Edward Cullen = McDreamy

New Moon Cover


I just finished New Moon by Stephenie Meyer after sneaking into the bathroom all day at work to try to read little bits and pieces of it  ( I got busted by the way by one of my saavy co-workers, who has now nicknamed me employee of the month).  After reading and loving Twilight, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this.   The sequel picks up with Bella and Edward’s romance in full swing.  It’s her birthday and Edward and his vampire family are having a party for Bella when (OOPS) she accidently cuts her finger (insert sound of record scratching as the party comes to an abrubt end) and the sight and smell of her blood makes the vampires crazy.   After this incident Edward painfully decides its time for he and his family to move on.  Bella sinks into depression and the story begins.

I enjoyed New Moon, but not as much as Twilight.  Although,  it did have  the same relentless grip on me that Twilight did.  The most compelling parts of the story are the heated exchanges between Bella and Edward,  so when Edward left I just really wanted him to come back.  I wasn’t all that interested in Bella’s friendship with Jacob, which took up a good portion of the book,  and I found myself tempted to skim to the parts when she would finally be with Edward again (because you know they HAD to get back together in the end).  What is it about these books that get you so hooked?  It’s a little like Gray’s Anatomy.  I just HAVE to find out where Edward and Bella’s little bloodsucking romance is going to take them.  Is Edward McDreamy or McSteamy?…and if only it would come on every Thursday night. 

Thankfully, there is a third book in the works titled Eclipse which chronicles the story from Edward’s point of view (sigh).  Until then for all things Edward and Bella, you can check out Stephenie Meyer’s website.




39 Responses to “Edward Cullen = McDreamy”

  1. I probably shouldn’t have read your post. When I finished Twilight I was wondering if Bella became a vampire or not. Now I know. That’s okay, now I don’t feel compelled to read New Moon.

  2. Oh! I’m so sorry. I promise to include (spolier) tags from now on!

  3. Sigh…Edward…

    I love him.

  4. I will never doubt you again. I am hooked!! I bought both books Wed of last week and I am almost finished with New Moon. My husband told me that he was tired of seeing me with a book in my hand all weekend. I am a little sad that I will be finished tonight.
    I have no Idea what I can buy next that will keep me hooked like these books did.

  5. Jeannine – I’m so glad! Just ignore your husband like I do….and keep reading.

    Try – Something Borrowed adn Something Blue by Emily Giffin, those are very “hookable” and available in paperback 🙂

  6. OMGG!!!!! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books!!! They are soo amazingly good. Don’t they make you cry? When I read them I was non-stop crying my eyes out. It’s like watching E.T. or something. I love Edward!!! I don’t know about you guys but when he left in ‘New Moon’ I was absolutly shocked! Then, when Jacob came into the picture I immediatly hated him. What kind of books would these be if Edward isn’t in them? Can you even remeber what it was like before you read these books? I CANNOT WAIT FOR ECLIPSE!!

  7. Girl – Thanks for visiting my blog. I DID love these books. They are so entertaining and intense.

  8. Yes, my only complaint with New Moon is that there wasn’t enough of Edward in it! I’m surprised I’m as enthralled by these book as I am – it’s like I don’t want to leave their world, and can’t wait to hear what happens next with Bella and Edward. I read that interview with Meyer that you posted and since she’s against putting premarital sex in her books, I am guessing that Bella will give into Edward’s bargain – at least I hope so!

  9. Lesley – I know, I know. Non-stop Bella and Edward, thats what we want! I am also interested to see whether or not they ever consumate the relationship…..

  10. i read through stephenie’s entire website. what can i say, im obsessed. i couldn’t put either books down. edward is mezmorizing and he haunts my dreams. its not really haunting its more of gracing with his presence. anyway, i cant wait for the movie, even though it probobly wont be out for a while. on her website u can read the first chapter of twilight in edward’s perspective. suprisingly its really good. EDWARD IS SOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!! of course we cant see him exacly as stephenie meyer does in her head but who cares!!!!i’m counting the days till eclipse comes out.

  11. Thanks Katie! I can’t wait for Eclipse!

  12. I just finished New moon today! and I wish I had never finished reading it because I cant wait till the next book comes out! i want to read some other book for the mean while but i cant i cant its not the same without edward! i know his just a character but still i love stephenie meyer! she has so talent and i wish someday i can write like her, these two books are awesome! i love them to death! when edward left, a part of me left too!

  13. Um, I don’t think that eclipse is from edwards perspective. I think that that’s midnight sun.

  14. very much in love with edward, when i finished new moon (2 days ago) i kind of wandered around doing nothing because i was so sad there was no more until eclipse! now i have a bookmark in the part where he comes back and i’ve reread that part around 4 times. 😉



  16. Ooo…SOmeone is fiesty!! Mrs. Edward Cullen is calling dibs.

  17. Buttercup Says:

    I have to say that I feel thoroughly pathetic, because I can’t seem to get enough of these books. I’ve been reading and re-reading them and I can’t wait til Eclipse comes out. i don’t think I’ve ever been quite so obsessed with a book series.

