Ted Bundy Scares Me!

Revised and Updated Edition

I love to be scared.  I love roller coasters and haunted houses and horror movies.  My mom, and please don’t judge her for this, took me to see Carrie when I was just 6 years old.  I was scared, horrified, BUT….somehow…I knew it wasn’t REAL.  Just a movie. 

This sort of set the pace for me and scary things in my life.  Bring it on!  I could watch anything.  Children of the Corn was my slumber party movie choice du jour.  I’d ride (and still will) the most insane roller coasters on the planet.  I don’t scare easy. 

 So what was the scariest book I’ve ever read?  It was Ann Rule’s The Stranger Beside MeTrue Crime scares me more than anything.  Ted Bundy was a sick fuck and you can read ALL about it in this book.  Ann Rule was his friend.  She worked beside him at a suicide hotline in Seattle.  She knew him as a friend, a co-worker, a nice guy,  a tad too ambitious, but overall okay.  Turns out her friend Ted from the suicide hotline was one of the sickest fucks to ever walk the planet.  Using his all American charm and good looks, he hooked his victims by faking injuries and  preying on their good nature,…..then  he then drove them out to remote locations, tortured,  and murdered them.  Ted Bundy’s mom got pregnant at 22 and her and her parents decided to pretend that Ted was actually the child of his grandparents.  he grew up uder the premise that his mom was actually his sister, and his grandparents actually his parents.  Lesson number one, don’t screw with your kids so hardcore. Evidently, everyone knew the truth including Ted. He didn’t turn out well.

Ted Bundy is one of the worst serial killers in history. His Antisocial personality and psychotic character made him feared across the country. After all was said and done Ted left behind a trail of bloody slayings that included the deaths of 36 young women and spanned through four states. The biggest question in many people’s mind was how could someone as intelligent, highly accomplished, and praised as Bundy do such a thing? Theodore Robert Bundy was born November 24th, 1946 in Burlinton, Vermont. His mother Eleanor Louise Cowell was 22 when she had him. Ted’s mom never told him much about his father except that he was in the armed forces and they had only dated a few times. Ted was left in foster care for two months while his mom and parents decided what to do with him. In 1946 an illegitimate child was extremely looked down upon by society. Once they decided to keep Ted his grandparents told everyone he was their adopted son. Ted knew who his biological mom was, but outsiders were told that she was his sister. Ted adored his grandfather, he was the only man Ted really respected. His grandfather was also particularly fond of Ted. Ted would go on camping and fishing trips with his grandfather. Ted thought he was just a great guy, but the family thought different. They would describe his grandfather as an ill-tempered tyrant. He was racist, intolerant, and a perfectionist. He expected everyone to meet his demands. His grandfather was also verbally abusive toward other family members and physically abusive toward his wife. He also physically mistreated animals including the family pet. Ted’s grandmother suffered from depression. It got so bad that she was eventually treated with electroshock therapy. She also suffered from agoraphobia and never left the house. Could this be the reason Ted turned out how he did?

Ted was so confident in his abilities as a killer, that he wasn’t very careful.  He wore no disguises and often referred to himself as Ted.  It still took him forever to get caught.  Ann Rule became a true crime writer because of Ted Bundy.  She takes you to every murder scene with painstaking accuracy.  Dracula. Stephen King….Bah humbug!  Ted Bundy is real evil.  You want to be scared….read this book…with the lights on.  Happy Halloween!


12 Responses to “Ted Bundy Scares Me!”

  1. Seriously Sheri, you saw Carrie at age 6? I still won’t watch it today. I unlike you cannot stand to be scared (with the exception of rollercoasters – love those). And not so much the stupid, unrealistic horror movies, but more the things that could and do happen, like Ted Bundy. But I am also strangely curious about crime, so maybe if I read it only during the daytime…

  2. Actually NO I didn’t. I saw it at 3! I just googled it an it came out in 1976 which was 3 years after I was born which means I WAS 3! What the hell was my mom thinking. Note to self….don’t let your 3 year old watch sick twisted movies, he WILL REMEMBER. Another note to self…find therapist for 6 year old.

  3. I just can’t imagine the endless questions and nighttime awakenings that would follow letting my 3 year old watch a scary movie! And maybe the Carrie viewing explains alot about you…just kidding. Happy Halloween! BTW, thanks for getting the reading fire back under me. I read The Keep and started Anna Quindlan’s new book last night. Trying to get Twilight, but my library has it on hold.

  4. Ted Bundy = sociopath

  5. LK – Truly a sociopath. The book is horrifying.

    Michelle – Thanks! I’m so glad! Thats why I like doing this….thanks for reading!

  6. I want to read this book, but I know that I’m going to be freaked out for days. I do think that I’m going to pick it up soon just because of your review.

    I’ve got to give it to you – I admire your tenacity for watching horror flicks. The ONLY movie that I can watch is The Lost Boys because it’s one of my favorites. I still scare easily (especially towards the end) but I have this intense need to watch it for both Keither Sutherland and Jason Patric 😉

  7. We let me little brother watch Lost Boys while babysitting him when he was around 6 or 7 and he got so scared he threw up!

  8. EWE…puking is no good.

  9. I was getting bored with Stephen King so I went out and bought this book. I love anything scary and it looks like this will do it for me. Knowing that it’s real gives me chills.

    Your so brave! It’s horribly frightning.

  10. i read the book about the same time you posted this entry.
    I’m kinda addicted to true crime stories and this book was on my top to-read-book list.
    I really thought it was going to be a delight (how I can call psycho murders a ‘delight’ to read, I still dunno), bot boy was I wrong.
    Of course it was a value for money kinda book, but it scared the shit otta me too!
    I had nightmares for weeks – keep seing faceless guy killing me.
    I’ll keep the book though, it might be less scary the second time around 🙂

    Anyze – Thanks for visitng Bookie! I have to admit I wash thrilled to have a reader from so far away.
    I agree totally…The book is scary as hell and CHEAP! Can’t beat that!

  11. The “knowing Ted Bundy” aspect and thinking he was just a normal dude is what totally freaks me out. God, we none of us know very much about the people around us all day long, do we? Creepy!

    Her Green River, Running Red is a pretty scary book too. The Green River Killer stalked her by sending letters, I believe, because she was such a famous true crime writer. She’s brave! I’d have gotten out of the business after the first creepy letter, I’ll tell you that.

  12. TripleXXX Says:

    wat book is it??

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