fun are diets???  Aren’t they great?!  I actually enjoy exercise but as mentioned above, I have a slight problem with motivation.

OK, well, I’m sure you’ve had enough sunshine for one day.  Stay tuned tomorrow when I discuss various uplifting topics such as; the plague, the holocaust, childhood leukemia, and 911.


5 Responses to “Various tid-bits and a healthy dose of self pity”

  1. I got my exercise for the day, I just raked leaves for 3 hours. But I am with you on the liking exercise but lacking motivation. *sigh* When I can think coherently I am going to explore some of these links.

    3 hours! I did for like 20 minutes and I was dead. Good for you.

  2. I just emailed that Literary Rags link to my mom as an Xmas hint. I have my eye on Virginia Woolf!

    I know! Aren’t they cool t-shirts!

  3. Negativity is WAY underrated, if you ask me. Thanks for the links and your version of the Demotivation Calendar.
    Now, as for losing weight, I lost over 50 pounds in the last year and a half. I gained about 10 back the past few months, due to stress and not exercising regularly because of stupid work. Now I’m getting back on track. I think the trick is finding what works for you. For example, I have to exercise AT LEAST three times a week. So, I really focus on that versus “cutting calories.” And I’m a lot more aware of getting my fruits and veggies in every day. Hope that helps!

    I would love to chat with you about your 50 pound loss. My problem is not knowledge, I know what I need to do and how I should eat. I just can’t seem to stick to it. I may need some motivational tips from you.

  4. p>Ah those shirts are awesome! Very very cool. I want Jane Austen. And I think every month is insanity for me! LOL

    I will own the Jane austen one as well!

  5. I am like running everday in the park with my brothers.

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