  18. Ironfaery Says:

    You should read it again, when you read new moon the first time your so obssesed with getting edward back that you dont really read the jacob part ( that happened to me) but then i read it again, calm because i knew he would come back, and i just loved jacob, he is my favourite character ( seriouly, even better than edward) He is great!one month and 7 days until eclipse comes out!”!!!!!!

  19. Exactly how I felt. New Moon was, of course, a great book, but it would be an AMAZING book if Edward was in it more. I found skimming ahead to find out when he’d come back, and then counting down chapters.

  20. Vampires kill Werewolves Says:

    Mrs. Edward Cullen~ YOU should get over it. you have NO claim on edward.

    Jacob is rude and a jerk. I don’t like him AT ALL! he totally freaked out. Have you guys gone to Steph’s website? there are quotes from Eclipse. A new one EVERY day until it comes out…. here are some……

    “I prefer brunnettes” – Edward

    “I am really glad the Edward didn’t kill you, everything is a lot more fun with you around” – Emmett

    “Edward is just a guy, Bella. He is going to react like any other boy” – Angela

    “This hostage stuff is fun” – Alice

    “Does my being half naked bother you?” – Jacob

    “I never thought that I would have to teach you how to throw a punch, guess I was wrong about that” – Charlie

    those are just SOME of them. newyz. I am totally obssessed with these books. LOVE THEM! ok. g2g

    100% VAMPIRE

  21. I finished both Twilight and New moon a while ago, and I am officially addicted!
    Stephenie Meyer is amazing at her love stories! When Edward went away in New Moon, I too wanted to skip to the back.
    I too didn’t like Jacob all that much, I mean he’s a good guy and all but compared to Edward, Mr. TakeMyBreathAway, He doesn’t come close! (poor guy)
    I say Edward is both a McDreamy And McSteamy i mean he’s got looks and personality! ( i feel pathetic, I’m in love with a fictional character!) lol.
    Well i really need some one to chat with about the book, none of my friends have read it! They don’t know what their missing!

  22. oh my gosh!! i know how u guys feel..the first time i read Twilight and New Moon… i was really addicted like i have to read them thrice a day.. I really love Edward he is so mysterious and yet you can tell that he loves Bella alot. I can`t wait till Eclipse comes out.. both Twilight and New Moon really made me cry… I like Jacob but I love Edward..^^ does that makes sense..?? hihihi..anyways.. i`m hoping that Eclipse is not the last book about Bella and edward..^^

  23. twilight=love Says:

    I love these books. I cant read anything else without getting bored. I love Meyers style of writing and Edward Cullen alone is enough to keep you hooked! I think i liked twilight a bit more then eclipse, it broke my heart when Edward left and Bella had to believe he didnt love her. It was truely heart breaking. I was so happy when Jacob came into her life and saved her from her depression (though i wish he would understand that she only wants to be friends) but I couldnt completly enjoy the book until i was sure Edward was coming back. I cant wait until eclipse comes out!!!!!!!!! Its going to be torture to wait a whole year for the fourth one to come out! I love this series!

  24. EdwardCullen Says:

    Omg, I know how you feel. After i finished Twilight and New Moon, I was in love with Edward and I hated Jacob. But then I read New Moon again, and i thought Jacob was ok.
    But now, after reading Eclipse, I really wish Jacob would BUTT OUT. I can’t believe Bella. I won’t say a real spoiler just in case, but seriously. Bella should have treated Edward better.
    But I love Eclipse. It’s one of my favorite books. EVER.

  25. I am crazy about Edward. Bella was ticking me off a little the way she reacted to Jacob in Eclipse. It made me feel so sorry for Edward. He loves her so much. I ALMOST felt a little sorry for Jacob because of the whole love someone who doesnt really love you back thing but my heart is with Edward. I cannot wait until the next book. I dont think i have read anything that has captured my interest like these books have. Does she have anything else out?

  26. I just finished eclipse and new moon (again) and i have to change the statement that i had before. I love both Edward and Jacob. I really started to like Jacob better the second time i read new moon. Then i just fell in love with him more in eclipse, yes some times he did cross the line and get on my nerves! I still find him very sweet and i can tell the he too loves Bella. Although i think she made the right decision staying with Edward who is her TRUE love, she would not have to give up as much to stay with Jacob.

  27. FictionalFantasy Says:

    I absilutly am inlove with this book, i hope it will never end!
    I only finished “twilight” about two days ago, it took me 4 days to read it all.
    I just couldnt keep away!

    So dear -SHERID, i was hoping since you read new moon, i have only read the 1st chapter of it from a sneak preview in the end of twilight, i have 9 pages to go until i finish that chapter, but i was hoping you could answer just a few questions, you said she cut her finger, and edward decied it was time to move on, Did he leave? why? how long?
    and does the book even mention him at all? if so, how many pages of that book would
    you say are dedicated to him? how many chapters go by until he comes back?
    and since the eclipse book came out already, i persume you have read it, i would just like to know, is he in that book? does she become a vampire?
    this would harldy spoil anything for me, their love is so real you just cant tear away!

    i know that from reading some of the other posts, it would be better for you not to post this on here, so it wont soil anything for others,
    so could you please e-mail me and answer my questions?
    my e-mail is Flowerpower123_73@hotmail.com

    i will be waiting for your response!

