Paper or Plastic?

I love paperback books much more than hardcover.  I like the softness of them, the glossy cover, and the way they snuggle up with you at night.  They are easier to tote as well.  You can bring them anywhere.  I  also like to keep them in mint condition.   Crisp cover, with a clean, square, and tight spine.  I am not anal about anything else in the world except for this.  Bent covers are absolutely unacceptable.  Once a friend showed me a book she lent to someone only to have it returned looking like it had been run over by a cement truck, AND even worse, the person had actually scribbled a grocery list all over the back cover!  A killing offense.  Now this is not to say I don’t share.  I do, but it is very difficult and I generally do it only when I LOVE the book so much that I simply MUST make someone else read it.  In these cases my urge to share the experience of the book surpasses everything else and I lend it out generally expecting never to see it again.  This has happened frequently but thats OKAY.  Just knowing that someone else had read it makes me happy.  Maybe if I’m very lucky, they will even let me discuss it with them at length.  You can read a great post on sharing over at The Written Word.

The dilemma is of course, is that I can’t possibly wait for most books to come out in paperback so I’m forced to either buy or borrow the hardcover.  RARELY do I buy hardcovers, I would have to sell a kidney to afford all the books I want to buy.  Mostly, I’m stuck with the library.  While, I love the endless possibilities that the library can provide, I hate that plastic protective covering that they wrap the books in.  So cold…

Over the past few months some hardcovers on my TBR list have gleefully come out in paperback.  Here are a few:

A NovelThe SeaA Novel Midnight At The Dragon Café (Alex Awards (Awards))

What do you prefer?  Paperbacks?  Hardcovers?  Don’t care, as long as it’s good?  Honestly, a good read, even if it’s covered in plastic is OK with me. 


11 Responses to “Paper or Plastic?”

  1. I love trade paperbacks for the same exact reasons you do. I really have to stay away from the book section at Target – I just can’t control myself!!

  2. I don’t think I really care. I just like a book that doesn’t fall apart. lol It depends on how much I want a book.

  3. Sometimes my choice is dependent on whether or not I’m willing to wait for a paperback edition or not. With big books I usually do wait for a paperback because I carry my lunch, purse, and book in a backpack to work (I ride a light rail train to and from downtown). Big huge hardbacks are just too heavy a load to add to my backpack.

  4. my classics are usually hardcover….. and those books I cannot WAIT For in paper… but usually I prefer trade paperbacks…. they are so pretty and convenient.

  5. I love paperbacks and smaller ones! I like to hold them, read them in the bath and carry them around with me; so the smaller and softer and more compact the better.
    Actually i hate hard backs, partly because they are cumbersome but they also seem to have really revolting covers!

  6. Ebbye – Yes, I failed to mention that in my post but I agree. The cover art on the paperback is usually more attractive!

  7. I posted about this very thing awhile back! My new favorite designs are the trade paperbacks with French flaps – the covers tend to be thicker and the paper itself a better quality.

    I wonder why it is that the trade art tends to be better? You’d think it would be the other way around, wouldn’t you?

  8. Les – I don’t know…maybe it has to be more eye-catching the second time around?

    Steph – Thanks for linking this post in your blog!

    Kail – I know….sometimes you just have to have the book at all costs!

    Ebbye – reading in the the bathtub rules!

  9. Softbound but not the paperbacks that are too small. I can’t read the type anymore, alas.

    I never lend books I couldn’t stand to lose. So, I rarely ever lend books. I don’t borrow them either, because somehow, they morph into my own stacks as if they were stray kittens trying to sneak into a new home.

  10. I really don’t care if it’s paperback or hard cover. I get most of my books from the library or buy used online. I definitely like them clean and in good condition.

  11. I have to admit, I don’t much care either way. It’s what under the covers that counts 😉

    BUT, if I HAD to pick, I’d probably say hardback. I tear up paperbacks pretty easy and it makes me mad.

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