The Keep

In Jennifer Egan’s deliciously creepy new novel, two cousins reunite twenty years after a childhood prank gone wrong changed their lives and sent them on their separate ways. “Cousin Howie,” the formerly uncool, strange, and pasty (“he looked like a guy the sun wouldn’t touch”) cousin has become a blond, tan, and married millionaire with a generous spirit. He invites his cousin Danny (who as an insecure teenager left him hurt and helpless in a cave for three days) to help him renovate an old castle in Germany. To reveal too much would ruin the story, just know that The Keep is a wonderfully weird read–a touch experimental in terms of narrative, with a hefty dose of gothic tension and mystery–balanced by an intimate and mesmerizing look at how the past haunts us in different ways. –Daphne Durham

I picked this book up at the library after about 10 days of staring at the TBR pile on my nightstand.  I was in a bit of a draught, reader’s block, if you will.  That being said, The Keep really jarred me back into the reading frenzy that is typically standard for me.  I REALLY liked this book.  I read a review that referred to it as ‘modern gothic’ and I thought that expression fit the story well.  The characters were interesting, the setting surreal, and there was just enough suspense to make you stay up that extra hour to see how it would all turn out.  I had a scary moment near the end where I thought I might be left with one of those enigmatic, wide open endings that I hate, but thankfully, that was not the case.  I would definitely recommend The Keep, and will also be putting Jennifer Egan’s Look at Me on my TBR list!


12 Responses to “The Keep”

  1. I heard from someone else’s blog that they enjoyed this book also. I will have to add it to my bookmooch list. By the way, stop by my blog and participate (if you want to) in our dream library discussion. Should be interesting!

  2. Hey Sheri D – maybe if I blog with you we can actually talk! I must admit that my reading has been in a slump, mostly due to my inability to finish Life of Pi. The guy next to me on a recent plane trip reading the same book said I needed to give it time. Of course he was on the last leg of a trip from Greece and had nothing but time! This one sounds interesting, so maybe I’ll pick up Pi and try again later. Plus, the best reading I’m getting these days is the likes of “Where is Pumpkin” and “Peter Rabbit!” I’m going to check at our fabulous library today.

  3. I actually loved Life of Pi, but I know the beginning can be tough to get through. Once he gets on the boat it gets REALLY good. Keith hated it anyway, and I think is still mad at me for suggesting it. I hope you can check out The Keep and you enjoy it! “Where is Pumpkin” we actually checked out from the library yesterday! Isn’t that ironic.

  4. I’m definitely going to look for this book. It sounds great!

  5. I actually have The Keep in my TBR pile but have yet to make the time to read it. I really love the cover! Given your rave reviews, I’m tempted to drop what I’m reading and pick this one up. I have been in a reading slump and it’s really bothering me. Maybe this might work for me as well as it worked for you 😉

  6. I have this out from the library but have been having trouble picking it up. Your review makes me really want too get into it now! I’ll have to read it fast though!

  7. Damn, another TBR! But this one sounds too good to pass up. Thanks!

  8. Thanks to everybody for your comments! Now, I reaaly hope you all like the book!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am actually reading this book right now. 🙂 I am glad that you enjoyed it.

  10. I really want to read this book….one of these days!

  11. Picked it up on my way to work yesterday and read until I fell asleep last night (which wasn’t very long, I’m afraid), but it didn’t lose he at hello, which is my reason for “folding” a book, to make reference to your latest topic. BTW, I folded Pi and gave it to my husband to read and tell me if he thinks I could get into it.

  12. This one made my radar from the very first review of it I read. I’ve never read any Jennifer Egan and this will probably be my first. I haven’t read a bad review about it yet.

    P.S. Very nice blog! Love the look of it.

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