  28. FictionalFantasy Says:

    BTW; what did happen in eclipse, what did bella do wrong with jacob?

  29. I absolutely love these books!!! They are just AMAZING!!!!! I LOVE EDWARD! lol Other than Edward and Bella of course my favorite characters, i also really like Emmett. He’s just so funny lol I didn’t like New Moon. Edward left, which totally sucked!!! So I cheated and just skipped the middle part, and went to the ending to see if Edward would come back, and thankfully he did!!! I don’t know how mnay times I have read Eclipse, but my friends are getting pretty annoyed cause I always have it with me!! lol 😛 I can wait for the next book to come out!!! It makes me really wonder what is really going to happen with Bella, and Edward, and Jacob

  30. I LUV EDWARD Says:


  31. My Edward…

  32. I love these books, which surprised me. What surprised me even more was the fact that since I bought the series in the end of November I have re-read it 3 times. I never ever re-read books because there is way way to many books that I want to read. I love it and I am actually, as stupid as it sounds, planning a trip up to Forks soon. I just want to have a visual and not to mention during my trip they should be filming ‘Twilight’ the movie. (yeepee for me!)

  33. Dark Angel Girl Says:

    These vampires in the Twilight series r really cool, unlike the retarded ones you see in those old black and white horror movies like Dracula, LOL


  34. vampire lover Says:

    Amanda, you’re not mad, i’m going 2 Forks with 3 of my friends coz we are totally obsessed with the TWILIGHT series. Maybe we’ll bump into u LOL. I LUVVVVVVV EDWARD as well.


  35. Edward is the meteor over my sky, as well as the whole Twilight series. Without it, my life had no beauty, not even any points of light and reason. I am planinng a trip to Forks (someday) just to see if any inhumanely beautiful vegetarian vampires live there. Oh I so LOVE Edward!

  36. OMG!!!! i love the books!!!i finished them in 1 week!!!!i can’t wait until the next book!!!it going to be amazing!!!!!i wonder if bella and edward are going to get marry or will jacob butt in!!!he need to get a live and leave bella and edward alone!!!!edward and bella are so cute!!!!i can’t wait until the movies come out!!!!!!!!!and i hope the book keep on coming!!!!!


    P.S.-stephenie meyer is the best she got me in to loving book also reading them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    =) bye!!!!!!!!!!

    can’t wait

  37. oh my god i completely agree with all you. I started reading the twilight series around two years ago and i just cant get enough. i re read them all the time. They are truly my baby’s. Ask anyone, even my brothers know not to mess with my twilight books. Its like what Edward explains his love for Bella. “You’re exactly my kind of drug” Well twilight is exactly my kind of drug.I love reading books just as much as the next book worm but my infatuation with the twilight series is just a little bit over the top i must admit but its not my fault.There is just something about the way Stephanie Meyer writes that has me coming back for more and i love the way shes developed the characters. I’m just so enchanted by this book and the people within it that i dont ever wanna put it down. I cant help but think how pathetic i am when it comes to the twilight saga. Every time i think about breaking dawn coming out i get sad i mean I’m excited for this book to come out, More excited then any normal person should be but i also realize that this is it. This is the end of the twilight saga. after this theres no more with the exception of midnight sun of course. I just dont want these series to end, most of all i dont want to think about me not being able to read about Bella and Edwards love life. Their love is what interested me most about this book, its what captured me. And heres the part I’m going to get into Edward, now i dont wanna sound crazy obsessive with him like some people on this site no offense to anyone but i cant deny my attraction to him. I know hes a fictional character but one again Stephanie Meyer’s genius self has written him in a way that every girl would kill to have themselves. I have to say he is my favorite character and I’m absolutely in love with the idea of someone like Edward Cullen existing out there minus the whole vampire,mind reading, skin shining in the sun thing. If no one has ever picked this book up yet then there crazy though im sure everyone on this site already has. These series will just draw you in the minute you read those first couple of lines.

  38. Umm… The Twilight books are absolutely awful, imo. The characters are flat, the plot is NIL, Smeyer RUINED vampirism AND werewolves, Smeyer used the word chagrined about a million times (maybe she should start expanding her vocabulary?) and her sentance structure is ALL wrong. Honestly, I’m proud to be an Anti-Twilighter. 🙂 We know what good literature is… and Twilight is not under that catagory.

  39. Heyy!, in the past week i’ve become addicted to to things.
    the first being grey’s anatomy
    and the second being the twilight series
    So when i was getting bored of jacob and bella in new moon, i decided to frantically search the internet to find out if edward comes back, when i came across i was shocked. Grey’s anatomy and twilight, SCORE! 🙂
    i must say i am VERY pleased to find out that edward will come back and therefore i will go continue reading new moon until he does 🙂
    happy reading!

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