BOOKIE hits the jackpot in Boston!

I’m leaving for Boston today for a 2 day convention for work.  I’m staying in Cambridge very close to Harvard’s campus.  I was googling for things to do while in Boston when I came across this….

Boasting 25 bookstores within walking distance of the famous campus, Harvard Square in Cambridge is a virtual utopia for readers of any age and all walks of life. The popular area offers a wide range of specialty shops whose inventory runs the gamut from out-of-print literature to new age meditation manuals.

Following is a list of Harvard Square bookstores

  1. Robin Bledsoe, Bookseller. 1640 Mass. Ave. Out-of-print art history, archaeology, graphic design; new, used and imported horse books.
  2. Bryn Mawr Book Store. 373 Huron Ave. Used and rare books.
  3. Cambridge Scholarly Books. 52 JFK St. History, philosophy, art, architecture, science, advanced math and physics.
  4. Buck a Book. 30 JFK St. Discount books.
  5. Canterbury’s Book Shop. 1675 Mass. Ave. Antiquarian and new scholarly books.
  6. Curious George Goes to Wordsworth. 1 JFK St. Childrens’ books.
  7. Globe Corner Bookstore. 28 Church St. Travel books and maps.
  8. Global Village Books. 111 Mt. Auburn Street. Social and personal change, self-help, psychology.
  9. James & Devon Gray Booksellers. 12 Arrow St. Pre-1700 books in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin and Spanish.
  10. Harvard Bookstore. 1256 Massachusetts Avenue. General bookstore which offers generous discounts on their “featured fifty.”
  11. The Harvard Coop. 1400 Mass. Ave. The official “college bookstore” of Harvard.
  12. Harvard University Art Museums Shop. Fogg Art Museum, 32 Quincy St. Publications from Harvard’s Art Museums.
  13. Harvard University Press Display Room. 1354 Mass. Ave. (Shops by Harvard Yard). Complete selection of Harvard University Press Books in print.
  14. Mandrake Book Store. 8 Story St. “Carefully selected” books; specializes in psychotherapy.
  15. McIntyre & Moore Booksellers. 8 Mt. Auburn St. Used books, mostly academic.
  16. H.L Medelsohn, Fine European Books. 1640 Mass. Ave. Out-of-print architecture, etc.
  17. The Million Year Picnic. 99 Mount Auburn St. New England’s oldest comic bookstore.
  18. Revolution Books. 1156 Mass. Ave. Revolutionary Marxism and Maoism, Black studies, Africa and the Caribbean, etc.
  19. Savanna Books. 1132 Mass. Ave. Specializing in books about people of color.
  20. Schoenhof’s Foreign Books, Inc. 76A Mount Auburn St. Multilingual literature, nonfiction and reference.
  21. Seven Stars. 58 JFK St. New Age books and merchandise.
  22. Starr Bookshop, Inc. 29 Plympton St. Used and out-of-print.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!! WOW!  Stay tuned for pics and updates from Bookstore Heaven.


7 Responses to “BOOKIE hits the jackpot in Boston!”

  1. How FUN!! Enjoy.

  2. While you’re up there perusing the local bookstores, I think a good idea would be to get some particularly rare and interesting book for someone you love.

  3. Oh you lucky girl! Boston is a great town and with all those cool bookstores how can a girl go wrong? Just watch out – it is going to be a bit chilly this weekend.

  4. Lucky girl! I went to Boston last year and absolutely loved it. If you happen to get out to Salem they have a most amazing used bookstore right in the middle of town. You can’t even see in for all the books along the windows! Have a blast and will be looking forward to hearing of your bookstore finds.

  5. I’ve always wanted to go to Boston! It looks like you’re going to have lots of fun, what with all the bookstores in town. I hope that you have a safe trip, and most important, LOTS of fun on your downtime! Can’t wait to see the pics 🙂

  6. Boston is so much fun! Enjoy your trip and your downtime from the real world of work and mommyhood.

  7. If you have the time to make it over to Brookline, go. Brookline Booksmith is one of my absolute favorites! Take the red line from Harvard Square to the green line at Park, jump on the C line and take it out to Coolidge Corner. Follow the crowd down Harvard Street, BB will be on your right. You won’t be disappointed! Lots of good places to eat around there also.

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